Happiness to give joy to loved ones

How often do you give gifts to loved ones for no reason? Being a selfish person is, of course, very wonderful. To become happy yourself, you need to give a lot more.

Sometimes holidays, significant dates and other solemn events can serve as a kind of mute reproach - we give gifts and speak good words only on these days. Such events give indulgence, a kind of forgiveness from all the inattention that we managed to give to our loved ones.

The happiness of giving joy to other people, it would seem, has nothing to do with the joy of a loved one for oneself. But this is only at first glance. Being a selfish person is, of course, very cool. But it's great if you give the best attention to your loved ones.

We can send everyone to hell, but we must give our loved ones the best. And most importantly, we must do it regularly, and not just on holidays.

Think about how many nice words we say to our loved ones during the day, how often do we do something nice for them, how often do we help them? And how often do you give them gifts for nothing? The meaning of gifts is not in their price, but in the attention that we can pay to a person in the middle of a noisy and busy day, thus giving him a little care and warmth, even if only for 10 minutes.

The meaning of such daily kind words and such courtesies is that you show how much you love your loved ones. Harmonious relationships are made up of attention and little things, no matter how pathetic they may seem.

To become happy yourself, it is necessary, paradoxical as it may sound, to give much more. And here we can give the most infinite that we have - attention and love.

• Highlight your sacred circle of loved ones. Anyone can enter there and your task is to narrow it down to the most important persons for you.

• Every day, tell your parents, spouse, children, and family how much you love them. The importance of these simple words is underestimated.

• Give joy to your loved ones every week. It can be as simple as helping a parent clean, cook dinner, help a child do their homework, give flowers for no reason, or…

• Spend more time together rather than using computers and gadgets.

• Remember that the happiness of those close to you is directly proportional to your happiness. The converse is also true.