generation of thirties

The mating games of thirty-somethings are especially disgusting. Lost generation, what to take from them? They replace love with profit, and they evaluate people from the point of view of prospects.

I'm talking about women, among whom it is almost impossible to find a woman in my generation.

To raise their self-esteem, instead of reading a book or getting a decent education, they cheat. The more partners, the better. They determine their value not by their personality, but by the number of those who took them drunk.

With husbands they behave even worse. The more poses, the better it is. In the bed of thirty-year-old cows, acrobatics replaces feelings. Instead of sincerity - gymnastics. Instead of intimacy, fatigue.

Having performed yoga on flowered sheets, a thirty-year-old woman considers her marital debt paid. And then hell begins in the relationship.

For some reason thirty-year-old women constantly keep their husband in the state of a guilty kitten. He is to blame for the fact that the career ladder is too steep. Or, if he grows up safely, he becomes guilty of devoting little time to his wife.

My eyes go out of my head when some friend who has not earned a single ruble in her life and sits on the neck of a clever husband begins to blow his brains out about his own work.

You don't pay attention to me! We haven't been to the restaurant for three days! We haven't been to the cinema for a week!

Strange thing, husbands also make excuses. Thirty-year-old men are generally strange creatures.

Instead of spitting at his wife’s arrogant mug, finally catching her cheating or getting angry at bed acrobatics, getting a divorce, putting her suitcase out the door, he endures her glossy stereotypes and meekly listens to how this rubbish makes him whole brain.

Boys, what's wrong with you?!

I understand that you will start to die out a little later. After 35, each of you will have five women. Yes, five more years to wait! But this is not a reason today to dutifully endure the way some flat fools fuck you.

Why do you not just endure it, but also make excuses?! Why are you clinging to relationships that cannot be attributed to normal?!

I don't understand these women either. Girls, don't you know that in a few years someone smarter and younger will take away a husband strangled in your chains?

I don't want to climb into your bed, I don't care what gymnastic bridges you stand on in it, but why do you constantly blame your men for some kind of garbage? Why do you need it, what does it give you?!

Tell me what kept you from having a good and sincere relationship?

Author: Lena Miro