Gymnastics of the soul

How to turn a dream into a reality and build a life according to desires, not circumstances? We offer some useful tips on the path to happiness and inner harmony.

How to turn a dream into a reality

Any dream can be turned into a reality if the sails are set correctly.

If your life is only "work - home - work", if you do not start paying attention to other people, you will not succeed. And if you start...

If you are alone, just leave the room first. Do you love theater? Go to the theatre! And there, pay attention to people, be open and curious. To love, as well as to life, one must be prepared. Remember the words of Vasily Shukshin: "When your hour comes, you must be ready."

Exercise: Plan your desires. And think about how to implement it. Do something every day towards your goal. Do not submit to circumstances. Do not go with the flow, but be aware of what and why you are doing today, in a week, in a month, how you want to see yourself in a year. And then the circumstances will begin to obey you. You will manage them. You will cease to be slaves of circumstances and hostages in this life. You will feel like a person.

Avoid Arguments

Avoid Arguments “Truth is born in argument,” these words are attributed to Socrates. Nothing like this. Quite the contrary: war is born in a dispute. Conflict is born in an argument.

Avoid arguing. Another thing is to defend your idea. Continue to stand up, even if many people do not understand you. Try to state it differently, in more detail, with evidence, to argue your positions. Listening to different points of view is not an argument, it is a discussion. This is a comparison, this is a search for a solution to a particular problem. But arguing over trifles and not over trifles is a waste of time and nerves.

Exercise: Listen to the conversations of your colleagues and acquaintances: how much time do they waste on empty, useless arguments? Show wisdom: down with the argument. Long live education. Think about this topic all day long.

Stop thinking about money

Think about this phrase: "Where the main thing is money, everything else becomes unimportant." Don't become a hostage to money. Love, family, vocation - that's what should come first.

People are deluded into thinking that if they have money, then all other problems will be solved. “People who consider money to be able to do everything are themselves able to do everything for money,” said Pierre Boist, lexicographer, author of a universal dictionary of the French language.

Of course, the more money, the more comfortable it is to live. But, if you give all of yourself only to earning money, you will lose your own "I". You will dissolve. Do what you love, and if the business is interesting, the money will find you.

Life is movement

When we become adults, we forget about it, that life   is movement. We wake up in the morning and think: “I don’t feel like going to work.” We lazily get up and drink coffee, instead of doing exercises. We start jogging in the morning and soon quit, sign up for the pool, but after a week or two, we lose the fuse. We are too lazy in winter to once again walk through a snow-covered park or just down the street. We run to the bus instead of walking two or three extra stops. We go up and down in the elevator, although we can walk up and down the stairs. A person, if he walks at least an hour a day, lives a year or two more than people leading a sedentary lifestyle. And if every day he plays tennis, football, volleyball, runs for an average of half an hour, he will live five to six years longer. We don't move much.

Physical inactivity is ruining us. Do you want to get better? Movement is the way forward. This is the way to improve your own "I". Get a dog, walk with it. Go out on weekends with the kids. Walk more. In the country, play, run, jump. Start your morning with movement. And, if possible, make it a habit to take a quiet walk before bed.

Exercise: Task for the week - check how much time (minutes, hours) per day you move and how much you sit. Aim for metrics: 50% sit or lie down, but 50% move. Then life will be better. Try to live this week like this - and maybe move constantly and live actively, with interest, together with your family, with friends, it will become your habit. And then you will live a long and interesting life.

Laughter therapy

Each of us has such states when everything falls out of our hands and we don’t want anything. Moreover, the weather outside the window leaves much to be desired. It's so hard and lonely and no one seems to understand.

On this occasion, in the book “Almost Seriously...” by Yuri Nikulin there is a story about how in the war during the bombing, when it seemed that death was inevitable, someone would suddenly take it and tell a joke, and everyone would laugh. And it wasn't so scary. And what if you treat everything that happens with irony, with ease? It has been worse, and it may be even worse. Try to cheer yourself up, and you will immediately feel better.

Exercise: What to do? Engage in laughter therapy. Yes, yes - take a collection of jokes or a funny book, find and watch old comedies. Or remember something funny - from childhood, from school or student years. Or start collecting funny, funny, touching, ironic phrases that people around you say... Smile - and the world will become a better place. And so every day - 10 minutes of laughter therapy. Whole week. And it will be fun.

Based on the materials of the book “Gymnastics of the Soul”.