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How not to be a fool?

Often, out of naivete, gullibility, simplicity, weakness, or chance, a person is considered a sucker. The negative label sticks for a long time and firmly, which begins to interfere with life. Surrounding consider the sucker a victim, idlers and dupes. No one considers him, but everyone uses or ridicules him. Do you want to be strong, confident and successful? Do you want to have many friends and be popular with the opposite sex? How not to be a sucker in life?

Who is a sucker? This seems to have come from criminal and criminal jargon. The sucker is called the offended, the injured, the disgruntled, the victims and the deceived people. A sucker is considered to be one who cannot stand up for himself, constantly gets into ridiculous situations, is subjected to ridicule by others, allows himself to be deceived and does not know how to defend himself. Loch is a potential victim, because you can do whatever you want with it with impunity.

The origin, like a "loh", came from salmon that spawned and stayed for the winter. Then wandering merchants selling small goods began to call ordinary peasants “suckers”. At the end of the 19th century, the word "loh" migrated to thieves' jargon, where it was firmly entrenched.

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How do people become suckers?

In any society there is always a division of people into groups and clans. Starting from school, a hierarchy is formed in which everyone takes his position. There is a leader or alpha male, there are his comrades or beta males. At the very bottom of the food chain, there are omega males or suckers. These are the weakest and most unviable individuals.

Hierarchy is formed after a conflict or fight, where there is a dominant and subordinate state. So a simple, kind, naive, gullible and a little ridiculous person becomes a sucker. At one point, he did not behave as he should, and society threw him off the cliff to the losers. This is Sparta! Ridicule, cuffs, bullying, harassment, bullying, threats, slander, isolation.

There are suckers not only in the early years of school and university, but also after. A person reacted incorrectly in an unusual situation, and he was mistaken for a weakling. How do suckers differ from ordinary people, and even more so from leaders? In manners, behavior, thinking and way of life. Loch's behavior is perfectly visible from the outside, but the victim herself may not notice it.

As a result, a person goes through life with the label "loh" all his life. All his life he will be offended, branded, deceived, used and ridiculed. It will be in school, university, army, work team and everyday life. This situation turns life into an endless nightmare when you are always extreme. Often, people around you can talk politely to you, and behind your back laugh and call you a sucker.

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How to stop being a sucker?

1. Clean yourself up

Stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself from head to toe. What would you think of this person if you met him on the street? Soberly assess yourself from the outside. Ugly mustache, grotesque hair, unkempt appearance, shabby clothes, stinky sweat and an unhealthy complexion? We don't need this kind of hockey!

Figure out how to look like a million dollars, not 50 cents in change. Find a good hairdresser, put your appearance in order, take care of your face and vegetation. Shower regularly and use creams. Go shopping with a person who has a sense of style. Buy some normal and high-quality things. In clothes, the main thing is not quantity, but quality. Quality does not cost a lot of money, but is affordable for the vast majority of people. Choose quality, classic and neatness. Transform yourself by throwing the image of a dupe in the trash.

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2. Develop your body by playing sports

What do the latest fuckers usually look like? Skinny or fat. Weak and lethargic. Slow and inactive. You perfectly understand what will be discussed now and where you need to move. You need to work on developing your physical form. And immediately, so that you stop being considered a sucker.

How to change the image of a weak loshka to a tough man? Exercise regularly, go to the gym and develop physically. Make sport a part of your life. Exercise 2-3 times a week at least. Alternate exercise with jogging or swimming. It's good to be a bit like martial arts, especially if you're being bullied physically at school or on the street. Martial arts build character, teach you how to fight and absorb confidence in you.

When you exercise regularly, you begin to change physically and mentally. Muscles grow, energy increases, confidence increases. The gait changes, becoming more athletic and predatory. A fire of strength, confidence, audacity appears in the eyes. Scoundrels and offenders will be afraid to contact you if you regularly play sports.

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3. Instill confidence and firmness in yourself

An insecure person immediately betrays himself. The body language of an insecure person speaks of their fears, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities. He can stoop, pinch, cross his arms, mince his legs finely. An insecure person speaks softly, his voice trembles, and his eyes run. An insecure person is immediately visible, and he is automatically perceived as a sucker and a simpleton. Body language very quickly betrays those people who are too weak and do not believe in themselves.

What qualities of character do you need? You should work on the following:

  • decisiveness;
  • self-confidence;
  • firmness of character;
  • ability to keep one's word;
  • courage and courage of the spirit.

How not to be a weakling, whom everyone takes for a sucker? Straighten your shoulders and wear a posture corrector. This will allow you to have an officer bearing and look confident. Start walking more calmly and talking more loudly and slowly. Pay attention to how you behave in society. Watch movies more often where you can watch charismatic action heroes. Imitate people who are confident and strong in character. Adopt the habits of the strong in order to be strong. Feel free, boldly communicate with people and easily roll up to chicks.

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4. Don't try to please everyone

Loh is always frantically trying to please everyone, and therefore pleases others. He depends on criticism, reacts violently to negativity, tries to be good and tries to justify the wishes of other people. The fear of offending others, of not living up to society's expectations, and the fear of spoiling relationships with others makes a person weak. As a result, everyone considers him a sucker, for this pathological dependence on other people's opinions.

How not to be a sucker in a team? Do not be afraid to express your point of view, do not bend over the opinions of others and listen to critics with a smile. You don't have to run and do what is asked of you. Are they saying something behind their back or slandering? Spit. When a person is self-sufficient and loves himself, they begin to respect him. Judge yourself, do not listen to gossip, do not please and do not try to please everyone. You will be considered not a sucker, but a cool and self-confident type.

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5. Forget about weak character and stand up for your interests

Some people have a good character and accommodating disposition, but this is their Achilles' heel. People around immediately perceive kindness for weakness, and complaisance for cowardice. They ride on their necks, take advantage of their inability to say “no”, demand some kind of concessions. Compliance and weakness of character makes a person a sucker, whom everyone uses. They laugh at him directly in the face or behind the eyes.

How to stop being a sucker in life? Learn to fight back, say the word “no,” and refuse without explanation. You are not obliged to give up your place, position, girlfriend or other valuable things to someone else. There is always competition, and you are not obliged to give in without a fight and voluntarily go into the shadows. Protect yourself, don't let yourself be used or manipulated. Stand up for your interests, and do not be a sucker who always gives up. What will people think of you? Spit! They didn't attack him!

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6. Do not trust all people

Why can a person be considered a sucker? For honesty, innocence, straightforwardness and ingenuity. Not all people wish you well and happiness, and sometimes vice versa. Some people want money, concessions, or something of value from you. There are many crooks, rogues, swindlers and other self-serving criminal personalities in the world. They take gullible and simple people for potential suckers, who are easily fooled.

The well-known swindler and founder of MMM, Sergei Mavrodi, said: “The sucker is not a mammoth - he will never die out.” How not to become a sucker who is used, bred and thrown by villains? Do not trust all people, but be careful. Scoundrels can lie, understate, give erroneous information or deceive. Do not be a sucker when they are bred or deceived! If you do not want to be a loshka, then always be careful and vigilant. God saves man, who save himself.

There are many proverbs about suckers:

  • "Without a sucker, life is bad."
  • "Loch is destiny."
  • “Chu! I hear the rustle of money, is the sucker really going to spawn?
  • “Fuckers! Your deeds are bad…”

Nobody wants to hear that about themselves.

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7. Believe in yourself and start fresh

Is a sucker an unfortunate fate? Being a loser and a sucker in life is very dreary. Often we are stuck in an image that we hate. You are who you say you are. If you perceive yourself as a mediocre loser, then people consider you a sucker. But if you consider yourself cool, but you cannot confirm this with character and deed, then you will also be a sucker in the eyes of others.

How not to be the last sucker? Believe in yourself and start fresh. Create a new circle of friends, find new friends, find new like-minded people, meet a new girl. Other people do not know you, and therefore you can start over again, taking into account all your past mistakes. Be a different person who is far from the "goof" label. Believe in yourself and shape your new character.

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8. Grow Intellectually

Smart nerds are usually considered suckers, but the opposite is often the case. In adult life, a person can be considered a loser and a sucker for the reason that he is a bad professional. Sometimes a person is too narrow-minded, simple and not very smart. He lacks brains, experience, skills and knowledge, but this is all acquired.

Don't you want to be a loser, sucker and loser? Develop intellectually every day. Do not stop developing and shaping your brain. Don't let yourself be stupid or degenerate more. Neural connections are formed throughout life, improving memory and mental abilities. But for this you need to train your brain, which means learning. Read useful books, subscribe to informative sources of information, develop professionally, learn new things, study in courses and educate yourself.

Get the necessary, useful and relevant knowledge that will be useful in the future. A smart person and a professional in his field is always appreciated. Become a real professional who is respected by everyone.

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9. Control your emotions and keep your cool

Why are some people considered suckers in life? Lack of control of emotions, excessive emotionality, hysteria, cowardice and nervousness. What separates a sucker from an alpha male? Many things, but the most important thing is composure. You lack endurance, calmness, wisdom and composure at the right critical moments. Control feelings, do not fuss and do not act on emotions.

10. Keep a healthy egoism

What is the difference between suckers and strong people? Fuckers are always overly altruistic when it comes to protecting themselves. Maintain a healthy selfishness, and do not waste your resources, time and energy. Show selfishness and indifference, not allowing yourself to be manipulated. Often you will be pressed on pity, kindness and other feelings in order to make you dance to someone else's tune. But then behind the back they will be called a sucker, which was so easily deceived and used. Keep a healthy selfishness if you want to be respected.

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and successful. But everything is possible. Develop more positive qualities regularly and lead an interesting life. Choose a different way of life, instead of boring, downtrodden and homely. Lead an interesting and fulfilling life. Go to new places, challenge attraction and travel. Take up hobbies and make time for your hobbies. Follow your passions, goals and dreams.

You will be appreciated and respected for being brave for all this. You live and act as others only dream of. You do what others only plan. Pity for an unfortunate sucker is easy to get, but envy needs to be earned.

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12. Be bold and bold

How to stop being a sucker? Become the antipode of a sucker and a loser. Be more bold, bold, arrogant, defiant, risky. Absorb the traits of someone who is not afraid to hit back, answer with a harsh word, start a conflict or get into a fight. Earn your reputation, respect and authority. Be cheeky like a bad guy who isn't afraid to get into a fight. Be bold to take what you want and what is rightfully yours: goals, positions, resources, money, girls. Be a bold, brutal, strong man, not a timid teenager. Do not let luck and the right things get away from you, clinging to them with a bulldog fight.

How not to be a sucker in life? Change. Complete all points from 1 to 12. Be the person you always dreamed of becoming. Bolder. Make the world respect and be proud of you.