Carter Lowe Creator, entrepreneur, and self-care advocate
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How do you know what you want from life? 5 steps to dreams and goals

When you get lost in life and do not know where to go, you should stop and think. A lame man walking in the right direction will reach his desired goal faster than a horseman riding in the wrong direction. How do you know what you want from life?

Depressed and do not know what you want from life, yourself and others? Hands down, apathy and do not want anything? The thing is, you don't know what you want. It kills your energy, motivation and desire to live. But everything will change when you decide on your dreams and find your goals.

How do you know what you want from life?

1. Analysis of your thoughts. We take a notebook, stock up on a free hour and start writing. What do you want from this life? All your ideas, thoughts, desires, dreams and goals. The list should be as long and detailed as possible. The next day, scrupulously review all your thoughts and cross out frank nonsense and bliss. And think about the rest well and highlight the 10 most important things from the entire list.

2. Explore desires in depth. Try to study a little and look from all sides at what you want. Explore your dreams. Read on the Internet, find the literature you need, watch lectures, talk to people about your desires and ask them to comment. Form more information around the dream.

3. Expand your horizons. Often we don't know what we really want because we haven't seen or heard much. Start doing things you've never done before: travel more, visit unfamiliar places, try new things, hang out with strangers. Try to find out what attracts and arouses interest. Find new ideas and opportunities.

4. Find like-minded people and interesting people. Find those people who think like you or have similar desires. Find a club or place of interest. It can be real communication or virtual on the Internet.

5. Start doing things that you think about a lot. How do you feel when you do what you want? When you have found your dream, you really like to pursue it. You feel happy and excited. If so, then you have made the right choice.

Do you know what you want from life?