Helpful Sex Tips Everyone Should Know

Regardless of professionalism, you can always improve. Do you want to improve your sex life, make it brighter and richer? Simple methods that will help establish an intimate life and make a great lover.

Best advice on sex and intimate life.

Useful sex tips that everyone should know

1. Talk about sex. We have learned to seduce and have sex, but we do not know how to talk about it. It's time to ask each other questions. What do you expect and want to get from the second half? What are your deepest sexual desires and dreams? Try to comprehend sexual secrets and realize them.

2. Give compliments. Women are always full of complexes and doubts. Do you want to captivate a girl, excite and provide good sex? Compliment the girl and admire her. During sex, use vulgar and bad words.

3. Don't forget the prelude. In most cases, women need time to become aroused and turned on. Foreplay will increase sensitivity, excite and enhance orgasm more. Patience before sex will bring the desired results.

4. Healthy eating. If bad fuel is poured into a car, the engine will run poorly and will soon give a wedge. With sex and a member similarly. Eat healthy, lower your cholesterol levels and keep your cardiovascular system in good condition. Lead a healthy lifestyle. Then the penis and erection will work like clockwork.

5. Relax before sex. Sometimes the best foreplay is a relaxed state. Wash each other in the shower, massage and relax. Joint rest will give you strength for love joys.

6. Go in for sports. Training will make the body more athletic, sexy and efficient. Sports will raise self-esteem and testosterone levels. This will allow you to be in shape and have sex more often.

7. More teasing. The body of a woman resembles a map with erogenous zones. Pay attention to areas that you have often avoided in the past. Tease and caress the girl. The path groans with excitement and impatience.

8. Apply lubricant. It is not always possible for women to excrete lubricant in the right amount. A woman may be aroused but not hydrated due to fatigue, stress, or feeling unwell. Lubricants will make sex more pleasant and brighter.

9. Practice temperance. Sometimes small breaks are good for sex life. Abstinence for a few days, a weekend, or a week will make the forbidden fruit sweet again.

10 Variety in bed. Sex hates boredom. The key to good sex is variety. Discuss and try new positions. Change your sexual habits. Exciting lingerie, toys from the sex shop, interesting sex positions, new places for sex. Variety will improve sex and orgasmic power. Sex outdoors, in a car, in a hotel, in unusual and public places.

In sex, you can always become a more experienced lover...