Golden Collection: Hollywood's Best Couples.

Ten of the best couples in contemporary Hollywood. Some of them take the exterior, someone - publicity, someone - the talent, and others - all at once. Hollywood's Best Couple #

There has never been a shortage of office romances in Hollywood, just as there is no shortage of attention riveted on star couples.

Some of them take the exterior, someone - publicity, someone - talent, and others - all at once. The ten brightest couples of modern Hollywood are in the "golden collection".

#10 Hollywood Best Couple

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck

He: Successful actor, award-winning screenwriter (Oscar for Good Will Hunting), and more recently a fairly promising director (Gone Baby Gone).

Her: An actress nominated at best for MTV awards so far, but her potential seems (see "Juno") far from being exhausted; the second after J. Lo Jennifer in Ben's life (the tabloids, respectively, are known as "Bennifer-2").

Together: 5 years (married - 4), raise two daughters.

#9 Hollywood Best Couple

Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal

He: One of the most gifted actors of his generation, with a track record that includes a cult classic (Donnie Darko), an Oscar nomination (Brokeback Mountain), and the launch of a multi-million dollar franchise on the way ("Prince of Persia").

She: Legally Blonde, Oscar winner for her portrayal of Johnny Cash's wife in the biopic Walk the Line, who filed for divorce from her husband Ryan Phillippi the fall before last.

Together: since the year before last.

#8 Hollywood Best Couple

Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake

He: Singer (two multi-platinum albums, six Grammy awards, the only one who is sometimes called the heir to Michael Jackson), actor (Alpha Dog, Tales of the South), comedian (Emmy for Saturday Night Live) and GQ's Most Stylish American

She: Actress (The Illusionist, brand new Oxide), Singer (sang two songs in the same movie where she played her best so far role - in "Easy Behavior") and a beauty (the title of Sexiest Woman Alive is not awarded to anyone anyway).

Together: two and a half years.

#7 Hollywood Best Couple

Kate Beckinsale and Len Wiseman

He: Comic and action movie buff who started out as Emmerich's assistant, made a name for himself with the Underworld trilogy (on which he stole Kate from her then-boyfriend and father of her daughter Michael Sheen), and finally, who did not disgrace himself in the chair of the director of the fourth Die Hard.

She: An acting dynasty who studied Russian literature at Oxford and played Ava Gardner in Scorsese's The Aviator, but rose to stardom with roles in vampire blockbusters.

Together: 6 years (married - 5).

#6 Hollywood Best Couple

Kate Winslet & Sam Mendes

He: Director and playwright, Commander of the British Empire, in 10 years in Hollywood he made two brilliant films (“American Beauty” and “Revolutionary Road”) and three more very good ones.


She: An Englishwoman who broke Academy Records four times as the youngest actress to win Oscar nominations twice, three times, four times, and finally five times (the long-awaited victory was given to Winslet last winter - on her sixth attempt).

Together: 6 years, raising a son.

#5 Hollywood Best Couple

Diane Lane and Josn Brolin ]

He: Comes from a large acting family, whose career has taken off in recent years ("No Country for Old Men", "Gangster", Oscar nomination for "Milk Harvey"); performer of the role of George W. Bush in the biopic of Oliver Stone.

She: Ex-wife of Christopher Lambert - like Brolin, who succeeded in Hollywood ("Unfaithful") on the threshold of her 40th birthday.

Together: 6 years (married - 5).

Hollywood #4 Best Couple

Annette Bening and Warren Beatty

He: One of the few surviving and perfectly preserved idols of classic Hollywood; actor, director, screenwriter, producer, legend and icon.

She: Far from being Beatty's first Oscar nominee, she's the only one who managed to settle down the most enviable Hollywood bachelor for decades.

Together: 18 years (married - 17), the couple has four children.

#3 Hollywood Best Couple

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem

He: A Spanish macho who discovered his talent as a dramatic actor in the early 2000s, and the year before he became one of the most convincing villains in the history of cinema (Oscar for his role in No Country for Old Men)).

She: Almodóvar's favorite and heartbreaker, after several stormy romances, seems to have found her perfect match; Curiously, Bardem starred in the very first ("Ham, Ham") film with Cruz.

Together: about two years.

Hollywood #2 Best Couple

Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel

He: French handsome Gainsbourg type; a good actor, in Hollywood specializing in the roles of thieves and thugs.

She: An Italian goddess, such as has not been made in the Apennines for thirty years; the owner of a luxurious body, hiding which would be a crime against humanity: Monica is naked willingly, in detail, and in almost every of her films.

Together: since the late 90s (married - 10 years), raise a daughter.

Hollywood #1 Best Couple

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

He: An ideal male and a talented actor, who has recently appeared exclusively in living classics.

She: A perfect female and a talented actress who went from being a sex-obsessed eccentric to embodying all that is reasonable, good, and eternal in just five years without becoming less desirable.

Together: 4 or 5 years, raising six children.