How can a man be a sex pro?

How to upgrade your sexual skills? For many centuries people have been having sex, but they have not reached perfection in this. How to be more professional in sex so that women call you a great lover?

A lot of sex for a woman does not mean a good intimate life. Women expect men to show professionalism. But how to become more experienced in sex? Catch a couple of tips given by the women themselves.

How can a man be a pro in sex

1. According to a survey among women, foreplay should be at least one-third of all sex. If sex lasts less than 10-15 minutes, then the duration of foreplay should be increased to 40-50%.

2. Often what is needed is not so much professionalism in sex as the ability to show passion, sexuality and desire. Nothing turns on like sincere inspiration and attraction.

3. Women are more excitable one and a half to two weeks after menstruation. It is at this time that it is easier to seduce them and deliver unforgettable pleasure in bed.

4. 30% of sex in the world occurs in the missionary position, in which most people achieve orgasm. The second popular position is doggy style or doggy style. Then come the rider and on her side in a spoon position with the man behind. Millions of people cannot be wrong.

5. More sounds and moans of pleasure in sex. Women are very much turned on by conversations and whispers in your ear. A couple of hot compliments, vulgar and dirty words in your ear. Girls are turned on by whispers and male admiration for the female body.

6. The size of the penis is important primarily for the ego of a man, and not for the enjoyment of a woman in bed. The greatest sensitivity in the vagina is 5-8 cm. So you should think more about the professionalism in sex, and not the size of the penis.

7. Alternate rhythms in sex, time for sex, sex positions, places for sex. The depraved variety will provide you with good sex for a long time.

8. In sex, a good feature is the ability to open yourself and your vulgar side. Entrepreneurship, willingness to experiment, lustfulness and depravity of thinking. It makes sex unforgettable.

9. Try to maintain your weight on your own so as not to put too much pressure on the girl. Use your knees, elbows and head.

10. Girls, in most cases, love powerful men in sex who dominate, subdue and show masculinity. Even feminists are happy to give themselves to brutal and strong men.

How good are you at sex?