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How not to be shy of girls and how not to be shy when meeting beauties

Most men are afraid to approach girls, and especially beautiful, luxurious and stunning chicks who look perfect. How to meet girls, not be shy when communicating and have a rich happy personal life? With women, everything is easier than it seems at first glance. How not to be shy to meet a girl and seduce her?

Is it very difficult to hit on beautiful girls when modesty, fear, jitters or timidity get in the way? It's time to fight this radically. Here are some tips from experienced pick-up artists, womanizers and playboys who have won thousands of women's hearts.

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How not to be shy to meet girls

There is an excellent method to help solve the difficulties of dating for timid or doubting guys. It's called "3 seconds", and it was told to me by a playboy friend who has a lot of women on his account. You can trust his experience.

When you see a beautiful stranger that you like, then don't pull the cat by the tail, as thousands of timid guys do. If you hesitate, then a good moment will be missed, you can start to worry yourself or you will become corny. And then you will regret that you did not try and did not use your chance. How many times has this happened? It's better to try and get rejected than to know something you didn't even try.

What is the dating method? Mentally count the seconds: "One, two, three, let's go!" And then immediately act, rolling up to the girl and starting a conversation. During these seconds, you will not have time to get scared, start to doubt or get excited, and therefore everything will go in the usual way for you.

The “3 seconds” method is like slowly entering a cold river, because if you are shy for a long time, it will only be cold. And if you immediately and quickly go into the water, then everything is elementary and simple. It is only a matter of courage and determination, and girls love exactly real men.

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How to get a girl

Many men think about what is so cool to say and interesting to hook stranger. But all these ridiculous phrases, abstruse tricks and pick-up methods do not work. Be simpler and more straightforward, because the girls perfectly understand why you approached, and therefore breaking the comedy does not make sense.

Say hello, introduce yourself or just get to know each other. Girls do not want to be amazed by your inadequacy or pick-up tricks, but they want normal communication between a man and a woman. A classic acquaintance will be many times more effective than boring pick-up techniques.

How not to be shy about beautiful girls

How to communicate with a beauty and not be shy? Sometimes, when communicating with girls, you start to worry, because they are so stunning, like luxurious queens or fabulous angels. How not to be shy with girls and be on top? It’s just that you consider her ideal, but you know everything about your shortcomings.

How not to be shy in front of a girl? There is a great method called “ugly breasts” that is recommended for use with stunning babes. What is it? If a girl is perfect at first and second glance, then come up with an imaginary flaw for her. This may be an ugly sagging chest, an unattractive wart on the body, crooked legs, or another flaw hidden by clothing.

As soon as you imagine her flaw, the girl immediately seems not a princess, but an ordinary girl. Shyness immediately goes away, and you communicate with the girl on an equal footing. So a girl will like you faster than if you creep, stutter or squeeze in front of her, like an inexperienced schoolboy. Girls, even if good, it is clearly not perfect and has some flaws that you have not yet discovered. So be bolder.

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How to be bolder with a girl

What do girls like and what kind of men? Girls love male initiative and assertive men. A pinch of masculinity, brutality, insolence, depravity and depravity. None of the women likes weak, timid or good guys, and give everyone normal men with healthy desires, as well as needs.

Compliment, touch, flirt, laugh, entertain. Act with the girl yourself and take the initiative yourself, and do not wait for the weather from the sea. The girl herself will not be tempted or do all the work for you. The girl wants to succumb, play along and be seduced easily, succumbing to your charm and pressure.

How not to be shy with girls? Count to three and get to know each other, be easier in communication, do not consider girls ideal and take the initiative, then everything will be fine in your personal life.