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How not to be a log in bed? Secrets of a Good Lover

What methods do women use to bring a man to the pinnacle of bliss? Sexy tricks for women that always work. How can a girl be not a log, but the best lover in the world?

No girl wants to be remembered by a man as a useless log, a cold fish, a soulless doll, or a starfish. Women ask themselves: “How to satisfy a man? How not to be a log in bed? But the answer is not always found.

We asked this question to couples who found complete understanding in bed. How should a girl behave so as not to be a cold log? What can a girl do in sex to make a man cum? Secrets of a good lover that all women should know.

How not to be a log in bed? Sexual tricks of women

1. The girl begins to moan loudly, languidly and sexually. It's very energizing.

2. In the cowgirl position, the girl sits on top and licks her boobs. It's very hot.

3. The girl whispers vulgarities, calling herself a little slut, and also using other obscene dirty words.

4. During blowjob, the girl sucks, and caresses herself with the other hand so as not to stay away from the holiday.

5. The girl does not completely undress, but leaves part of her clothes. She can only lift the dress up or leave another item of clothing.

6. Role play where you introduce yourself as strangers, boss and subordinate, patient and nurse. Sex will be unforgettable and definitely not boring.

7. In a doggy-style position, the girl turns her head and looks at the man during sex.

8. A girl squeezes her vagina to make a man feel better.

9. During sex, a girl grabs a man's hand and begins to sexually suck his fingers, as if it were a sexual organ.

10. The girl touches the testicles and gently caresses them.

11. In the missionary position, the girl crosses her ankles behind the man's back, pulling him closer.

12. The girl whispers or groans in her ear, not necessarily intelligible. Autonomous sensory meridional response excites.

13. Gentle pressure on the male prostate.

14. The girl behaves like a tigress: moans, scratches, bites, growls.

15. The girl does not lie like a log on the bed. In the process of sex, the girl moves towards and waves the man, moving in the same rhythm with him.

16. Rough sex, when the girl begins to control the process herself, as if you reversed roles.

17. The girl slows down, then speeds up the pace, making sex more hard and rough.

18. When a girl starts playing, scratching a man's ass or sticking his finger in.

19. In doggystyle sex, the girl herself is planted on the man's genitals.

20. Playing rape or coercion. The girl asks not to touch her and resists.

21. The girl tells the man how she likes it and what else needs to be done with her.

How not to be a log in bed? No sexologist will help if a girl is cold to a man. Girls should show more initiative, enthusiasm, activity and desire. When a girl is not a log in bed, but no lover is needed on the side.

The best lover is a sexually active wife.