girls like beards?

What makes a man more attractive and sexy to women: a beard or a clean-shaven chin? How can the stronger sex become prettier, sexier and more masculine for girls?

Grow, beard, grow! There is no one else to feed us By the wind a day By the wind a day By a meter a day Grow, beard, grow! Aquarium - "Grow, beard, grow"

Do girls like beards? If you want to attract the attention of the fair sex, will you have to take up the razor or put it aside? Which men are more like the fair sex: bearded or clean-shaven?

The fashion for beards appeared not very long ago, but stubbornly does not want to leave. The reason for this is the increased attention of girls to bearded men. Now you can meet a lot of bearded men on the streets and on the TV screen. Beards are in trend, and barbershops began to appear like mushrooms after rain.

Does a beard make a man more attractive? A study was conducted among women. Volunteers were shown photographs of men whose faces were either clean-shaven or had beards. People were asked to rate men in terms of attractiveness.

A survey among girls showed interesting and quite obvious results. Men with beards were found to be more attractive than men with shaved faces. A beard makes a man more rough, masculine and sexy. Such a man stands out among his fellow tribesmen. It is suitable for sex, love and family. But you have to take care of your beard. A sloppy beard makes a man shabby and untidy.

Why do girls like beards? Women subconsciously estimate the amount of testosterone by the width of a man's face. The ratio of face width to height. The wider the face of a man, the more attractive he is for girls. This is due to evolutionary algorithms, when a wide face is recognized by women for the leader and the main male. The beard visually increases the width of the face and makes the man more severe and at the same time attractive to the weaker sex.

Researchers have found that the main decision to shave or grow a beard should be the chin. If a man has a square chin, combined with prominent cheekbones, then he should not worry about attractiveness. It is desirable to grow a beard in the presence of a narrow jaw, beveled and small chin.

A sloping chin in a man is often taken as a sign of weak will. Men can correct resort to plastic surgery. Mentoplasty allows you to give a beveled chin a more beautiful shape and insert an implant. But the easiest way is to grow a beautiful beard.

Do girls like beards? Girls like men with square figures and faces.