How not to become poorer or how to become richer

There are many articles on how to become richer, more successful and wealthier, but not all of them work. Sometimes it's more beneficial to try not to get richer, but to start avoiding the standard financial mistakes that make you poorer. How not to become poorer or how to become richer?

We are not taught financial literacy in schools and universities. We learn this ourselves, through trial and error. But why fall into the financial abyss of loans, installments, debts and poverty? In most cases, you earn more or less, but you don’t know how to spend and save at all in order to become richer. After reading this article, you will be able to save money and have more of it in free circulation.

How not to become poorer or how to become richer

1. Don't get into adventures

Laughed at "MMM", but you play in online casinos, sweepstakes or think make money playing poker? In 95% gambling will make you poorer if you don't have certain skills and level of knowledge. Do not console yourself with thoughts that you are in the 5% of successful players. No. Try cryptocurrencies, Forex market? The same rake on the forehead. Do not look for easy ways to money. They practically do not exist, and who assures otherwise are scammers who want to cash in on dupes and fools.

2. Ponte is more expensive than money

Is a rich and successful person visible from afar? Buy a fancy car, expensive watch, the latest iPhone, a bunch of fashionable things and rush to a fashionable resort? You will not become cooler from this, but poorer for sure. Especially if you used a loan or installment plan for this. Success and viability lies in something completely different. Who do you want to impress with show-offs? Youngsters, acquaintances or friends? Your friends are not friends with you for this reason, acquaintances do not care about you, and youngsters are already being led to ordinary noodles on their ears. Forget about show-offs and do real things.

3. Saving loans that "drown"

Calculating loans is not very reasonable. Instead of saving up money, people rush to the store and get loans from the bank. Banks do not help you live, they make money on your desire to get everything at once. Overpaying interest is pretty stupid. It is better to wait a couple of months, but then buy without overpayments, and buy something else for interest or postpone them. But this does not apply to those things that are very difficult to buy right away. Like an apartment.

4. Installment is the younger brother of credit and the devil

Do you want to buy a phone, laptop, sofa or bicycle in installments? Is it like without overpayments and interest? It seems easier this way, but buying a thing with cash can save a lot of money. For cash, you can always choose a cheaper store, which is difficult to do when buying in installments. You will not buy at the most expensive price, but at one of the lowest. So when buying a laptop for cash, and not in installments, I saved about $ 200.

5. Impulse purchases and money

Going to the store hungry or without a planned list, we take a bunch of unnecessary goods, which we later regret buying. Cravings for shopaholism and irrepressible waste of money are also fatal. Get out of the habit of spending all the money you have. There is such a thing when "money burns pocket." A person subconsciously tries to spend them. Get over your sense of waste.

6. Save money and save it

Financial tycoons recommend saving at least 10% of income. Take these figures as a given or payment of utility bills. Save at least 20% from additional earnings, and do not spend it. What has already been postponed cannot be taken. If you took it, then write a receipt and return it as good interest. It is recommended to have at least 6 of your salaries in a reserve account for any occasion. This will allow you to live for half a year without any problems and help you find a decent job, and not the first one that comes across, which will make you poorer in the future. When you have more money than 6 salaries, think about where to invest it without much loss.

7. Think how to make money

All money starts with an idea. Read more, analyze and try. A rolling stone gathers no moss. Go methods how to make money to become richer than yesterday. But do not take on small things that will take up all your time, but will not make you much richer.

Do you want to become richer? Don't get poorer first. Don't let hard earned money run out of your wallet.