Hank Moody's 10 Rules for Life

Not everyone lives a full life. Do you want a sea of ​​​​adventure, drive and sex in your life? You have a chance to be like the hero Hank Moody from Californication!

“It's not about winning or losing. It's about how you play” Hank Moody

The Californication series or “Califonication” is an instructive manual or instruction for adults. For "bad" adults. What might the life of a modern and active man look like? There are no falsehoods and stupid notations in the series. Do you want a sea of ​​​​adventure, drive and sex in your life? So it's time to take a closer look at Hank Moody!

Hank Moody's Rules of Life

1. Be Free

“Don't tell me I have to. All my fucking life, people have been telling me what I'm doing wrong. I'm always a fucking asshole. But I look around and see that everyone around is even bigger assholes than me.” Hank Moody

There is no point in paying attention to others or trying to be better. The hero Hank Moody did not bother with the opinions of others. Why should you worry about the thoughts of some people, and even more so of strangers? Do you think they care about your opinion? Are they worried about what you will think or how you will react? It is wiser to be yourself and act in accordance with your desires. Give yourself freedom in actions and desires. Free your mind and hands. Who cares what they think, after all? Don't let it bother you.

2. Find your way

Don't be lazy! There are many mediocrities, but few talented people. Who prevents you from being a modern Vladimir Mayakovsky, Van Gogh or Salvador Dali? Find a creative job or hobby. Start writing novels, design, photography, music or art. Go to your goal or childhood dream.

3. Cheer up

"Mistakes made, hearts broken, hard lessons learned" by Hank Moody

By Hank Moody enough difficulties in his personal life. His girlfriend left him. Did he worry? Yes! Did he bother with it? Not! There are many women around. There is no reason to focus on one girl.

4. Smile and have more fun

Why did other people love Hank Moody, especially the fair sex? Nobody likes boring and gloomy people. Hank loved to joke, tease and have fun. He could easily laugh at himself. Hank was easy going and adventurous. He did not have to be called twice to go to a bar, club or other place. Hank understood that the main thing in life is the ability to have fun and have a good rest.

5. Love women

"Every woman is beautiful in her own way, you know, there's something in each of you that smile, twist, mystery" Hank Moody

Don't be a hypocrite. Hank Moody loved women in every way. Why put limits on relationships or sex? Beauty, inner qualities and age are loose concepts.

Sex is allowed from the age of 18, and the upper limit is up to you. A woman should be 2-3 years younger? Who said this nonsense? Relationships are possible with girls much younger than you and even older. Sex is possible without restrictions. So did Hank Moody and was happy.

Do you like a girl a little over 18 years old? Fuck her. Do you like a single woman under 40? Fuck her. You don't know if you like her and can't figure out how old she is? Fuck her. It will be seen what to do with it next.

6. Dress stylishly

Hank Moody was not a fashionista, but he has his own unique style. Hank loves dark blazers, leather jackets, jeans, Ray-Bans, leather boots, and T-shirts. A Porsche 911 Cabrio cabriolet or any other “male” car will give full compliance with the image of the “Californication” hero.

7. You have to fight - so fight!

Arrange a brawl or fight? Why should this bother a man? It is better to be arrogant and with a black eye than to bend under others. By freeing yourself from the necessarily “peaceful” conflict resolution and “exemplary” behavior, you can feel freer. Many male disputes end in fights. This is fine. It is abnormally cowardly to be afraid of conflict. You have to fight - so fight!

8. Don't hide your desires

"We're too desperate to feel anything, and can only fall into each other's arms and fuck until the end of days” Hank Moody

Pretend that there is friendship between the sexes? To say that you only want to communicate when you think about love and sex? Why hide your true motives? A woman will not take the first step for a man. Do whatever it takes to get a woman. Let nonsense come out, but at least he tried, and did not do nothing.

9. There is love

In one moment you will meet someone who is better than you. But it must not only be found, but also not lost. Hank Moody authoritatively stated: "Even a hundred high-class pussies can not be compared with the love of a good woman." His experience can be trusted.

10. Be a man

“You are a real man. You've got heart, balls, and style.” Hank Moody

Someone needs to show by example what a real man should look like. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Jet Li, Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Brad Pitt and other cool guys are getting old. And we are growing up. It is time for us to take on the role of heroes and right examples for the rising youth. Be a man!

By following Hank Moody's rules of life, you won't sleep with all the women in town and be the coolest. But we must strive for this.