How not to do or how to stop doing nonsense

And what do you spend your life on? Exactly you! How is your typical day? What do you spend your time, energy, thoughts and life in general on? In 99% of cases, we spend our lives on complete nonsense, but usually we do not understand this immediately, but only over the years. Don't you think it's time to stop suffering bullshit? You still have half your life ahead of you, and you're acting like you're already dead.

In youth, we have certain dreams, goals, thoughts and desires. They seem very important and very necessary when other people's advice seems stupid. But over the years, all your experiences and goals turn into a useless pumpkin. They were not at all worth all the effort, effort and experience that he put into them. All this was not so important, and you were so worried then and tore your soul.

As you get older, you realize that you have been doing stupid things for the last 3-5 years. Well, you did the game, and many of your thoughts were complete nonsense. Although another word is suitable here, more harsh and unliterary. What did you think and what did you want in life? Yes, this is complete bullshit. But the cool thing is that in the next years you will think the same way. When you look back, you notice that you are wasting precious life and time on total bullshit. And there is no other way to call it. This is really complete bullshit.

Usually we begin to see clearly at those moments when something unpleasant or very significant happens in life. That's when you mature. From the height of experience, you see that until recently, seemingly important things, today are seen as complete nonsense. And all the past years, you made a lot of ridiculous mistakes when you perceived nonsense as an important thing for you.

Nonsense that took over your life

Is that what you do every day? It is unlikely that this makes you happy or brings you closer to your goal. In most cases, you are content with something mediocre, like a titmouse in your hand, when your heart dreams of a crane in the sky.

Just don't think about what they sell you here about money and successful success. Everyone in the modern world wants to be successful. And more or less already successful people dream of becoming even more successful. There are no limits here, when with the growth of the level of well-being, requests grow.

But the main thing in life is not money and success. Is it a great achievement to be the richest or most famous, but in a graveyard? Is it worth working without limits and all your life so as not to see the white light and earn an extra buck? Chasing only money, success or fame is stupidity. There are more important things in life, but just what exactly? These are your dreams, family and happiness.

How not to do or in search of dreams

In life, you either follow your dreams or betray them. There is no third. True, in most cases, people do not do something, but simply live in dreams, where they are cool, famous and happy. Everyone dreams of how they become someone, but it's more and more like a fantasy.

How not to do it? Yes, just like you are today, yesterday and a year ago. It is very difficult to accept your life and the fact that you are doing complete game and nonsense. After all, you want something completely different.

Everyone around wants a magic pill, like in the movie "The Matrix", but that's just not the case. You will not suddenly wake up rich, successful and even more so happy. All this does not appear immediately and not at the behest of a magic wand, but only when you do something necessary and important every day.

How to achieve a dream

Stop waiting for everything to change in the morning and someone will come to help. There will be no savior, rich relative or secret patron. Nothing will change until you decide to act in your own interests. But the best thing is that you have time to decide on something more interesting and important. How long has your life been? Not more than half, so there is still time.

How not to do it? You should not do anything that only distracts or does not even bring you closer to your dream. Do not complain about work every day, but change to the one that you like. Change your lifestyle, daily routine, soul mate, city of residence and other things. There are goals, dreams and desires in life that should be fought for, but they are usually far from mercantile interests.

The most important mistake in the life of every person is that he engages in complete nonsense. How not to do it? Just stop doing bullshit and doing nonsense. Do something for yourself and your dreams. Happiness is not the achievement of a dream, but only a long road to it. You still have half your life ahead of you, and you live like you're dead. [thirty].