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Get mad: what to do if you haven’t walked up and gone mad

Sometimes in life it seems that you missed some important period of life. This is the moment of real life, when it was necessary to take everything from her: interesting adventures, awesome parties, unforgettable trips, tear-off parties, sprees with friends, temporary intrigues, moonlight kisses and love affairs. What to do if you didn’t work up, didn’t get mad and didn’t get everything you wanted from life?

Do people close to you say: “He will go crazy and calm down”? But you perfectly understand that all your problems are much deeper. Often we hear from parents or other people that we did not work up in our youth and did not go crazy, and therefore now we are behaving inappropriately. According to other people, we behave strangely and youthfully when we do things that are not always right, from their point of view. But is that the point?

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Sometimes it seems like other people are right and you are somehow wrong. Maybe it's time to stop, settle down, think and become a truly adult? Can you plan out the rest of your life and get on the rails of stability? But this is no longer possible if you have already felt freedom. You can't be stopped anymore. It is impossible to get carried away and settle down. You didn’t get mad a long time ago, which means it’s too late to talk about prudence and stop.

In reality, a midlife crisis has come in your world, when there is a cardinal reassessment of life values. We see our current life, but it categorically does not suit us. This is not at all what we wanted to get.

We look back and see that we have missed a lot in life. We didn’t do many things we wanted to do, didn’t try some stupid things and didn’t do cool things that we once wanted to stir up. We did not fulfill our desires, did not achieve our goals and betrayed our dreams. We gradually became the boring adults we once hated and despised in our youth.

From the awareness of the unpleasantness of what is happening, we stop. We do not want to grow up any further, because this is some kind of trap that is easy to fall into. At this moment, we begin to drastically change our lives, in an attempt to make up for the missing and lost earlier. All this is reminiscent of chaotic jerks in different directions when we are trying to stop the inertia of adult life.

We try to live with our own mind, and not follow the advice of parents, friends, relatives or other people. We begin to form our own "I". We realize that we do not want to waste our lives on empty things, but we want to achieve our dreams and get everything from life.

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Is it possible to go crazy and work up?

What does it mean to get mad? To get mad is an action when a person rests, takes a walk, has fun and goes into all serious troubles, so that later he will never want this in his life. But don't you think it's stupid and pointless?

There is no way to walk up and get mad at the future. It's like getting enough sleep, eating for the future, gaining strength for later, laughing at tomorrow. We can eat, but still tomorrow you want again. You can get enough sleep today, then tomorrow it will again make you sleepy. All this is nonsense, because it is impossible for the future to quench the thirst in the soul forever. This is an ongoing process.

If you have not walked up and gone wild in your youth, then you will not be able to stop. If you have a desire to change your life, then you can no longer stop this desire. It's like champagne that pops the cork so we can taste it.

It's time to stop thinking about the fact that you can work up and go crazy, so that you can calm down later. It is impossible in principle to walk up to the future, and therefore it remains only to come to terms with this fire in the chest, learn to live with it and build your own destiny further.

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How to work up and go wild?

All your desires to walk and do unexpected things is just the tip of the iceberg, what you should do. When life does not suit you, then you need to change it, and not try to settle down with small sprees and breaks. Here you need to act drastically, because this is what you want most of all.

Here's a cardinal plan for you, which will help you not only go crazy and work up, how to get all 100% self-realization from life. If a fire burns in you, then it can only be calmed down when you achieve all your goals and dreams.

1. Replenish your strength

Fatigue, drowsiness, lethargy and apathy will not allow you to operate at full strength. We need the strength to change lives and use our abilities to the fullest. If you wake up tired, what can you even talk about? You can go crazy and walk up only when you have gained strength.

Be sure to get enough sleep, rest, eat well, exercise, take care of yourself and lead a healthy lifestyle. It is worth remembering that gaining strength, as well as walking up, is impossible for the future. This is now your constant strategy to keep your life battery full.

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2. Break the routine

Are you missing something in your life? Want to get carried away? This indicates a desire to receive some new emotions and unusual sensations. You need to break the habitual way of life in order to bring something new into it. Each time we make a small touch to life, we change it beyond recognition in the end. One small step leads to distant goals and dreams.

Try something new at least once a week, or even every day. Discover as many new things for yourself as possible. Go to new places, hang out with strangers, try unusual things, take up a different hobby, and lead a different lifestyle. Find new things you can bring to life to try. Who knows, because you haven’t tried a lot, but maybe this is just your way? Break the habitual order and try new things, following passions and dreams.

3. Use your potential and start moving towards change

Do you feel like you can succeed somewhere else and apply your potential? A person rarely uses all his capabilities at 100%, but rather underestimates his capabilities. We often overestimate what we can accomplish in a day. But we underestimate what we can do in a month, six months or a couple of years.

It often happens that at the current job and in this profession, he did not fulfill himself enough. Sometimes you need to start learning a new specialization, try yourself in a different field, learn another profession, change a hated job, try something more promising. Tap into your potential and start moving towards change. Act as productively and actively as possible, and do not sleep on the go, so as not to oversleep all your life.

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4. Plant life

What to do if you haven't worked up and gone wild? Walk, rage, have fun, enjoy. Allow yourself to be yourself, and not play the role of some boring and serious dude. Life is one, not following dreams is too stupid. As long as there is gunpowder in the flasks, don't let it rot.

Do you want to go on a trip, walk, have fun or do something else? Do it. Do you want to quit a bad job, try yourself in another place and move to another city, or maybe a country? Do it. Start a relationship with another person if your current relationship is making you unhappy. Do you want to radically change your life? Do it.

You can’t go crazy and walk up in life, but you can 100% go crazy and walk around. Do not listen to critics, envious people, hypocrites, fools and gray people who have lost themselves. If someone has grown old ahead of time and he does not have the strength for something, then what is their business? You are the master of your life, and therefore enjoy it the way you want yourself.