holding a girl

Getting yourself a girlfriend is one thing. Getting a woman is usually not so difficult, but keeping a woman is a completely different matter. You cannot afford to be lazy in a relationship.

Getting a woman is one thing. Getting a woman is easy. Holding on is another matter entirely. This is where the hard work begins. My beliefs make them beg for more. You guys can't afford to be lazy in a relationship. You must constantly maintain these beliefs. And it will take a lot of hard work to reach my level of self-confidence, understand that. Start small and grow. You will be there soon.

When I started, I liked big boobs. I was the Boobs Man. Then I became Ass Man. Then I started looking first and foremost at the perineum. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What you like in a woman, I might not like. Much of it depends on your mood. When you are in a good, joyful mood, you may like a pretty face. When you're in a bad mood, you can look for a nice big ass to fuck. There was a period in my life when I lived only for orgies and gangbangs. I just couldn't fuck one girl anymore. This is boring stuff!

I don't run after women. I don't beg or try to please them. Guys often worry about whether they look good. My approach: “Hey, my dick is better than his! Try both and you'll see." Guys, leave women worried about their appearance. They are masters at this. Appearance means nothing. What matters is what you make a woman feel. And they need a strong man. They want a man, not a piece of cunt preoccupied with their appearance.

Only lesbians don't want men. They want cunts, they want gay male friends who won't touch them. Lesbians want a guy to say, “Yes, honey. Anything you want, dear." To all together they were chicks. They don't need a man. They need someone they can control.

So these whores want to lead you by the nose, and when they start to lead you, when they start deciding where and when, you will have problems because it is not her role. If you give a woman all the power in a relationship, if you give her the steering wheel, you will break.

Guys always ask me "How do you get them back after a breakup?" Elementary! Most of you think that women are complicated, but they are not. Let me give you a couple of examples to make it clear how easy it is. I was counseling a guy once, and he had a habit of overcomplicating things. While we were talking, I got a call from a woman I knew well. After a minute, I put the phone down and continued the meeting. She chatted nonstop about something.

And every couple of minutes I would pick up the phone and say “Mmm… Uh-huh. Yeah" and put it down again. Fifteen minutes later I picked up the phone and said what I did, I said how I put the phone down and ignored her during this whole time. She didn't believe it. Women never believe what you tell them. I don't know why, but it's true.

If you want a girl back, try saying “No matter how many women I've been with, no matter how many women I've seen, I always see your face instead of theirs. I want to see you again." And that's it! Just say it and it's yours. Of course, if you were a real asshole to her, treated her like shit, beat her up and acted like a woman, if she caught you in bed with a man, then you should probably be on the Jerry Springer show. In other cases, everything is simple.

Being romantic does not mean being weak. When you got it, romance will keep it. You must be her fantasy, a knight in shining armor. It takes work. Another way to get her back is to send one rose to her house, no name, no card. Wait a week and go for another one. This time with a card without a name that says "When I see these flowers, I think of you and I must send you one." Then you send a third. Write on the card, “No matter how many women I see, all I see is your face. Call me. 555-9087". She will call because women love to hear "I'm thinking of you."

If you want a woman to trust you, it's easy. If you want her to fall in love with you, that's easy. Just tell her not to. Women never believe what she is told. When I talk about honesty, trust, and respect, I might say something like, “But I don't want you to trust me just yet. Trust must be earned. When you feel you can trust me, you will let me know." Once you tell her that you don't want her to trust you, she will.

Guys keep asking me "how to make a woman swallow"? Too easy. One of the options to try: tell her that no woman could make me cum with her mouth. Tell her that many have tried, but none have succeeded. Tell her something like this and she will accept the challenge. Then when you're done, say "Wow! You are incredible! No one has ever been able to do it!” Because if you tell a woman that you can't cum with a blowjob, something inside her will say, "Yeah?!" They love the challenge.

There are plenty of them for us. Women everywhere! Buses, bookstores, planes, trains - everywhere! But you have to be the driver. You say "Jump!" and she replies, "How high?"

I'm a gentleman, but I'm also a macho guy who grew up in the 70s and 80s. I'm a man and she does what I want. If she doesn't like it, there are others outside. My house is a dictatorship, not a democracy. The same goes for my employees. My employees have no say in my business. Why? Because I want such a life. I know where I'm going; I know what I want for myself.

Getting an ex back is easy, but I don't like it. If you want her back, I'll tell you how, and if you follow my advice literally, you'll get her back.

But most of you are better off just letting her go and moving on, because when you get her back, you suddenly remember why you broke up the first time. I believe that the main reason men want to move forward has to do with pride. Men have always been too proud, so listen up. Life is a series of mistakes, and the sooner you learn from them and move on…

I was the first of all my friends to have their own housing. In those days, life was too good. I came home from work and there were already 3-4 girls there. I came in and asked: "Who wants?" I fucked them before I took a shower. Then one or two of my buddies would come in and I'd say, "Who wants to get laid with this friend, and who with this one?" All my buddies fucked in my apartment. Ahhh… what a time it was!

Being a value, men are not interested in statistics. Men need more than women. They make us think it's the other way around, but it's not! But we are stupid, we think with our heads.

Do not be afraid to ask for what you want. I like women who can cook and I ask them if they can cook. Get her to cook you a couple of meals to make sure. I also need to know how they live. Who is her roommate? Does she keep the house clean? I also have to hang out with her girlfriends, which is very important if you want to do business with her.

You are who your friends are. If she has a lot of single girlfriends, you're in trouble. You're screwed because her single girlfriends will sabotage your relationship because they want her to stay single.

No, I don't want you to be me, I want you to be yourself. Start by being honest with yourself.

They don't want an easily accessible guy. We want an easily accessible woman, and they don't. If you wander around mumbling "Me too", you'll lose them. They need a strong guy who gives them a sense of security. Physical strength doesn't matter. You must be strong in spirit, and know what you want in life. You must be decisive.

I am a dictator in my own life and my relationships. You can't rely on a woman to take care of you. She wants you to be strong and lead. Not every woman wants to go where you are. But you shouldn't bend under it. You have to know what you want from life and not be afraid to get it. Women find it attractive. Read Cosmopolitan.

The first thing women will say about a fading relationship is "we don't talk anymore."So from the very beginning of the relationship, establish that you need a woman who can communicate. This will not only attract her, but also give you a significant bonus afterwards.

Guys ask me all the time how to deal with a girlfriend who flirts with other guys. Usually they tell her to stop. This rarely works, because she will think that you are not confident in yourself. If your girlfriend is flirting with other men, you should film women. If she's hunting, you're hunting too. If she complains, fuck her. Say that if she wants to flirt, you will flirt too. I even went so far as to leave with another woman right under her nose. Why not? This is a smart move.

Years ago I was driving in a topless car with a woman and all the truckers were staring at her because she wasn't wearing a T-shirt. She exposed her breasts to everyone. We stopped at a gas station and when I got out a hottie asked me if I had ignition cables. She said she wanted to return the car to her ex so she could go to Houston. So I told her I'd give her a lift to Houston, started her car and followed her to her ex, where she parked her car and moved in with us. Now I had two women in the car and they were super.

On the way to Houston we stopped for lunch, ate and checked into a motel. I asked the guy at the motel, "Do you have a room with a large bed?" Two small ones pushed together was the best he could offer. The girls helped me move the beds! I didn't ask if they liked it, I just took it upon myself and implied that both of them would sleep with me. And so it was.

In addition, the woman I picked up at the gas station was twice as good in bed as the first one, so I told her to wait in her room. Then I went down and told the clerk that it would take me 4 hours to get rid of the other one and come back, and asked him to let her stay in the room. He agreed, so I took another and we fucked off. When I drove her home, she asked if I was leaving her, and I answered yes. I said, "I'm sorry, but this new one is better in bed." She started crying and begging me to give her another chance. Why did I do this to her? She got what she deserved for taking off her shirt at the beginning and flirting with the truckers.

Okay, now let's talk a little about a special breed of women that I call Leeches. Leeches are jealous, insecure and possessive. They don't want you to look at other women, they want you to always be there for them, and they are very vulnerable. Leeches can be handled in two ways.

At the beginning of a relationship, I tell the leech that I am a guy who needs to be surrounded by women. I tell them that women are like flowers to me, and I should be at the florist's. Can you bear it if I sleep with someone else? I say that I need to sleep with others. If she gives up and says yes, you've done the right thing. If she says no, leave her. You'll be better off without her. I like to be honest with them so that I don't get hurt later.

You will find that leeches will accept if you sleep with others if you tell them that you sleep with others. That's because their worst nightmare isn't whether you're sleeping with others, it's that they don't know it. They find this ignorance so terrible that to tell them the truth beforehand is to reassure them.

There are plenty of tricks to keep them on track. I always love it when a woman licks my sphincter because it gives me a huge advantage in a relationship. From now on, when she starts to stress me out, I just say, "The woman who licks my asshole doesn't talk to me like that!" This is much better than a punch in the nose! What can she say? What am I a pig? Hey, it wasn't my language!

I want you to imagine a room that has a double-barreled shotgun, a machete, an assault rifle, some dynamite, some pistols, and the word friend. Because the word "friend" is one of its main tools. It's the only weapon that can make you dance!

Now I know a lot of guys who want to go out with a woman and pretend to be their friend, stalk them and go shopping with them. I knew a guy who flew halfway across the world to be that kind of friend. And he watched her preen on the way out and sleep with the others, and he couldn't help it because they were "friends." Of course, he was secretly "in love" with her, but he was afraid to be himself, I guess. I'm glad there are many like him in the world because it means more women for me!

Here is a problem many of you have. You are talking about partnership. You talk about wanting a relationship with a woman, and then you talk about hotties and how many you may or may not get. What do you want? You have to walk on the Road of Certainty. You need to be congruent with whatever you want, especially with women.

When I was looking for a wife, I got a wife, children, and that was what I wanted. And when I wanted to be alone, I didn't look for Miss Perfect. I didn't think about anything but fucking.

Actually, fucking was my hobby. Different bodies, different styles, different ways. When I was young, I had an obsessive fantasy of filming a hitchhiker. And I did it. I rented a hitchhiker. I told them, “I can't believe it! I dreamed about just such a situation! Everything you say is exactly what I fantasized about! It's so cool!" They said, “Really?!” They were amazed!

I got so bored and it turned out so easy that I started telling women that I worked for the CIA. Danger turns them on. I used to say, "Call me from a phone booth, and whatever you do, DO NOT call me from home!" One of the women was waiting for me in the booth for four hours straight.

I once had a date with a woman who seemed very nice and nice on the phone, but as soon as she got into my car, she began to tell me her schedule. She had to go to a restaurant in this part of the city, and her friends would be there, and then we would drive back there and there and check into the hotel, we would stay there so-and-so, and then to this club and so on. I said, "Did you feel it?" She said that?". I said, "Something unusual is going on with my car." Her: "Hmm?" I leaned over her and said: "Go out and see what's with the rear wheel, and tell me if it's blown off." She gets out of the car and says, "I think it's fine." And I: “Well, for you, maybe so!” and I press the gas. Because if I drove her all night like she wanted me to, I'd be her forever puppy. And I don't wear a leash for anyone.

When it comes to women, never underestimate the power of denial. He drinks, he's angry, he's cruel, he treats her like shit, and even then she can convince herself that he loves her, and she stays. In fact, women want to lie to themselves about the men they live with. Guys do it too, but in this case, women definitely outplay us. She stays for his strength, for the sense of security she feels with him. I would never think of physically harming a woman, I have never hit a woman. I don't need it. I hit them with honesty, trust and respect, and that works way better than punching them in the nose.

If you offend a girl with your excessive honesty and feel that her arousal subsides, this should be dealt with. One way is to say, “I'm kidding! I'm kidding!" and she'll calm down at first and say something like "That was really rude" and then I'll lower my voice and say "Well I wasn't really joking". (Laugh). You can test them the way they test you. "Do you want to get laid?" and if she answers yes, you take her home, and if she gets excited, you say that you are just joking. Although… no. I am not kidding! You can always resort to this. Just kidding… not really! You are always in control. Control is vital. If she says "Fuck off me", go away. I find that when you go out into the real world and start being honest, you rarely get rejected.

Women are brought up to punish you when you misbehave. They punish with bitch behavior and delaying sex. If they try to punish me, I immediately take control of the situation. "You're right, honey, I'm a pig, an asshole, a cocksucker, a slug, a slippery type, a piece of shit, a narcissistic evil freak."By spurring her "bad" behavior, I bring it under control. I do not argue with them, because either with me or the tablecloth path. If you get into a defensive posture, you actually lose control.

sex is not worth the trouble, don't waste time fixing them, just leave. Do not waste your time. When your car is giving you a lot of problems and you're sick of fixing it, do you argue with it for 8 months just to see if it gets better over time? You stop investing time and money in this car and start investing in finding something better.

We all have different levels of tolerance for how much crap we're willing to put up with in a relationship. My level is low. I want what I want and I'm not ashamed of it.

Author: David X