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How girls choose men?

It is naive to believe that girls choose guys only according to the dictates of the heart or impulses of the soul. What are the main signs by which girls choose guys? And this is not only money, as you immediately thought, but many other factors. Some tricks when communicating with girls.

The heart and soul of girls for some reason is attached to the right guys, and not to everyone in a row. Girls don't fall for boobs or leg length like men do. Girls are smarter, but we are not born with a bast. How to please the fair sex?

How do girls choose men?

1. Appearance of a man against his mind

How do girls choose men? What do girls look for in men - brains or beauty? Scientists asked women what they find more attractive in men. The main qualities were evaluated: attractive appearance and high intelligence. Most of the women voted for attractive men, not very smart ones.

Often you can find a situation where smart guys are lonely, and stupid handsome men are surrounded by girls. Therefore, on a date, it is better not to show your intellect and be clever, but to squeeze the maximum out of your appearance. This is a gym, personal care and fashionable clothes. In choosing a partner, men and women are similar. Everyone falls for the sexual sign - beauty.

2. Male impregnability and confidence

How do girls choose men? Women are looking for impregnable men. When a man is easy to get and fall in love with, girls get bored. Especially beautiful girls who can easily seduce any man suffer from this. Women choose men with whom they often do not even shine. Therefore, they rush at other people's husbands, bad guys, princes from other cities and even countries. Women are looking for an impregnable goal. After all, the harder it is to get a man, the more valuable he is.

If you want a girl to like you, don't give up early, don't confess your love for as long as possible, and make her doubt your feelings. If you get it hard for her, she will appreciate it and cherish it. Play as long as possible in the relationship. Let it remain in limbo at the candy-bouquet stage. Love is a game, and you should not lose in it.

3. Social power and advantages

Surely money is important, what do you think? After 20 years, girls no longer pay attention not to beefy handsome men sitting on their parents' necks, but to promising guys. Now, to provide for a family, not so much muscle is needed as a financial component. But there are not enough millionaires for all girls, so they are guided by how promising a man is, what are his ambitions, education, family and confidence in the future.

Girls are pragmatic in choosing a companion, but this must be put up with if you do not want to spend your life alone. You also do not want to meet with an ugly, stupid and fat woman? Life is one and very short. Nobody wants to waste their life.

4. Male ease in seduction

How do girls choose men? The friendliness of a good guy or the casualness of a bad guy? Ease of communication with a man is more important than kindness. Often, kindness is perceived by a woman as weakness and compliance. A man is more likely to be expected to be at ease, confident, and somewhat dominant.

Girls are looking for ease of communication and a bad guy, not someone who makes concessions. The solid character of a person suggests that you can rely on him. He won't bend. Therefore, kindness is not the best strategy in seducing a girl. Freedom, confidence and even audacity in communication are more promising with girls.

It is naive to believe that girls choose guys only according to the dictates of the heart or impulses of the soul...