How the soul creates our body, and how we can live with it

Every day, processing the abyss of information, making hundreds of decisions, a person does not have time to think about the main thing. Stand on the sidelines, take a calm look at the game we all play. Who are we? And how can we be in those conditions in which we live, but which we did not choose?

I have long wanted to formulate.

If a person is a soul in a body, then this understanding should long ago change our way of life.

If so, the body can be compared to a car in which the driver is driving. And also with a spacesuit with an astronaut inside. And also with the horse on which the rider sits. And of course, we all desperately need this spacesuit to be comfortable, the horse to be healthy, and the car to be fast and serviceable.

We must constantly monitor our bodily shell: food, physical education, air, water, temperature. Protection and protection from damage, regular prevention of the most important organ nodes and treatment of any disorder in the body.

There is such an oriental wisdom: you need to cross the desert on a camel. And you, of course, must be sure to feed, water and clean it. But if you only decorate it with jewels and feed it with the best food, but do not go anywhere, then you will not cross the desert.


There is an assumption that the soul builds a body for itself in its own image and likeness. Using the genetic material given by the parents. But beauty is not the arrangement of bones and tissues on them. It is the soul peeping out of the body. And the older the person, the more it works. Little children are beautiful because they are God's beings, yet know nothing, like animals, birds and plants. But the older, the more important it becomes what a person is. Therefore, a pretty fool can be unpleasant and even disgusting. And an elderly wrinkled man - to shine with beauty.

Why is it so important to us that the body be beautiful? Beauty is pleasant, but what, for example, do you choose: outwardly suitable for fashion standards, but the sick and emaciated body of a model tortured by weight loss and plastic surgery, or simply a comfortable and healthy body in which nothing hurts, which moves easily and does not torment you with constant difficulties in use?

It's one thing to be beautiful, it's another thing to want it. The desire to be beautiful and attractive is fed by sexual desires, which permeate the whole life of bodies. External sexual interest is energy, but it is a drug. Why drug? Because we are batteries, we have everything for a self-sufficient existence. A normally functioning body takes energy from the external environment on its own. And the one who wants to receive it only from other people is like a drug addict who is looking for doses. Therefore, it is worth reconsidering your desire to collect energy from others with defiant behavior.

But man is a social being. Our communication is an energy exchange. Information is energy, creativity is energy. There is no clear boundary between sexual, creative energy and information. It's all the same stream, except that it sounds inside us at different frequencies. How we pass it through ourselves, what we refract, where we direct it, how we materialize - these are already our questions. One thing is most noticeable: there is energy or it is not enough. And it is distributed in a healthy, balanced way or ugly sticks out in one area - whether it's a hypertrophied mind with everything else miserable, whether it's a pumped or overfed body in the absence of a mind, whether it's sexuality, not ennobled by spiritual development. In a normal person, all frequencies sound balanced and harmonious: nothing is blocked, nothing sticks out.

To be guided by the amount of attention or cheap sexual interest in one's person when choosing friends, lovers and lifestyle is very ridiculous. The meaning is mainly _quality_ of energy exchange. Therefore, a true friend is always better than a crowd of strangers. One wise interlocutor is better than a thousand stupid and cynical curious stockpiles of popcorn. Meeting and communicating with a real lover can not be compared with the attention of a crowd of strangers looking back at a flashy tattoo and miniskirt.


A separate story is dance. This activity is a way to use the body not only as a functional machine for life, and not only as a battery for sexual and other energy. Dance is admiring the beauty of the divine machine and its capabilities. Dance is bodily work, but its meaning is informational and creative. We follow how the choreographer's thought develops, how our attention follows the gestures of the dancer, what is the degree of perfection of each movement in particular, and whether the composition of the work as a whole is flawless. Therefore, a good dance is to a fairly large extent an intellectual art, it is close to painting, architecture, and even mathematics and poetry. And we don’t discuss a bad dance - it’s anything wrong.


The desire to necessarily have children and pass on their genes, as well as property to them - why is it? There are many cases where children and parents are complete strangers to each other. Not to mention more distant relatives. No, it's not always like that, of course. But you can communicate with an interesting and important person in your life without owning genetically close bodies. And therefore it is not at all necessary to try to give birth to a friend. It can be found in the outside world. And to give birth - only realizing that the child may not become your friend at all, and in general the way you dream. Therefore, in the norm, the birth of a child is a sacrificial occupation, providing neither benefits nor a predictable result.

For many lives, their formation, maturation and wisdom, it is important to experience the process of childbearing, the history of the child's upbringing. This is a profound experience that, if successfully completed, leaves a feeling of great gratitude on both sides. And when not very successful (which is quite often) - a feeling of insatiable resentment, a boundless front of work for psychoanalysts. This gives rise to a tedious and dangerous for others curvature and strangeness of the psyche of people who were once crushed and infringed by relationships with their mother and caregivers.

For a parent, the experience of caring for a child can be very useful and interesting. But not always. Many, especially women, because of childbearing, do not realize themselves in the profession, abandon or do not use their education, bury their talent - and as a result experience frustration and resentment for a failed life. Resentment, by the way, is taken out on the child, making him unhappy and flawed. A person who has long grown out of children's pants all his life bears the consequences of external suppression in childhood in the form of a head pulled into his shoulders, stoop, general brokenness, a guilty (or vice versa, defiant and arrogant) look, tension and hysteria. So unpleasant, ugly, unhappy. If he does not find the strength to completely change and clean himself up with the help of a huge work of revision and psychoanalysis. So, a priori, I would not consider parent-child relationships as something of the most value in life. There are people who now have a calling for this, they are happy and realize themselves being surrounded by pots and soiled with semolina.


But there are people with other tasks in this life who do not feel the desire for physical reproduction. Because this is just a replication of bodies and upbringings, worldviews, traditions.

As far as parenting is concerned, why not warm up someone who already exists who lacks help and support? Why not just support the people around you? Why is it necessary to constantly create new and new human units, not being ready to give everyone a good upbringing and a happy life? Every child is a huge story begun. And now, alas, it is full of stories irresponsibly started and abandoned without attention. This is a whole person, it is necessary to invest an unmeasurable amount of effort into it! Is it being done? So many children are simply thrown into life without love, support, information, warmth and a sense of being needed. From them, the misfortunes of the world then grow. Will a truly beloved child rob and kill? Will he betray if there is something dear to him in life? Maybe you are now giving me examples of villains from prosperous families, there are probably exceptions. Only it is not known what happened in these families. The reverse also happens: say, an alcoholic child is born who hates drinking. But we assumed that a person is a soul in a body. For reasons unknown to us, a noble soul can come to a dysfunctional family, and vice versa. But the general rule is this: trouble creates itself. And an attentive and conscious attitude to one's role as a parent at least removes the negative factor from upbringing.

The next question is: is it terrible that your genetic line was interrupted? That there will be no more such hands, lips, ears in the world? First, why not? Your combination of genes came from something. This will happen again and again. If needed. Or the world will go further and find numerous new combinations, no worse.

Secondly - are you sure that this is the best heredity in the world? Do you absolutely like everything about yourself, and are you sure to pass on your configuration to your children? Or will they then stand in front of a mirror all their lives and curse their unsuccessful ass, wishing themselves another?


As for property, it seems like everyone is absolutely sure that it is necessary to transfer it as an inheritance to a blood relative. Just ask realtors - they will tell you what Shakespearean passions and atrocities are going on between relatives when dividing hereditary apartments. Are these exactly the people who should definitely give their favorite things?

And if there is no heir, then what a grief, the thread is broken! Why? Or maybe you need to give property to people whom you love and respect? Friends, lovers, people of the same profession? Or maybe orphans or talented children, so that there is an opportunity to give them special education? Or maybe just give it to the first comers, because we are all one humanity. And the world will be a little easier.

And what about the creative legacy? I don’t understand at all why some greedy descendant or intermediary who bought the rights should demand money from everyone else because a completely different person, relative or not, once wrote talented works. I know many such stories: the heir is nasty and quarrelsome, who has done nothing in life. And the deceased talent himself would now love others, communicate with completely different people, those whom this incomprehensible “owner of rights” now burdens with requisitions, lawsuits and prohibitions on the way to performing his symphonies, poems, staging plays and singing songs written by him. That is, everything that is called the full life of the work, the social benefit of creativity, that is, what the author selflessly worked for.

Death of the body

As for the body: if we are immortal, then we should not be so afraid of death as we are now afraid. It is only the death of the body. And many cowardly, vile deeds aimed at profit at any cost are the exchange of the eternal for the temporal. The meanness done will remain with you forever, and the money will turn into dust.

If we are immortal, then it is feat and uncompromisingness that make sense - instead of trembling before intimidation, instead of doing what you don’t want and don’t feel right. Go without fear. Many dirty tricks in the world are built precisely on the fact that everyone is afraid. The machine of suppression and injustice works like this - they beat, killed, unjustly imprisoned one - everyone was frightened. This is the calculation. But if everyone is not afraid, then killing this one alone will not make sense. Such a people, such humanity will not be broken. You don't fight bees, do you? You understand that she is not afraid of death, but will defend her hive to the last. Therefore, you will bypass the bees and go your own way.

And the last thing - about the massively killed. About Indians carved in America. About the Jews burned by the Nazis. About the Soviet intelligentsia repressed by Stalin. About the entire peoples of Africa destroyed by the genocide. I also cry when I see their pictures. I cry for a lost culture, for failed lives, for unrealized opportunities. For the pain and horror of these people. Looking at the photographs and drawings of the destroyed species of animals, I cry even more.

At the same time, dead people say and write to us from the past: we will come again. And we've already arrived. We are among you. In other bodies, with a different cut of the eyes, maybe.

But the living still have something to cry about: life is not at all such a thing that can be scattered. Starting all over again is very costly and time consuming, digesting injuries and wounds from cruelty and murder is not easy for the soul of the once killed. And I don’t even know if we really need it: is it necessary to go through all these bindings and meat grinders? And what is happening with the souls of those who arrange these atrocities? By the way, where do they all come from and why? There is an explanation that our world is filled mostly with young souls. Their atrocities are mistakes, misunderstandings, lessons. There are far fewer adults who understand. And old souls are few in general. And it's not a matter of time, everyone has their own speed.

I would still prefer that the violent experience did not occur so that it could be avoided. It seems abnormal to me that there is so much violence in our world. We got into it in our unreliable spacesuit - and we have no choice. We cannot go to another, where everything is beautiful and kind. And they have to live here, face to face with a corrupt official who is squeezing out the common property, with a gopnik on the street, with an environmental criminal who is cutting down the forest, taking away the common water, air and natural resources. With maniacs, fanatics and sadists, stupid and aggressive people, preoccupied with profit at any cost, who do not understand how unhappy they are. How much easier life would be if everyone relaxed. And they stopped taking toys from each other like that. If only we remembered that there is enough of everything if we share. That the present is only temporary.

The present can be lived much more logically, more calmly, more interestingly, more effectively, more beautifully and more openly.

Why this world is like this - I have no answer to this question. Is this a mistake and a kind of dead-end state of humanity wandering in the wrong direction, or is it a specially built system in which everything works to produce suffering? In some books they write that highly developed beings look at us with pain and regret and try to help. And what should be different, in normal communities of intelligent beings everything is different. In others - that everything is so specially arranged, we produce pain - and it is food for some.

Author: Olga Arefieva