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How not to be weak?

Many of us consider ourselves strong, invulnerable and almost perfect. But let's face it, everyone has weaknesses that make you easy prey in this cruel world. What is your Achilles heel or how not to be a wimp?

All people are different, but this is only at first glance. Most people have the same weaknesses, prejudices and vulnerabilities. This "Achilles heel" is a weakness that makes a person defenseless against an aggressive world. Life, as luck would have it, will hit you precisely in vulnerable and sore spots.

But you will have a choice, as did the hero Achilles. Live a long but inglorious life as a loser or try to become a hero. Knowing your weaknesses, you can get rid of your "Achilles heel". Answer the following 3 questions as honestly as possible. Why would you deceive yourself?

How not to be weak?

1. Do you often feel sorry for yourself?

“Pity has broken more destinies in this world than all the arrows and swords put together. Over time, any wounds heal themselves, while pityers only aggravate them. Again, those who are pitied get addicted to pity, like a needle, and consciously begin to create reasons for pity. A vicious circle is the favorite geometric figure of idiots ”Dmitry Emets.

Do you often feel sorry for yourself? Are you poor, unlucky, unhappy and the most ordinary person? Were you unhappy with your appearance, health or family from the very beginning? Unlucky in relationships with the opposite sex? Studying is hard, but there are not enough brains? Have you been disliked at work, and the chances for a successful career are minimal? Do you have a million problems, and no opportunity to succeed at all? The whole world, gods and circumstances turned against you?

Once you start feeling sorry for yourself, you lose. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and give indulgences. Only nonentities and losers pity themselves. It's easy to wallow in self-pity. Blaming someone or something is more convenient than blaming yourself. You were not ready for these difficulties, so you lost. But you can get stronger and try again.

How not to be weak? Fight, but never feel sorry for yourself.

2. Are you used to giving up?

“If you don’t try, you won’t know anything. It's just stupid to give up right away if you don't even try." Mei Misaki

Faced with difficulties, obstacles and circumstances, have you always backed down? Receded planned plans, desires and dreams? Do you think the ability to retreat is the prudence, wisdom and prudence of an adult? You consider yourself an adult, so you minimize the risks and keep your head down. You don't raise your head at all. You are sitting in a swamp.

It is easy to accept, to admit that you are ordinary and meaningless. Let go of your purpose and dreams. Do you want to remember in 10-30 years how you went to something, but broke down in the middle of the way? And he could do something, push and make more efforts. But you fell apart and started to whine.

How not to be weak? Fight, fight, lose, die a thousand times, get up again, but don't give up.

3. You are lazy

marriage” Thomas Carlyle

You like to sleep longer, eat hearty meals, justify your figure with a wide bone, are in a comfort zone, complain about the lack of free time, do not want to work hard, dream of a lottery or inheritance.

Almost every one of us can look like a person from a glossy magazine. Each! Girls can look like models, and men can look like athletes. But you're a lazy ass. You don't want to squeeze 200% of them out of your looks. It is better to eat fast food, lie on the couch, watch TV. Why do you want to look like a handsome athlete or a beautiful model? It is better to be a fat or frail mattress, with problems in health and sex.

Benjamin Franklin said: "Laziness trudges so slowly that poverty quickly catches up with it." Laziness does not allow you to oversing in a career, business. Laziness does not allow to realize itself. The lazy one does not achieve anything, but only vegetates his life. The lazy man fantasizes, lying on the couch, how he will be rich, successful, beautiful and happy. But that will never happen. The lazy will never puff themselves up in this world.

How not to be weak? Lie on the couch and wait until the situation changes? Stop fantasizing. Get your ass off the couch, make plans, and take action.

What is your Achilles heel? Where are you weak? How not to be weak? Do you think that from tomorrow, next week or in a month you will start a new life? Or are you screwed up again? I bet you screw up with a shameful bang? Again, there is not enough will, strength and courage...