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Hint at sex: 115 ways to hint at sex to a girl or guy

Very often, one of the couple, a man or a woman, slows down the further development of the relationship to move to a horizontal intimate plane. How to break the ice, hint and push your soulmate to sex? How can a guy hint to a girl about physical love, or how can a woman provoke a man into sex? The best ways to hint at intimacy and sex that will 100% work.

Don't take too long to move on to intimacy, because otherwise it may happen that it will be too late. Why? As a result, relationships and attraction can burn out when intimacy doesn't happen at the right and right moment. If the relationship is going well, then you should push your soulmate to sex and take it into your own hands. Usually the first step needs to be taken by a man, but sometimes it is required to be done by a girl.

When you usually have sex, can you allude to sex and start seducing? Teenagers tend to put it off for more dates, and older people are more likely to end up in bed after a couple of dates. Sex on the 3rd date is considered a classic. But what if this doesn't happen?

How to hint a girl or a guy about sex?

Sex is an important and logical part of a relationship, but sometimes we can't move to this level of intimacy for a long time. A man and a woman do not move on to sex until someone initiates it and takes the right step. But this must be done until the relationship is covered with dust, and passion and attraction are at their maximum.

Girls often play hard-to-get girls to appear decent, inaccessible and worthy, but they are not mistaken for whores. They were taught so by their mothers, girlfriends and women's magazines. Do not give the man as long as possible to find out the seriousness of the relationship, and also give the man the opportunity to take the initiative. Girls expect a specific hint of sex from a man, because they themselves cannot hang themselves around your neck. Then tactfully yield to a man under his pressure and charisma in order to maintain his dignity and decency.

Men also sometimes slow down so as not to offend the girl or are embarrassed to push the other half to sex. Men are afraid to frighten off the girl so that she does not decide that he wants to meet her only for sex. But when a man and a woman are in bed, the girl always has smart underwear, which indicates her readiness for sex is already guaranteed.

It is worth remembering that times are changing now. It no longer makes sense to wait for sex before marriage or date for months to be alone in bed. Men are quite nice to girls who quickly ended up in their bed. They do not think that the girls are “available whores”, but that they themselves are irresistible and cool macho, and therefore the chicks had no chance at all.

Why do people get nervous when they try to seduce and hint at sex? They are afraid of being rejected, and therefore they need to gain courage and some self-confidence. But if you don’t, then the relationship may cool and fall apart, or someone else will. How to hint at sex to a girl or a guy?

  1. A direct invitation to have sex or love.
  2. Message on the phone, with a hint to move to a horizontal position.
  3. A non-verbal cue when you start kissing, cuddling and undressing.
  4. Talking about sex and similar topics when it gets so hot that you want to make love.
  5. Teasing with a hint of sex when you get close, that passion boils.
  6. An invitation to join in bed, shower, bath, bath or anywhere else.
  7. To bet on something so that the wager is the desire that it will be sex.
  8. A tactile allusion to sex as the touch becomes more and more explicit.
  9. Physical contact when you play twister or massage each other.
  10. On the phone, you make an invitation to do something hot.
  11. Body language suggests that you want to start something indecent and hot.
  12. Slowly undress yourself or gently undress your soulmate.
  13. Ambiguous, indecent and vulgar allusions in a conversation that will lead to sex.
  14. Forcing things when you start having sex.
  15. Logical stripping when you hit the beach, sauna, or playing strip cards.

There are many ways to hint at sex, and you can also do it with words, which works great because it prepares a person and reduces the likelihood of rejection to a minimum.

Insinuating sex with a girl or a guy with words

Sex with a new partner is no different, it just takes a little bit of experience together so that everything goes more naturally. This is useful for guys, girls, men and women, because this is a fairly common difficulty in relationships.

How to hint at sex and intimacy? Let's think about how to send signals for intimacy and initiate sex. There are many classic and unusual ways. Here is a list of ideas and ways to start having sex. It is also worth remembering that the secluded atmosphere and the consumption of hot drinks is great for seduction.

1. Let's make love!

2. Come visit me for coffee and cake.

3. I have a bottle of wine at home, keep me company.

4. I suggest giving you a shoulder, back or leg massage to help you relax.

5. I want to order sushi or pizza, do you want to eat with me.

6. I had a very indecent dream with you at night. I want this for real.

7. What should I say to get us into bed?


8. What color is your underwear? Show me!

9. Can you rub my back in the shower?

10. Let's bet on desire. (It will be sex)

11. Do a striptease for me.

12. A place in my heart and bed is reserved for you.

13. I have a prefix, can we come and play?

14. What are your plans for the evening? I want to do something interesting with you.

15. Let's play strip cards.

16. You look so hot that I take it as a hint of sex.

17. I plead guilty and want to atone in any way.

18. Do you believe that you're just sex and I want you, or should I say it again?

19. My back hurts. Can you give me a massage?

20. I live nearby, let's come to me.

21. We have been dating for quite some time. I think it's you who understand what I'm talking about.

22. How can you be tempted? Tell or show.

23. I have beautiful underwear. Do you want to see?

24. You look so good today that I'm about to rape you.

25. Tonight we will make love.

26. Let's watch a great movie at my house.

27. My computer doesn't work. Can you help me?

28. Lying in bed without clothes and missing you.

29. I have no one at home. Do you understand what it's about?

30. It would be cool if we fell asleep together.

31. What part of your body is the sexiest? Show me!

32. Here's my passionate kiss. Is that a thick enough allusion to sex?

33. How long ago did you have sex? Go here.

34. You have a very beautiful body, I want you.

35. I propose to hide from the weather at my place.

36. I have a kitten at home. Do you want to pet?

37. Today is the third date, it will be decent to have sex.

38. My lips are your lips, my body is your body.

39. The only thing I want now is to see you in my bed.

40. Taking a shower/bath, would you like to keep me company?

41. Happy birthday! I will fulfill your every desire.

42. Can you help me wrinkle all the sheets?

43. Let's go to visit me, wine and sweets from me.

44. Show your erogenous zones.

45. What sex positions do you like? Show me.

46. How to subtly hint at sex to a girl or a guy? Tell me.

47. I want you right now!

48. If you guess right, then I will fulfill any of your desires.

49. How can you prove that you love me and want to.

50. Let me arrange a photo shoot for you?

51. Let's go to me or to you?

52. See you in the bedroom today, I really want you.

53. I want to hug you hard, but I'm afraid to get carried away and rape you.

54. Do you have a plan to seduce me?

55. I want to see you in my bed and without clothes.

56. I really want to get you!

57. Would you like to see a striptease?

58. I feel bad. Can you visit me?

59. What indecent do you want to do?

60. You have nice clothes on, but I want to see you without them.

61. Tell me what excites you the most.

62. Just letting you know that it's time for us to do something intimate.

63. What would you do in my place right now.

64. Let's make love all night long!

65. I forgot something at home. Let's go.

66. I know a person who wants you crazy.

67. Nothing cheers me up like thinking about you without clothes.

68. I want to visit you after work and do a lot of indecent things with you.

69. Above or below.

70. I have plans for your body tonight.

71. You make noise in sex.

72. Can you help me? How to hint at sex to a guy or a girl?

73. How long can you be without sex? How many do you have.

74. What date do you think it would be nice for us to have sex?

75. Do you like to dominate or obey?

76. I have a lot to do, come visit me.

77. Have you ever been told that you are just sex? I want you.

78. Do you know how to have sex and how pro in sex?

79. I have a great view from the window. Do you want to see?

80. Would you like to see my childhood photos?

81. I have a present for you. Come visit me.

82. I feel dirty as soon as I think of you. You understand?

83. Would you like to see my apartment, because it describes a person.

84. What does ideal sex look like in your opinion? Will you show?

85. It is said that chocolate causes desire. Do you want something sweet?

86. Tomorrow I will serve you breakfast in bed.

87. I can't take it anymore, come here and undress.

88. In my dream you had no clothes on.

89. It's very hot today and I'm in my underwear. Will you visit?

90. I like honesty. I want you so much.

91. I don't think we need an excuse to have sex.

92. You have a really hot body.

93. Can you help me deal with one household appliance at home?

94. We are cold and wet. Maybe we can come and warm up.

95. Sexuality is your middle name. I want you.

96. I don't remember if my iron is turned off. Let's go check it out, shall we?

97. Allow me, madam, to kick you, as Lieutenant Rzhevsky said.

98. See you tonight in the bedroom.

99. I love you very much and want you.

100. I have plans for you: cinema, wine, bed.

Love is a verb. Love needs to be dealt with, and not just talked about and thought about. Be sure to hint at sex, seduce and engage in intimate entertainment. This will make your relationship stronger, happier, better and more promising.