Give a compliment to a girl

Correct compliments are more beautiful than flowers, cheaper than jewelry, sweeter than candy, and more effective than any other weapon of seduction. Girls can be taken with bare hands!

It used to be easier to take care of. Are you the strongest and bravest warrior? Then you could take any woman you liked by the hair and drag her by force to your hut. Are you the bravest knight? I sang a serenade under the window, and during the tournament I beat all my competitors and she is yours forever. Are you an incorrigible romantic or an itinerant writer? A couple of love poems or a picture of her profile and she fell victim to your subtle nature. Are you a well-mannered and businesslike gentleman? Make enough money or rob a bank and you can go to her father for permission to sleep with his daughter. After marriage, of course. Now what?

Now things are more complicated. It turns out like fishing: lure a place, court and take with cunning. Otherwise, no way. And the fish have become picky. All of them are golden. It is in a fairy tale that you make three wishes to her, but in life everything turns out the other way around, she invites you to fulfill her whims. You, maybe, make her one wish, about sex, and she gives you 100,500 wishes. And you will get tired and lose hope.

“The old man thought, twirled and mourned deeply...” Oh, don’t worry, old man! Our men's magazine MENSBY. COM will help your grief! There is a way not to tirelessly run after a girl. One weapon must be used against her, secret and even secret. The right compliments are more beautiful than flowers, cheaper than jewelry, sweeter than candy, and more effective than any other weapon of seduction. Girls can be taken with bare hands if you skillfully use compliments.

When you don’t know what to say and what compliment to make to your companion, turn to the classics: “But still I want to assure you that you are the most beautiful creature in the world” Leo Tolstoy.

Compliment #1. Appearance

Her hairstyle, jewelry or blouse. Any thing that you think she likes herself can be marked. Give a compliment lightly and lightheartedly, without intentionally expecting a “thank you” in return.

Compliment #2. Name and other nicknames

Girls love with their ears - this is already repeated to us by more than one generation. Say her name more often. This is the sweetest compliment for a man, this is the secret delight of her sweet ear. If the relationship has already reached the required level, then the girl can be called other pleasant nicknames-compliments: baby, baby, sweetie, kitten, sun.

Compliment #3. An emotional compliment to a girl

At the sight of a girl, goggle your eyes in admiration or “drop” your jaw on the floor. Start stammering at the sight of her, or ask again what she said, as if in denial. When you look at her, kiss and hug and suddenly she sees that you are aroused... Yes, an erect penis is also a compliment to her appearance and sexuality.

Compliment #4. A compliment to the qualities of a girl

Notice, by the way, that she is quick-witted, smart, kind, emotional, businesslike. Beautiful girls value such a compliment even more than if they noticed only her bright appearance. Thousands of men said that she was beautiful and sweet, but it's good if a dozen unshaven half of humanity noticed that she was smart, kind and positive. Be smarter and compliment the girl's qualities.

Compliment #5. Veiled compliments

There is no you more anxious and capricious,

But I surrendered to you for a long time, Because many, many lives You know how to merge into one with your will. Nikolai Gumilyov

You finally realized that the strict teacher of the Russian language was right in forcing you to memorize the verses of the classics at school. It is with poems that you can tell a girl that you like her, compliment her appearance and even confess your love! Poems can be specially learned for a suitable situation, but they must be lyrical and on topic.

The words of Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky: “I take out a duplicate of a priceless load from wide trousers...” may not be correctly perceived by your lady. She can get confused and say that you are still a libertine! Choose your verses carefully!

If you did everything as recommended by our men's magazine, then soon you will definitely read the brutal Mayakovsky to her, pulling out a completely non-Soviet passport from wide trousers.