Great habits that will help you fulfill yourself in life

Sometimes we fall into a stupor and do not know where to start the change. Something needs to be done, but what exactly? If you don't know where to start changing, start with habits. When you have a lot of positive habits, change will not be long in coming.

The gun is sure to fire in the second act if it is loaded in the first. You will not even be a “loaded gun”, but a real Kalashnikov assault rifle with a clip of 30 habits.

What can be done to change life for the better? Almost no one knows. But if you are at such a crossroads, then you do not need to move mountains or change your life radically. Start consistently changing your negative habits and acquiring positive ones. Gradually accumulated potential will "shoot" in the direction of your desires and goals.

"If you sow an act, you reap a habit; you sow a habit, you reap a character; you sow a character, you reap a destiny." William Thackeray

Here's a list of habits, one for each day. Instill in yourself the right habits, and luck will not keep you waiting. Complete these 30 points by taking the most important habits for yourself. Be like a Kalashnikov.

Useful and wonderful habits

1. Exercise every morning and get up half an hour earlier.

2. Spend less time on social networks, news, series and the Internet.

3. Set aside money regularly, and don't spend it on nonsense.

4. Stop being late. To do this, always leave the house on time.

5. Smile more and frown less. Be more optimistic and cheerful.

6. Learn to communicate with people and upgrade your interlocutor skills.

7. Read books every day for at least 1 page. You can listen to audiobooks.

8. Walk more and move more.

9. Start eating healthier and more balanced.

10. Work in time intervals for an hour without being distracted by the Internet and calls.

11. Rest every working hour for 5-10 minutes and do eye exercises.

12. Use less sugar and salt. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes and bad habits.

13. Check your mail and social networks at a strictly allotted time.

14. Don't make decisions in haste. Think for a minute before you say yes or no.

15. Stop communicating with people who only interfere or pull back.

16. Do not forget about a healthy and full sleep. This is your energy and beauty.

17. Pay attention to new opportunities and chances. Grab the good ones!

18. Tidy your house regularly instead of living like a pig.

19. Dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to what you love.

20. Give yourself time to relax alone and with loved ones.

21. Connect more with new people and visit new places.

22. Stop worrying over trifles and because of the fact that it does not depend on you.

23. Set aside the right time for all things in advance so as not to delay them.

24. Write down your good ideas in a notebook and review them periodically.

25. Take care of your appearance and take care of your health.

26. Prioritize your life, focusing on the most important.

27. Do something right, and don't be lazy, don't sit and whine.

28. Think ahead and calculate the situation, and do not act randomly.

29. Improve in your specialty and do not stop developing.

30. Plan your life. Make plans for the next day, week, month and year.

If you don't know where to start changing, start with your habits.