Happiness is not in money, but in their quantity

We live in a modern and progressive society, but the attitude towards money has not changed. A poor man is always poor as long as he thinks money is a vice.

In our seemingly modern and progressive society, nothing else bothers me but the attitude towards money.

I explain: no, I am not a beggar at all, just as I am not a rich woman, rather, I can be attributed to the so-called middle class. And I think I'm far from the only one who would like to afford a little more than I can at the moment: travel around the world, expensive and high-quality things, a good car, or maybe even a house abroad. I'm not trying to lay down my life to get this money at any cost. Yes, I am looking for better ways to earn money, improving myself, getting new skills - but in no case will I go for something unimaginable even for a million dollars. Money is not in the first place among my priorities. I just have a dream that I strive to fulfill.

And everything would be fine, but as soon as one of my friends finds out about it, a tub immediately pours out on me... you know what, at best, just morality. People, I'm sorry, but I don't believe that you really think the way you say. Do you really think that the desire to have money is something to be ashamed of? Don't you want to get rich yourself? Yes, even if not, what do you care what someone else wants?

"Happiness is not in money." Yes, how can you not understand that from this phrase it does not at all follow that “money is unlucky”. It simply means that it is not worth sacrificing other joys of life for the sake of money. Well, I don't donate! And then, although money does not replace some aspects of happiness, it can provide many pleasures, and, again, there is nothing shameful in this. So what if I want to go on vacation not to the dacha in the comb, but to Tenerife? Does this make me a worse person?

"Money will not help in the next world." No comment. My dears, I have bad news for you: when we lie in the ground, not only money will not help us, but also high spiritual values ​​​​and moral qualities that you boast of so much. And since when did these concepts become mutually exclusive?

I am very surprised by these double standards. Wanting a family and children is only commendable. Wanting to build a career is already more difficult, because I am a girl, and, according to some, I am supposed to sit in the kitchen, but, thank God, only a couple of people around me suffer from such sexism, and for the rest, the desire for a career for the sake of a career is not blamed. But as soon as everyone hears about the desire with their work (pay attention, not “suck”, but precisely with work) to provide themselves with enough funds for a high standard of living, how it begins... And it would be okay if Orthodox Christians thought so, confident that wealth closes the road to paradise (I disagree with them, but this is their faith), so no! Exactly the same thing is heard from the lips of unbelieving acquaintances.

People, enough! I want to see the world, I want to provide my parents with a decent old age, and for my children a good childhood and education, I want to insure against illnesses, but you never know what I want! We do not live under communism, all this needs money! No, I am not mercantile, I will not hang myself for the sake of money, and even more so I will not exchange more important values ​​​​for them. But I want to have them and I do not believe that you are all such ascetics and sincerely do not want to become at least a little richer. So explain why this masquerade? In the meantime - fucked up!