How do you decide to make changes in your life? How to finally be happy?

Change is difficult, and therefore we are afraid to change something, quit our job, move to another city, leave the second half, try something promising and new. But these fears and timidity do not allow us to become happy.

“A man at almost any moment of his life is ready to turn off the well-trodden track, from the approved route. Throw yourself into the furthest forest, if the game leads him there. Vincent Cassel

You need a serious shock, a powerful psychological push or third-party support for a person to leave the comfort zone. We are used to doing what we do. We are afraid to change things. We are afraid of any change, even if it is for the better. We are stuck in our little swamp in which we are unhappy.

  1. How to decide on changes in life and become happy?
  2. 1. Imagine all the options
  3. 2. Trust and believe in yourself
  4. 3. Appreciate results and movement
  5. 4. Start small
  6. 21) How to decide on changes in life and become happy?

    1. Imagine all possible scenarios

    Imagine the worst case scenario. What can happen if you fail? Usually the risks are not as great as they seem at first glance. You will survive the defeat easier than if you don’t try and you will regret it for the rest of your life. Imagine all possible events. Think about what you will receive as a reward for your courage. Maybe it's worth it?

    2. Trust and believe in yourself

    Often we are afraid of change because we do not believe in ourselves and do not trust our strengths. We do not consider ourselves good enough for greater happiness and are content with little. But you will never be happy compromising your dream. Trust and trust yourself. You are much better than you think.

    3. Appreciate the results and the movement

    It is very difficult to get everything at once. Learn to appreciate the very movement towards the goal and dream. Appreciate positive changes for the better and moving forward. Even if you do not reach your intended goal, you are already on the move and progressing. You can achieve if not this dream, then another. The main thing is to move forward, and not sit on your ass. By continuing to move, you open up new opportunities and chances that you could not even think of before.

    4. Start small

    Do you dream of running a marathon? Start with regular runs. Are you thinking of learning a foreign language? Do it several times a week. Do you want to find a new job? Study professional literature every day and get the necessary experience. Do you want to lose weight? Start going to the gym. Any goal can be achieved if you approach it thoroughly. You don't have to change everything at once. The main thing is to start positive and permanent changes.

    5. You have to take risks

    Accept that you do not have complete confidence and all the necessary information. You can study the circumstances, facts and all the data for a long time, but still no one will give a guarantee. Life is trial and error, but without it there are no real victories. You still have to take the risk. Take a calculated risk and don't be afraid. It is much worse not to try and then regret it in retirement.

    How to finally become happy? Decide on the changes for which you have long been ready...