How to achieve something?

At some moments in life, it seems to us that everything will work out. But time passes and everything turns into the bitterness of defeat. How do you deal with your dreams and goals? Everything remains only in the plans when the goals crumble like sand castles? How to achieve something? Only three points for the fulfillment of any dream.

Recall a moment when you dreamed about something. You are excited and optimistic. A fire burns inside you, which even your eyes radiate. You burn with enthusiasm and desire when you dream and think about achieving your goals. You feel like you can move mountains. But a week or a month passes, and everything remains in its place. You lost faith, dropped your hands and surrendered. Familiar situation?

Dreaming is good, but it would be good to make plans a reality. Usually, the more complex the plan, the harder it is to execute. We have compiled a list of three items for you. Practical tips for achieving your goals for those who constantly fail or give up prematurely. Maybe it's time to believe in yourself?

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How to achieve what you want?

1. Make a detailed plan

"When a person does not know which pier he is on his way to, not a single wind will be favorable for him." Roman Stoic philosopher and poet Lucius Annaeus Seneca

The biggest barrier that people face is the lack of any coherent plans. We love to dream, but rarely move on. We set goals for ourselves, but do not try to consider them for the possibility of implementation.

Maybe it's time for some kind of plan? Make a thorough plan, after all, and don't act randomly. What big goal do you want to achieve? How exactly do you want to achieve what you want? What are the points to be completed on the way to this? What will be the sequence of steps? When and what exactly will you do?

Define the big picture of the goal. Break large goals into smaller ones that must be completed in short periods of time. Break it down into monthly goals, then weekly goals, and then daily goals. Everything should be scheduled by days, weeks, months and years.

How to achieve something in your life? Make the most detailed plan you can. After reviewing it weekly, for comparison and some adjustments. When there is a plan and options for evaluating results, everything becomes easier. You see the correctness of actions and you can be guided by something.

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2. Take more effective action

We all love to dream, but when it comes down to it, everything are blown away. We want to achieve what we want, but we are not ready to do something for this. Set a goal and make a plan, but do nothing? This is very stupid and naive.

Take more action if you want to achieve, get and achieve something. Do what you need to do instead of waiting for someone else to do something for you. This doesn't happen. Take more useful and necessary actions. Make 20, 40, 80 or 100% more. The more you put in the effort in the right direction, the better the result will be.

Don't forget efficiency. Take more effective action. It is important to do exactly what will bring the maximum result. Only 20% of what you do is really important. But it is these 20% that will give 80% of the result, when the remaining 80% will bring only 20%. Concentrate on what's important and hit right on target time after time.

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3. Stay consistent and persistent

"Life suffocates without a purpose." Russian writer and thinker Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky

Having taken one step to the goal and stop? Pretty stupid and weird. But in real life, we often do this. We play sports a couple of times, and then we give up. We take up a foreign language, but after a few lessons we throw everything away. We start doing something or take on some business, but the fuse does not last long enough for us. Well if for a week or a month.

How to achieve your dreams in life? Stay consistent over a long period. You can’t expect to become athletic and beautiful after a few workouts. One cannot think that a grandiose goal will be achieved with little effort and little bloodshed.

Spend all your free time on your goals, and if it is not enough, then remove from life everything that interferes. Set the minimum program for every day, the normal program and the maximum program. You cannot do less than the minimum. But try to do your best.

Drive in first gear or fifth? There is a difference. It is not visible from the outside, but it is precisely from the number of actions that some bypass others. Just someone less nimble, but slower and lazier.

Every day, every week and every month you need to take steps towards the goal. But after a while you will notice that you have become much closer to what you intended. Along the way, you will see new opportunities, ideas, chances. You can use them to your advantage to realize your desires and dreams in reality.

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How do you get what you want? There are only three points for any dream to stick to. It's simple and hard at the same time. It’s just that people are not all able to admit to themselves that they don’t want something enough. That little effort or prefer to be lazy.


You have only three obstacles. Lack of a clear plan for the future. A small number of actions or their weak effectiveness. Lack of perseverance and consistency. What will be incredible and interesting in a year if you start working on your dream every day from today? It is interesting to try, and not retreat, as usual?

How to start achieving something worthwhile in life? Just get started today. Or admit that you do not want this...