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How not to be cattle? How not to be a collective farmer?

We do not want to admit to ourselves that we are a little worse than some people. We will not be equal to alcoholics, losers and the gray mass. We will take as an example people who are better, smarter, more educated, more successful and cooler than us. Inside everyone there is a bit of a cattle or a collective farmer who prevents us from realizing ourselves in life. How to become better than it is now?

"Problems cannot be solved with the same level of thinking that created them." Theoretical physicist Albert Einstein

You may not like this article, because nobody likes the truth. But the truth does not become a lie. You either take off your rose-colored glasses, or you continue to sit in a deep hole, feeling like a nobody.

Each of us has some traits of cattle inside, regardless of age, place of residence and education. No one wants to admit even to himself that he does not reach the required level of development. But we are not equal to the average temperature in the hospital. It's like comparing your standard of living with Africa, when it is more correct to draw analogies with Europe.

In life, we always look up to the best. Being in society, you may find that in higher circles you do not reach the bar of quality. We take for comparison people who are smarter, more successful, richer and better than us. It is with them that we will strive to grow. Not equal to the losers and losers?

It is the inner collective farmer and cattle that does not allow us to achieve something more in life. Your problems in life cannot be solved with the same level of thinking that created them. The level of development of this does not allow to solve the existing problems. How not to be a cattle, but to become a smart person with a capital letter in order to put things in order in your life and achieve success?

How not to be cattle and a collective farmer?

Stop counting other people's money, and get down to business

We used to think that you can't earn good money honestly. All businessmen stole, deceived or ended up at the right time in the right place. We burn with other people's successes, when people achieve something bigger and more significant than we do.

We are afraid to admit to ourselves that we are not smart enough, wise, cunning and flexible, like them. We do not want to admit that much in life depends on us, and not chance. Instead of envy and discussion of others, you should look at yourself.

What did you do to achieve something special? Are you putting in enough effort? And can you do more discussion of others and envy? Stop counting other people's money, and get down to business and the right things. Any victory is achieved by work, head and perseverance.

Get rid of stupid information and find time for the right things

What makes a person a cattle and a collective farmer, but does not allow him to change? Low level of education and excess of unnecessary information. In ancient times, knowledge was not given to the lower class in order to prevent them from raising their heads. And now there is enough knowledge, but even more informational noise.

Stop staring at the box, absorbing stupid TV shows and movies. Stop aimlessly surfing social media, watching entertainment videos, blogging attempts and dubious broadcasts. Less entertaining context that only makes you dumber and worse.

Choose carefully what you watch, read and do. You will have more free time that you can use more effectively. Do you like to complain about the fact that you have absolutely no free time? What if I find it?

Communicate with people on an equal footing

What distinguishes a collective farmer and cattle from a successful person? The collective farmer is used to running on his hind legs and fawning over his superiors. But such a redneck diverges when he comes across more "smaller people": waiters, sellers, taxi drivers, couriers and other ordinary specialties.

Do you want to be a real person? Learn to respect other people and evaluate them by their qualities, not their status. Do you think bosses and big people will respect you for licking your ass? Unlikely. Rather despised. And yesterday's "little people" will be your bosses.

Communicate with people as equals! This is the golden rule of more successful communication with people.

Engage in education and self-improvement

"Do not be afraid of perfection, you will never achieve it." Spanish painter Salvador Dali

Studying at school and then university is not the only place of your education. All your life you need to engage in improving your qualifications as a specialist. All life you should learn, absorb the necessary information and grow. Only cattle and collective farmers stop in development, and then degrade.


Read useful books, learn foreign languages, watch educational programs, find useful sites on the Internet, subscribe to leaders in your field of activity. Be always in trend and follow the latest in the world. To be modern and relevant is to be successful.

Now the main thing in the world is demanded education and knowledge.

Look at things and the world is wider

What distinguishes cattle? Too narrow view of the world, people and life. He sees from his point of view, not wanting to recognize others. The collective farmer is limited in thinking and thinks only in patterns. It is so stupid.

Stop labeling people, consider your point of view the only correct one, and don't limit yourself to absorbing a couple of sources of information. Look at the world from a different angle, get rid of patterns, forget about the rules and think more globally.

This will make you not only a more highly intelligent person, but also more successful. Be cosmopolitan and think big. Be flexible in life and be able to catch the wave, and not fight against the current. The strength of a person is in his plasticity and ability to adapt to change.

Behave nicely and be a real person

We are all attracted to educated people who behave elegantly, naturally and beautifully. But we are repelled by the manners, actions and character traits of cattle. We feel Spanish shame for such collective farmers. This is a sign of a low level of development. How not to behave like a redneck?

  • Do not swear and do not be rude.
  • Do not make a scandal from scratch and do not slide into squabbles.
  • The culture of alcohol consumption should take place.
  • Don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong.
  • Visit cultural places and reach for beauty.
  • Do not try to assert yourself at the expense of others.
  • Don't smoke in the wrong places, don't spit and behave civilly.
  • Control your emotions and show restraint in any situation.
  • Don't talk badly about other people behind their backs.
  • Study a book on etiquette. Definitely useful in life.
  • Stay ahead of everyone, be tactful and show good manners.
  • Not all problems need to be solved by force, but only those that cannot be obtained otherwise.

Don't be content with small goals and petty dreams

What distinguishes people we call cattle and collective farmers? Little wishes and dreams. Buy a beer on sale, snatch something at a discount, borrow a new phone, go out with friends, sneak out of work early, wait for the weekend or vacation. Did you dream about this as a child? Kinda petty and pathetic.

Don't be satisfied with petty goals and petty dreams. You deserve more. Try, try, fight and don't give up. You can achieve happiness only when you set great goals and achieve them. There is no right path in life, but there is your unique one.

Surround yourself not with alcoholics and lazy people, but with more successful and smart people. Look up to the best and reach out to them.

How not to be a cattle and not to be a collective farmer? Here it is more correct to ask the question why they should not be. If you want to be happy, successful and achieve your dreams, then you need to change inside. All external changes start from within us…