Half of your success depends on this

Tell me who your friend is and I will tell you who you are. Half of the success in our life depends on the environment: with whom we make friends, communicate, spend time. We suggest you analyze your entire environment as a whole.

So, there are three main sources of origin of beliefs:

Parents - what they planted in us day by day for many years;

Personal experience - events that influenced our beliefs about something;

Authoritative persons are the opinions of people who occupy a particularly significant place in our minds.

And today, I will elaborate on the third source: those people who influence our beliefs and our outlook on life. But for a more complete and high-quality work, I suggest that you analyze at this point our entire environment as a whole.

How much do you think our success depends on our environment?

The answer to this question can be found in the formula for success, which was put forward by one of the founders of such a popular and widespread discipline today as coaching, T. Leonard. His formula looks like this:

SUCCESS = 10% + 40% + 50%

Where the author allocates ten percent of the necessary KNOWLEDGE for success.

Forty percent, in his opinion, the success of envy from the THINKING of man.

And the biggest influence on a person's success, fifty percent, is his ENVIRONMENT!

Think about it: the man who founded the discipline of human development, which teaches "to take people from their places to where they want to be", that is, to achieve success in life, argues that half the success depends from our environment. Should we treat our environment more attentively and selectively?!

Our environment includes not only the people with whom we constantly communicate, but also the environment in which we live, and all the information that we let into our minds. All this provides "food" for our mind.

Now think about what you "feed" your mind? Who and what do you communicate with? What surrounds you? What information do you mostly receive from the outside world? And therefore, what do you think about the most, what are your thoughts focused on? This is what you fill yourself with! Daily, hourly and even every minute!

After all, we feed our body every day! Every day, several times a day, we fill our body with food, right?! And what we feed him depends on his condition, that is, our well-being and health. And imagine what would happen if we stopped controlling what we feed ourselves and ate everything. What if we stopped consuming trace elements necessary for health and began to feed ourselves with something that is not at all intended for food and destroys health? What would be the result of such filling? The process of filling our mind is similar.

That is why it is very important in order to be a successful and happy person to form the habit of controlling what we fill our mind with. And this is how we spend our time, and with whom we communicate, and what information we consciously or unconsciously absorb into ourselves.

Analyze these aspects of your life. If in your free time you have a habit of watching TV or surfing social networks or reading books, for example, what quality of information do you get from there, can it contribute to your happiness and success? Are those people from whom this information comes from happy?

Does the environment around you contribute to successful life?

And for an unbiased analysis of those people who surround you directly, you can do the following test. Make a list of the five people you interact with the most today. Then, next to each name, put down points from 1 to 10, answering the following questions:

How successful is a person in the financial sphere?

What is his level of health and how does he feel about it?

How successful is his relationship with other people?

The level of his spiritual development?

Then add up all the scores for each question and divide by five, that is, by the number of people analyzed. As a result, you will receive an average score, which will be an assessment of your level in each area of ​​\u200b\u200blife: health, relationships, financial well-being and spiritual development. It is this level that will be most likely for you, based on the fact that our environment has the greatest influence on us.

This test helps to realize a lot and make a decision to stop or limit, if, for example, these are close relatives, communication with those people who have negative thinking, and thus are an obstacle on our path to harmony and happiness. But we can't just refuse some kind of communication. After all, "a holy place is never empty." We need to think about what we would like to replace it with. Think about the people who seem successful and happy to you, and think of ways to expand your social circle. You can make a list of people you would like to be friends with. That is your promotional social circle. And then think about how you can connect with them. Perhaps this is visiting conferences, various events, participating in community activities, just getting to know your friends, etc.

I wish you success and happiness!