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Get her number in five minutes

Get her number in five minutes. How to get her number. Get her phone number via email

Some men, trying to get a girl's number in a couple of minutes, fail. The fact is that the phone is still personal, you need some trust and giving its number to everyone who wants it is unnatural for the fair sex.

"We tend to believe everything that is said, especially when it is beautifully said." Poet Anatole France.

Often the opportunity to get to know each other is limited to a few minutes due to the fact that the meeting takes place in transport, queues in a store, a summer cafe where she popped in for coffee or another place where you only have five minutes and one chance.

It will be difficult to just approach the girl and, having exchanged a few words, get the long-awaited spine. She will by all means try to delay the moment of transferring her contacts in order to get a few extra minutes to study the interlocutor. It’s one thing if you don’t like a person right away, she will categorically reject the interlocutor, but mutual sympathy is almost always possible and it’s much more difficult for her to decide.

Having started a conversation with a stranger, you should try to be an interesting and charming man, so that the desire to continue acquaintance looks tempting. Having brought the conversation to a climax, some kind of emotional peak, you need to use this and take her phone number. But you remember: a girl's phone number is still personal, like a mess in her purse. Therefore, you can ask her email address or, more simply, e-mail...

Yes, we are aware that she is now bewilderedly batting her eyelashes, trying to understand, you are a little inadequate or quite that. The fact that this is a little strange when meeting is understandable. She was counting on your pleas with a phone number.

Now modern youth, and even older ladies, almost all freely use the Internet. Contacts, Facebook, virtual dating and e-mail are a common part of the life of a modern woman.

Giving her phone number, the girl knows that you will call and she has doubts, is it worth giving? Suddenly you are a bore and will call her later at night? We know that you are not a bore, but as a normal man you will still call her at night with obscene proposals.

“The conditions for the emergence of trust in the world or its fragments are the actual significance of the object and its a priori security (or reliability).” T. P. Skripkina (Psychology of trust).

By giving you an email address, she does not risk anything, because she may simply not answer you later. And in case of importunity, all your letters are quietly placed in the spam folder, which is more difficult to do with phone calls. So, most likely, she will give you her email address.

But it is unnecessary to rush and joyfully leave in the hope that you will write to her tomorrow. An email address is better than nothing, but worse than her phone number. Talking on the phone is much more exciting, more sexually intense and significantly increases the chance for subsequent meetings.

After she wrote her e-mail on a napkin in a cafe, ask her to write her phone number below. This is quite logical from the point of view of psychology, it is now much easier for a girl to share information and write a phone number after she has already given her email.

You can write down her e-mail from dictation yourself and ask her to check the correctness of the record, at the same time offer to scrawl her number below. Sharing a phone number in such a situation already becomes quite obvious and natural.

Seeing that the girl is a tough nut to crack, you can not take her phone number at the peak of the culmination, but simply leave, referring to business. She will be a little surprised and will be annoyed that you did not want to continue the acquaintance. Yes, she would not give you a phone! But the fact that you didn't even try will depress her a little. So now is the time to come back! You don’t have to run back and forth, sometimes it’s enough to say goodbye and make a turn around the axis, “suddenly” remembering that you didn’t take its coordinates.

Sometimes this method can be used even when you have plenty of time, but short-term acquaintance is sometimes more productive. To reduce the time, you can say that friends are waiting for you, hurry to an important meeting, or a lecture on animal protection will begin soon, at which you will read your report.

Remember to carry a pen that looks dignified but not pompous. You may not have sheets and notepads; in extreme cases, she will be able to write down her data on your palm.