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How can a man be attractive?

Girls evaluate the attractiveness of a man not so much by his appearance as by his behavior. How can a man be attractive by changing his behavior a little? BuzzFeed, an American Internet media news company, conducted tests and polled visitors to find out the most attractive male behavior. How to become an attractive person for most girls?

How can a man be attractive

1. How can a man be cool? A man who smiles when flirting or a man with a serious appearance?

82% of people chose a smiling man and only 18% liked a serious face.

2. Which man is better? The man sits modestly and normally. Or wide legs and more brutal behavior?

60% were in favor of normal behavior. 40% more like the widely spaced legs and behavior of the male.

3. How can a man be attractive to girls? Does the man gesticulate actively or hold his hands stiffly?

56% of people like a person who uses gestures when speaking. 44% like a man who doesn't gesticulate more.

4. How to become a magnet for girls? Does the man speak actively and energetically? Or maybe a deeper, slower, more masculine voice?

54% were in favor of an energetic speech, and 46% in favor of a more manly voice.

5. What kind of man is handsome? Who is constantly distracted and looking away? Or maybe one who is immersed in conversation and more attentive to the interlocutor?

86% like an attentive interlocutor, and only 14% are ready to date a man who is distracted by other things.

6. How to become attractive to women? Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability of a person to recognize the emotions and desires of other people. A man, talking about a breakup with an ex-girlfriend, says that he did everything and loved her, but she left. It has low EQ. The second option is when a man says that they did not agree with the former characters and they did not succeed. He has a high EQ and tried to understand her.

58% choose a man with a high EQ and 42% with a low one.

7. How can a man be attractive? The first arranges a meeting with the girl immediately, offering to arrange a date in an Italian restaurant. In the second version, the man asks to give the number to the girl, promising to write to her later. The second option is more pick-up and rude.

83% chose a more simple man who shows interest in a girl. 17% chose a man who leaves the girl in limbo.

How to be attractive to a man, Full video in English.