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How not to be boring?

Why is it that everyone is friends and communicates with some people, while others are bypassed? The thing is that one person is cool and interesting, and the second is boring and boring. Do you want to have many friends, rich personal life and popularity? What about the one everyone loves?

“A bore is a person who answers the question: How are you? - begins to tell how things are going. American journalist and writer Bert Leston Taylor

Are you not getting along at all with the people around you? Is it hard for you to find new acquaintances, friends and the second half? Is it difficult to connect with the world? The reason lies in the fact that you were not taught to communicate with people, you didn’t read books about the psychology of communication, and you couldn’t hone your communication skills on your own.

But it's okay. This is an acquired character trait. You can be unsociable, boring, uninteresting and boring all your life. But why? If you can get increased attention from people and enjoy the colors of life at 100%?

How not to be boring? How to be cool and interesting?

Listen to people

Listen more than talk. Don't correct, don't correct, don't interrupt, and don't try to put in your two cents. Let people speak and listen to them calmly. Pay attention to the interlocutor. Ask him leading questions, take an interest in life and affairs. Speak on topics that are of interest to the interlocutor.

Keep your problems to yourself

When you are interested in business and life, you should not pour out a tub of your problems on the interlocutor. Tell about problems, sorrows, experiences and everyday life? Nobody likes whiners, complainers and problem people. Nobody is interested in your troubles and people are bored to listen to it. You were asked not for this, but simply for the sake of politeness and communication. Tell all your problems to your best friend or therapist.

Be a good conversationalist and don't be casual

  • There are some good manners in conversation.
  • Don't turn the dialogue into a monologue.
  • Expand your horizons so that you can support any topic of conversation.
  • Do not speak obvious and do not start conversations on hackneyed topics.
  • Don't be boring or too smart.
  • Do not persist in your point of view, trying to prove something.
  • Catch the mood of the interlocutor and adapt to it.
  • Nobody likes people who show off and are arrogant.
  • Call the interlocutor by name.
  • Do not ask a lot of questions, and even more so ordinary and stupid.
  • Save people from unnecessary details when telling a story.
  • Do not impose yourself on people in conversation and communication. Don't be annoying.
  • Don't brag or show off.
  • Choose topics that are interesting to the interlocutor.

Respect people and show it

Do you like to read morals, morality, criticize and attack evilly? Then love to be lonely and useless. Stop being a bore, do not teach the mind of others and do not burden them. Don't stick your nose into other people's business and don't give advice unless asked. Be tactful towards people and don't overdo it. Show respect for the interlocutor. Rejoice in meeting them.

Be a cheerful, optimistic and interesting person

Nobody likes depressed, boring and negative people. Everyone loves people who are funny, spontaneous, optimistic, friendly, funny, funny, simple and easy-going. We are attracted to smiling and cheerful people. Smile, don't frown. Show friendliness and openness. Don't be afraid to be the first to contact. Enjoy communication with a person and life in general. Have interesting hobbies, hobbies, dreams. Be a cool person, and those around you will be drawn to you.

How not to be boring? Follow these golden rules of communication. You will have many acquaintances, friends and attention of the opposite sex.