Goals in a person's life: 165 goals in life

Very often we have a whole list of wishes that we want to fulfill. But the whole problem is that there will be desires and dreams, and not real goals. Become rich, famous, successful, beautiful? This is more like a pipe fantasy than a real goal. If you want to change your life for the better, then learn to set goals. How to decide what to try, what to strive for, where to go and what to fight for?

Each of us has our own list of desires, plans and priorities, because everyone's dreams are different. But here the dilemma arises that almost all dreams do not come true and remain castles in the air. If your life is somehow wrong, then you are doing something wrong.

Building goals

Usually there are two extremes in life. Some people limply go with the flow, while others cling to pipe dreams that are far from real. Needless to say, both paths lead nowhere, because this is the wrong strategy.

What is the difference between a goal and a dream? Its reality and possibility of realization. Usually we dream, dream and fantasize more than we build goals. Unrealistic dreams only make you feel sad when real goals help you enjoy life and take everything from it. It is important to evaluate your fantasies for their reality and the possibility of an early realization.

Becoming rich, successful, athletic and famous are dreams, not goals. Goals will look more down to earth, but more specific.

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  • Wealth and money. You should strive not to become rich, but to find a better paying job, get a promotion, find a part-time job or start your own small business.
  • Success. Everyone has their own success. Define your criteria for success. It can be the level of income, buying an apartment, traveling 2-3 times a year, a busy life or a strong family.
  • Sportiness. Lose weight by 5 kg in 3 months, gain muscle mass, run 10 km, do six-pack daily exercises, go to the gym 2-3 times a week.
  • Fame. Become a blogger, artist or photographer with at least 10 thousand subscribers per year.

This is what realistic goals look like, not pipe dreams. The chances of fulfilling a dream are almost always zero when the reality of goals is regulated only by work on them and perseverance. It should be remembered that any goals must be supplemented by the time for which they will be achieved. This will prevent you from falling into endless procrastination.

Goals in a person's life

What goals to set, where to move, what to fight for and what to try? There are many things in the world that can be a great goal and dream. Here is a list of goals, many of which you may be interested in and like.

1. Start getting enough sleep by going to bed and getting up at the same time, and spending at least 7-9 hours in bed. This will help improve sleep and improve physical condition.

2. Read at least 2 books a month to broaden your horizons. Give preference to those books that teach something and leave something in your head.

3. Keep a vlog, regularly shooting different videos to break into the tops. In this case, constancy and originality are important.

4. Sign up for educational courses that may be of interest to you. Online or offline courses will help you learn something useful and interesting for the future.

5. Understand your family tree and make a family tree. This will help you feel better, as well as solve some problems that come from generation to generation.

6. Learn a new specialty or something close to your current job. This will allow you to be more professional and in demand in the labor market.

7. Exercise at least 2-3 times a week. It can be a gym, swimming pool, dancing, running, martial arts and other sports.

8. Find someone who can be a mentor or mentor to help you find your path in life.

9. Start writing something on your blog to tell the world your thoughts and become a famous blogger.

10. Live elsewhere for at least a month or a year. Let it be another city or even a country. This will allow you to look at the world a little differently and from a different angle.

11. Find interesting hobbies and cool hobbies that will give you joy and pleasure.

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12. Keep your posture, don't fuss and be calm. Learn to look great in every situation.

13. Participate in charitable projects, help those in need, protect nature and take care of your little brothers.

14. Get out into nature more often to enjoy unity with it there. Better even in the company of friends to fry kebabs and have fun.

15. Conquer the mountain to climb to the top, even if not the biggest one. This will help develop your determination and the ability to win.

16. Find your love among thousands of different people. Don't be afraid to fall in love to find the soul mate of your dreams with whom you can spend a happy life.

17. Your life is much better than it seems at first glance. What we have we do not store, but weep when we lose it. Learn gratitude to say "thank you" to this world for everything it has given you.

18. Create a family, raise children and babysit grandchildren. Raise your children and grandchildren to be worthy people. In this world, you should leave improved copies of yourself so that your kind is not interrupted.

19. Learn to control your inner shopaholic. If you do not make emotional and spontaneous purchases, but save for later, then there will be more money.

20. Spend more time with parents, relatives, friends, family. Life is short to put it off until later.


21. Deal with the grievances of their past so that you can go light into the future.

22. Master any martial art in order to be able to stand up for yourself in a difficult situation.

23. Learn a foreign language to communicate freely abroad and have more job prospects.

24. Write your own book in which you convey something to the world or just entertain.

25. Go on a steep hike with tents and stay for a long time. This will help you get to know yourself better, take a break from the hustle and bustle of the world and get a great experience. Do it more than once.

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26. Create your own daily routine to get more done and better manage your time.

27. Learn to manage money and not have debts. Proper management of money helps to have a more solid financial position and more rest.

28. Go on a trip around the world to see the world, learn new traditions and know yourself.

29. Learn to dance to learn different steps and not to yearn at the bar on the dance floor.

30. Find real friends with whom you will feel good and have fun.

31. Learn a couple of constellations or buy yourself a telescope to see the starry sky closer.

32. Complete a course in leadership, public speaking, or drama.

33. Speak at a conference in front of a large crowd of people.

34. Take a cruise on a cruise ship to find yourself in a slightly different world that you have always longed for.

35. Attend interesting concerts and festivals that you have long wanted to go to.

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36. Become a teacher and mentor to someone.

37. Deal with your bad habits, finally getting rid of them. Every person has enough.

38. Develop active listening skills and empathy to be a pleasant conversationalist.

39. Learn to use your strengths and virtues, and pump them up.

40. Try to increase your income every year and save at least 10%.

41. Overcome your biggest fears and limitations to become freer and happier.

42. Make time for meditation and self-knowledge.

43. Build your dream body to look the perfect you have always dreamed of.

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44. Create a wish collage or visualization map to better understand your life.

45. Learn to take care of your appearance in order to stay young and beautiful as long as possible.

46. Build your house or furnish your apartment. Let this be your little fortress in this world.

47. Give gifts to close people for no reason to please them and make them pleasant.

48. Be spontaneous by making interesting decisions at some point in your life. It will make life brighter and richer.

49. Learn survival skills to deal with various extreme situations.

50. Improve your physical records of your body: bench press, horizontal bar, squat, dumbbells.

51. Try to change your style or do it from time to time. Too boring to look the same all the time.

52. Create your own small business and then make it successful.

53. Take more pictures to keep the memory of your appearance and life in all time periods.

54. Shoot different weapons to make friends with him.

55. Learn the basics of time management in order to competently dispose of what you always lack.

56. Bring more romance, tenderness and care into your relationship.

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57. Take first aid courses. This will definitely come in handy.

58. Take risks, seize chances and seize opportunities. Do not let yourself be left with a nose when fate throws you a great chance.

59. Find those points that will be important for professional self-realization.

60. Master minimalism in order to find happiness not in things, but in impressions.

61. Find out what your mission in life is and what your values ​​are.

62. Give at least 5-10% to charity and good deeds. All good will return a hundredfold.

63. Give yourself gifts and reward yourself for various achievements regularly. This will be a kind of incentive that will motivate you more.

64. Learn to receive impressions, relax, enjoy the moment.

65. Get rid of the words of parasites in order to learn to speak more beautifully and well.

66. Take a course in wilderness survival.

67. Learn to surf to soar on the waves. Learn yachting, diving and other marine hobbies.

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68. Visit doctors and dentists regularly. What could be better than good health and a beautiful smile?

69. Admire the sunset, the sunrise, the stars, the beautiful view. These moments are unforgettable.

70. Train yourself to be closer to the culture by visiting theaters, exhibitions, galleries and other similar places.

71. Turn to the higher powers, finding the god within yourself.

72. Kayaking can be a great hobby.

73. Act in a movie, even if it's an episode or an extra.

74. Learn to defend your opinion and your interests.

75. Go skydiving or try another extreme sport.

76. Find like-minded people with whom you are interested and with whom you have common goals. It motivates and helps you achieve what you want.

77. Organize diets and cleanse the body.

78. Find goals in the person's life that you want to fight for.

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79. Learn to use the right programs, computer and gadgets. Come in handy.

80. Go to a psychologist when some questions arise, rather than start problems.

81. Run a marathon or half marathon.

82. Take a road trip across Europe, exploring all its beautiful corners.

83. Chat with your idol.

84. Make your love life in bed more colorful and cool.

85. Admire beautiful things and enjoy them.

86. Learn to draw and get creative.

87. Go to places you have always dreamed of or never thought about.

88. Learn to cook, and also have a couple of signature dishes in your stock.

89. Change someone's life for the better.

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90. Keep your body hydrated by drinking enough water.

91. Have fun more often, smile, enjoy life and be positive.

92. Work on personal growth and skills.

93. Learn to play a musical instrument that you like.

94. Visit old friends, classmates or classmates.

95. Build yourself a dacha where you will relax and spend time with your family.

96. Learn to ride a motorcycle, car, scooter, skateboard, rollerblading, skating, skiing, snowboarding.

97. Make different friends in different countries of the world.

98. Sit on the splits, hold the bar for 5 minutes, start pulling up 20 times or push-ups 100 times.

99. Try vegetarianism, otherwise you will suddenly like it.

100. Learn the mantras so that you can chant them as needed.

101. Donate blood or something.

102. Take singing lessons. Learn to sing songs and don't be shy about it.

103. Do something important and useful every month.

104. Train yourself to plan so that you can do everything and achieve more.

105. Answer for yourself the question what is the meaning of your life and what is happiness.

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106. Learn how to play tennis, golf, billiards and other similar games well.

107. Watch the best TV series and movies created to date.

108. Withdrawal accustom yourself to rest and spend time with your family.

109. Learn photography to take beautiful pictures.

110. Buy rare quality items, not a lot of cheap ones.

111. Get pets. Life is not the same without a cat, dog and other cute little animals.

112. Master paintball and airsoft to discover new facets of yourself.

113. Learn the rules of etiquette so as not to blush.

114. I will participate in flash mobs and other interesting events.

115. Put your wardrobe in order.

116. Always quit a job you hate in order to find a more pleasant and higher paying job.

117. Ride in the desert on a camel, horse, quad bike.

118. Go to a group class in a fitness club: crossfit, fitness, etc.

119. Get a massage.

120. Learn to understand body language and gestures.

121. Master manual creativity.

122. Challenge your prejudices.

123. Visit all continents and the most famous places.

124. Celebrate the holidays to feel the pleasure of it.

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125. Strengthen family and close relationships.

126. Subscribe to interesting accounts to follow things that interest you.

127. Visit important sports competitions.

128. Get a little closer to the image of an ideal life, as you imagined earlier.


129. Create passive sources of income.

130. Make someone happy by fulfilling their dream.

131. Get rid of everything unnecessary and superfluous in life.

132. Bring goodness and love into the world, but fight evil.

133. Get new sensations that I previously ignored.

134. Join an interest club where people are interested in the same things as you.

135. Get rid of negative thoughts, replacing them with positive ones.

136. Limit your time on social media so you have more free time for other things.

137. Take your family on trips.

138. Challenge yourself and accept it.

139. Meet new people regularly to expand your social circle.

140. Learn your favorite poems and quotes by heart.

141. Take part in organizing the political life of the country.

142. Allow yourself to be yourself, and do not wear other people's masks.

143. Learn the basics of psychology and manipulation techniques to resist or influence.

144. At least occasionally visit a hairdresser, stylist and beautician to keep your appearance at a high level.

145. Be foolish and have fun, and don't take life too seriously.

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146. Attend interesting trainings and seminars that may be useful.

147. Get to know the history of your country better by traveling and visiting different parts of the Motherland.

148. Hitchhike and live like a savage to learn the other side of life.

149. Open the creative side of your soul.

150. Learn to steer a boat, yacht or speedboat.

151. Take part in any competition.

152. Get additional education as an adult.

153. Get to know yourself better, your tastes, hobbies and desires.

154. Leave this world better than it was before you.

155. Make your own list of what you want to do in life.

156. Take weekend trips to bring a fresh breath of adventure into everyday life.

157. Visit a psychologist to understand yourself.

158. Add experimentation, play and novelty to your bed.

159. Go on a safari.

160. Sometimes spend the night in a tent, under the open sky.

161. Repeat positive affirmations about life, relationships and other areas.

162. Arrange a car tour of the countries that have aroused interest.

163. Try yoga.

164. Buy yourself a car that you liked for a long time.

165. Promote yourself as a blogger on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram.

Goals in a person's life are different, the main thing is to make them goals, and not just dreams. Everything starts with a dream, but if the dream does not form a goal, then it is out of reach. What do you want to achieve the most? And what are you willing to give for it? Everything requires plans in the form of: effort, time and nerves. Dreams come true…