How cunning women manipulate you

How to deal with female manipulation, emerge victorious from arguments and fuck her at the end? We will teach you to understand manipulation, sex and lust! It is pleasant for girls to feel power over another person and watch how representatives of the opposite sex fight for the favor of a woman.

“A man who allows himself to be pushed around by a woman is neither a man nor a woman, but simply nothing” Napoleon I Bonaparte

How to recognize a cunning woman in a relationship who trying to hang up to manipulate? How not to fall into the trap of manipulations of cunning women and end up with sex? Puppets have no place among men. How to see the threads that you can pull?

How cunning women manipulate you

1. A cunning woman manipulator avoids an argument, and does not ask for forgiveness


“Weeping woman is a manipulator” Antichrist

You want to exhaust the conflict, discuss and find out everything. But it was not there. When there are no worthy arguments, the argument is lost, and the girl is to blame and lost. Do you think there will be an honest apology and a request for forgiveness? A normal girl would do that. But not a smart lady. She won't give up. "Oh everything!" Have you heard such a hackneyed phrase from a girl? An experienced manipulator does not give up. The cunning woman will move away from arguments, demonstrating that it is useless to argue. A cunning woman can get angry, silently take offense or cry. It turns out in the end that you are a despot and a tyrant, and she is a victim. This girl in front of you is a cunning, manipulative woman.

How to deal with female manipulation? Invite her to honestly admit her mistake. Let him ask for forgiveness, and then suck forgiveness. Let him learn to atone for mistakes correctly and with a smack.

2. A cunning woman, a manipulator, decides everything herself

You are an adult man who can independently decide how to live and what to do. Hairstyle, stubble, style, communication with friends, relationships with relatives, pastime, hobbies and desires - it's all yours. Why did she decide that she could impose her opinion?

How to deal with female manipulation? A stick always has two ends. The cunning woman manipulator should receive a symmetrical answer. Hair color, skirt length, hobbies and weekend plans. Put her in front of the fact that you like specifically. And now, when she is loudly indignant, invite her to think that she is doing the same. A smart and good girl will understand everything, and a cunning manipulator woman will spin like a snake. Why do you have a viper on your chest? In the meantime, she's at a loss, take advantage of her.

3. The cunning manipulator woman reproaches

“The main component of love is to help others to be themselves. If you strive to force and manipulate, then there is no love in you ”Osho

The cunning manipulator woman reproaches and teases for the slightest mistakes. You did not fulfill her whim, whim, whim or desire. It will clearly demonstrate your “mistake”, which you do not consider as such. You are very wrong and wrong. You are a barbarian and a destroyer of cloudless relationships. A cunning woman manipulator uses guilt. She will impose it until you are trained as a pet dog.

How to deal with female manipulation? This great quote from Indian teacher Osho will come in handy. Remember her, for a retaliatory strike on the manipulator. Say straight out that you don't think it's a mistake. You are not her servant, you have your own desires and rules for relations with the opposite sex. If you did not live up to her female expectations, then, honestly, this is her problem. Whims and other nonsense you do not intend to perform in the future. If the cunning woman manipulator continues to reproach, then put her in her place. Show that you are a man. Male. In a relationship, you are in charge. To confirm your words, fuck her.

3. A cunning woman manipulator compares with other men

A cunning woman manipulator compares with former, other men or fictional characters. “But Svetka’s friend gave her a fur coat and a phone”, “My ex didn’t allow himself this”, “Lena was proposed, and you are pulling everything”, “All girls are given rings, and my boyfriend is miserly.” The cunning woman manipulator achieves her goal by comparing you with others.

How to deal with female manipulation? This endless competition is like chopping off the heads of a dragon. In place of one cut off, two or three grow. Competing with the mythical man of her dreams is useless. You've already lost. Tell her to stop doing this. And if the cunning manipulator didn’t understand, then tell me that your former boobs were bigger, your head never hurt, your figures were better, and the blowjob was done enchantingly. A cunning fool will try to throw a tantrum. And a good girl understood the mistake and will prove that she is the best in bed.

4. The cunning manipulator woman complains about her health

You communicate a lot with friends or girls you know. You devote your free time to hobbies, games, hobbies. You smoke occasionally and drink beer once a week. Alcoholic! As soon as you do not do what the girl wants, she begins to complain about her health. That your antics make her sick, nervous, and drive her to the grave. As soon as you make concessions, stop communicating with friends or give up hobbies, she instantly “gets better”. The cunning manipulator woman has achieved her goal and can continue to enjoy life.

How to deal with female manipulation? Call her an ambulance or make an appointment with the doctor. Say that a sick woman in the family is futile. A healthy girl is needed for a family and offspring. The cunning manipulator will understand that they are trying to drain her and calm down. Now fuck her. She is afraid to complain about her sore head.


5. A cunning woman manipulator leaves you

“The lady is in despair. Are you that predictable? It's all alphabet. The promise of happiness, the pain of loss, the delight of redemption, and then... Give him a riddle and watch him dance... "Sherlock Holmes

At the slightest quarrel, the girl tries to leave, collects things or leaves for her mother. She throws arrogant phrases about the end of the relationship. Girlfriend is tired of you and wants to leave. The cunning woman manipulator does everything to make you scared and back down. Ask for forgiveness and beg to stay. Forgive me if it was her fault, otherwise you won't see her around.

How to deal with female manipulation? Yes, she went to the ass in small steps. Ask her to leave if she wants to. You shouldn't be threatened with separation. Otherwise, you may decide that this is the best option for both. They say that the best sex is on scattered things from a suitcase, after trying to disperse. While emotions are at their peak, have sex.

6. The cunning woman manipulator often remembers about love

“Love is a desire to limit someone. Someone to possess and want him to possess you. This is very selfish. I think that all this makes no sense. But if you decide to use someone's love, it will be the best weapon of all."

The girl says she loves you before asking or trying to get forgiveness. Often this is a manipulation of love. She loves you, so she said nasty things, was jealous, was capricious, did not answer calls and behaved inappropriately. A cunning woman, a manipulator, can, after confessing, ask to buy something for her. How difficult it is to refuse such a situation to a girlfriend! Don't you love her?

How to deal with female manipulation? Turn everything into a joke. Tell her that you love her too and ask her to buy you a boat, or rather a yacht. If a girl talks about love instead of forgiveness, remind her that the word "sorry" is more appropriate in this situation. You are ready to forgive her, but you will have to punish her for bad behavior. Let her undress. Now you will show your friend 50 shades of gray.

7. A cunning woman manipulator blackmails with sex

You behaved badly in her opinion. And now you can do without kisses, hugs and sex. She has a headache, no desire, she is offended, and you are to blame. A cunning woman manipulator will pull you by the balls and cock until you bend for the sake of a stick for her.

How to deal with female manipulation? Sex is a physiological need. Isn't she afraid to let you go outside when you're excited? The world is not without good whores. Hint her subtly about it. A cunning woman manipulator can stop cooking for you. Tell her, "A man must leave home with a full stomach and empty eggs." A smart woman will understand, feed and have sex. And the fool will bring up 40 cats. Don't let the girl manage and manipulate herself. The cunning woman must understand that all such attempts to manipulate will end either in her loneliness, or your penis in her mouth and sucking forgiveness. Every woman should know her place.