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Girls attitude towards sex

Sexual relations are an integral part of the life of any healthy person. Sex allows you to express love, shows the desire to have children, and provides physical and psychological satisfaction. In the process of sexual intercourse, we release dopamine and neurotransmitters, that is, those hormones that can improve our brain activity. It has been scientifically proven that the presence of sexual relations has a positive effect on immunity, skin condition and the functioning of the body as a whole. Therefore, sex is equally beneficial for both men and women. Although it is widely believed that sex in the male half takes a greater place in life than in the female. Let's see what this understanding is connected with.

Why do men and women have different attitudes towards sex?

Initially, a different attitude towards the sexual process comes from the lack of a conversation that would be devoted to questions of sex. Due to the fact that we do not discuss these important topics, there are corresponding stumbling blocks between both sexes. Men sincerely do not understand what women want from them, and women are firmly convinced that men need only one thing from them. Therefore, one should not be shy about talking about sex, because the Soviet era, in which “there was no sex”, has long passed.

Many mistakenly believe that only men constantly think about sex. This is not true. Women also often keep such thoughts in their heads, they just talk about them less. Another issue is that the thoughts about sex in men and women are radically different. And in order to fully understand the issue that is posed in the subheading, we need to understand what meaning sex has for men and what for women.

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Men's view of sex

It's no secret that sex plays an important role in men's lives. It allows them not only to have fun, but also to assert themselves. Yes, this is true: awareness of the male "I" is most closely related to sexual activity. Throughout life, this understanding changes. So in adolescence, when hormones are pouring over the edge, guys are very fixated on sex, and on uncontrolled sex, when sexual intercourse can be regardless of whether the girl likes it or not, the main thing is the desire to sleep. With further maturation, men become more conscious and prefer sex with one partner to promiscuity. However, this does not mean that sex and love are equal for them. That is, they do not see any obstacles in sex without a love feeling. Well, at a more mature age, men begin to take care that the process gives pleasure not only to themselves, but also to girls. And the very understanding that they are able to make the process enjoyable for the fairer sex, greatly raises their spirits.

Women's view of sex

Women's point of view on the perception of sex is very different from men's. Each representative of the fair sex relates to this process in different ways. This happens depending on upbringing, certain views on life, environment, etc. I’m not saying that men don’t have such attitudes, but women have more stable ones. Despite all the distinguishing factors, all girls love quality sex.

Sex for us is not just physical contact. We think more about emotional intimacy with a partner. In our understanding, this is a kind of process of spiritual unity. The romantic side of sexual intercourse is more important to us than the physical pleasure. Conversations, courtship, foreplay and caresses are an invariable condition for good sex. And a regular sex life is considered a guarantee of our well-being: we are calm when we feel that we are desired.

I propose to understand how female arousal is formed and what girls experience directly during intercourse.

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How do girls get excited?

Start with the head

Many men frankly show dissatisfaction with the fact that the female body is not able to be excited instantly. They find foreplay before sex to be nonsense. However, this is far from a waste of time. Women, not by themselves, came up with: “Come on, let’s get excited for as long as possible, let the men go crazy!”. The situation is in the hormonal difference: testosterone, which is responsible for physical attraction, is much less in women than in men.

Fantasies are considered the main source of arousal in women. Therefore, do not skimp on the game of imagination, flirting, emotions. Remember how at the beginning of a relationship, the girl was easily aroused. This happened because in a state of falling in love, she constantly thought and fantasized about you.

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Most girls like sex, but…

Almost all girls like sex, but their desire can easily disappear because of the mess in the apartment, fatigue, resentment or problems. Very often, the representatives of the weaker sex feel that they are ready for sex, but when they get down to business, they lose their desire. Attraction falls asleep due to lack of excitement. The worst thing you can do at this moment is to show your frustration, after which the girl’s desire will completely disappear. Instead of showing resentment, help her turn on. This process can take a considerable amount of time, but it will definitely be worth it.

Sex for a girl is inseparable from feeling safe

A girl can really relax during intercourse if she feels emotionally comfortable. A little romance will allow you to achieve emotional intimacy.

Intimacy for girls is not the main thing

Sex is an indispensable component of love, but it does not occupy a dominant place. Intimate life will become better if it is combined with walking, spending time together, working, and relaxing.

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What are the differences between men and women regarding sex?

1. Time. Men physically need much less time to get aroused than women. They just need to look at the object of desire, and everything is ready. With women, everything is more complicated: the mood, the inviting atmosphere, all kinds of preludes that will help to get excited are important to us.

2. Mood. When a woman feels bad, sex is the last thing she wants to do. For men, it's exactly the opposite. Sex helps him relax, distract, "let off steam."

3. Attention. During intercourse, women tend to be distracted from the process by all sorts of things: phone calls, a movie, and so on. Representatives of the stronger sex, with strong excitement, cannot think of anything else but to enjoy the approaching orgasm.

4. Perception. Again, for men, the main thing in sex is physical pleasure, and for women, emotional intimacy.

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Tips to help both of you enjoy sex

Good sex depends on the interaction of partners, in In the process of tandem, you will take care not only about yourself, but also about your partner - this attitude will open up a lot of new opportunities for getting an orgasm.

1. Discuss sex. Talking about sexual preferences is a necessary part of quality sex. Without talking, you will not be able to understand what you like and what not, what excites and what repels.

2. Forget embarrassment. Be cheeky, don't be afraid to turn fantasies into reality (after talking them out with your partner). Allow yourself to have real pleasure.

3. Use all techniques. In the process of intercourse, help yourself with oral sex, masturbation and other foreplay. Touch each other in order to fully experience unity.