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How do others see me? How to change your mind about yourself?

Everyone wants attention, recognition and respect. You can be wonderful, interesting and special, but people see you differently. How do I know how others see me? How to form your personal image, which will help you achieve what you want in your career, relationships, friendships and life? How to change your opinion of yourself for the better?

How do people see you from the outside? You can count one thing, but others may stubbornly not recognize you. It is not always possible to make the right and right impression on others, which affects the quality of later life.

People do not see many of your positive qualities, desires and aspirations. Girls perceive you differently than you try to put yourself. The authorities see you as a slightly different employee than you yourself think. People are not very friendly with you. The difference in perception can negatively affect all areas of life.

Two American psychologists, Joseph Lift and Harrington Inham, created a technique called the Johari Window. It helps to find the relationship between how you see yourself and how people around you see you. Each person has 4 zones: open, blind, hidden and unknown.

Know yourself better to better manage your own destiny and improve the quality of life at times.

How do people see me? Johari's window

1. Open zone

In the open zone, the qualities of a person that he knows himself and those around him see behind him. The larger and wider this zone, the easier it is for a person. You should expand the open zone in order to be more free in action and better realize yourself in life. Ask yourself questions to understand yourself.

  • What are your greatest strengths, talents and qualities?
  • How do you present yourself? What is your image and style of communication with others?
  • How real are you when you're not pretending?

2. Hidden zone

In this area there are qualities of a person that are known to him, but others do not know. It makes sense to hide your weaknesses and present yourself in the best light. You can reduce the hidden zone by demonstrating your positive sides to others and opening up from a new side for them.

  • What don't people know about you?
  • What are you hiding or embarrassed to show about yourself?
  • What features do you want to change, and therefore do not reveal to others?

3. Blind zone

Often a person has qualities that others see, but he himself does not notice. These are various shortcomings that a person does not recognize, does not want to see, or simply does not notice. It is very dangerous to have many flaws in the blind zone. You should ask the advice of others and analyze the feedback received.

  • How do people react to you and your lifestyle?
  • How do others see you and what do they say about you?
  • What advice or hints do others give you?

4. The Unknown Zone

Some qualities are hidden deep within us. But they can manifest themselves in difficult or extreme situations. There are many abilities that are not yet in demand. For example, people become writers, artists or open a business only at the age of 40-60. Sometimes they show leadership and heroic abilities in an extreme situation. We surprise ourselves when we discover our hidden sides.

  • What traits and qualities do you want to have?
  • What character traits are family or manifested in unusual situations?
  • What kind of people do you admire and who do you want to be like?

What do people think of you? How to change your opinion about yourself?

How to change your perception in the eyes of others? You should reflect on what you know about yourself. It is important to understand what others think of you. After this analysis, you need to correct your image in the eyes of others. The following steps will help improve your image.

  • Think about what people think of you and how you want them to think.
  • Don't be too modest, timid, shy or reserved.
  • Overcome fear and become more confident. Straighten your shoulders and act more boldly.
  • Do not be afraid to show your best side and reveal your positive qualities to others.
  • Seek advice from competent and authoritative people.
  • Listen carefully to criticism, but separate the constructive from the destructive.
  • Take responsibility and don't be afraid to take on serious matters.
  • Find out from others what qualities and traits of character you lack in their opinion.
  • Hang out more with people you want to be like.
  • Find your shortcomings, vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Now get rid of them.
  • Pump up your strengths and don't be afraid to show them to others.
  • Make a list of the qualities that you want to have and that you want to acquire.

How do people see you? How do you want to be seen? Change the way people think about you. You will be a more interesting, competent and promising person. They will want to be friends with you, communicate and work with you. In the eyes of the opposite sex, you will become a cooler option. Success and happiness in life depends on your image.