How much does a dream cost: to envy or achieve a goal at any cost

Very often I hear that people are jealous of someone's success, freedom and achievements. But have you thought about what this dream cost a person? How much did he have to pay for it, what to sacrifice and what should have been done? Are you ready to achieve your goal at any cost?

Not everyone is ready to achieve the desired goal at any cost, but only a few dare. People are not ready to pay fate for a dream according to the bills, but want to have it for free. Therefore, some get a dream, while others only dream and dream.

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I envy others people

Envy is stupid, because you need to think more about how much your dream costs. You can find many people who achieved it with great effort, and some more easily. But even in the latter case, we are usually wrong. In most cases, we do not see all that a person had to pay for his dream.

We see expensive houses, cool cars, celebrity fame, successful businessmen, the beautiful life of travelers, pleasant distinctions and elements of luxury. We look at the winners, but through rose-colored glasses of naivete. Most of the people who have achieved victory in dreams, received it with blood and sweat.

We see only the front side, but do not want to notice all the efforts that a person has spent for this. How much is a dream worth? We don't want to see all the losses he had to sacrifice. We don't want to see all the work he has done to get closer to his dream. How much time, effort, money, nerves, emotions did he spend? How much did he pay for it?

In life, we always see one side of the coin, but we forget to look at the dark side. We always envy those people who have achieved something cool. Sometimes we think we deserve more than they do, but we're just unlucky. Luck plays a role, but it's overrated. Usually you have to pay for a dream. Depending on the starting position and available resources, we are assigned a price for a dream. If you want it, then pay.

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How much does a dream cost and how to achieve the goal

Dreaming about something of your own that keeps you awake at night? What is the price of your dreams and fantasies? Now I will tell you the approximate price.

Are you ready to leave a job where you are not appreciated and there are no prospects? Are you ready to end a relationship if it gets in the way of your dream? Are you ready to go to the end of the world where you can reach your dream? Are you ready to work all the time while others relax and have fun? Are you ready to live ascetically, sacrificing everything for the sake of your dream? Are you ready to forbid yourself to love or be friends when it interferes with the goal? Are you ready to see only a dream ahead, ignoring everything else?

  • The price of a dream is always high, but only the winners were able to pay the bills.
  • The winner was able to put down health and almost kill himself to get to the goal.
  • The winner was able to sacrifice family and loved ones to get to the dream.
  • The winner worked 100 hours a week instead of the usual 40 for the average person.
  • The winner spent many years and time of youth to get what he wanted.
  • The winner lost money, an apartment, a car at one stage, only to get it back much later.
  • The winner worked where others rested and enjoyed life.
  • The winner did not travel or entertain, but gave all his strength only to a dream.

Do you need it? I'm not at all sure that you want to pay that price for your dream. Freebies do not happen, as many want. There are exceptions, but they are well publicized and only confirm the rules of adult life. Dreams have to be paid for.

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If you're jealous of someone's dream, then go ahead and don't drool and hope to get off with a little blood. How much is a dream worth? Quit your job, follow your goal, fight problems, spend all your time and energy on your dream.

Burn all the bridges from the past life. Welcome to this world where the dream will be real, but it will take such a price from you that you are not always willing to pay. Not always a paid dream will be given to you by fate. Sometimes life leaves you with nothing, when you broke with your past life, paid all your bills, but the dream remained an unrealizable dream. Sometimes it happens.

People often envy winners, but are they willing to pay the bill in full? What did this dream and victory cost people, and what will it cost you personally? If you're jealous of someone's dream, don't be afraid. Let's pay for the dream with everything you have. This is time, strength and other resources that can be called the word "life".

Ready to achieve the goal at any cost? Then what is it? Every goal has its price. When you pay your bills, you get what you want most of the time. How much are you willing to pay up front? Everyone decides what he wants. Usually everyone dreams of a freebie, but all easy ways usually lead to a quagmire or a dead end. There are always only two ways in life: to envy or to achieve a goal at any cost.

Do you need motivation to achieve something? You have no motivation if internal is not enough. Those who pay for a dream understand that there is something in life more important than fear and calmness of the comfort zone. This is the path to a dream.

You often say that you are jealous. But what was this dream worth? Burn your bridges. Welcome to the dream world, but don't complain later...