Game "Answer in 5 seconds": 100 questions for the game

What to do at a party, a friendly meeting or a date when you are bored? There are many interesting games for the company that will allow you to have fun and have a lot of fun. One of the exciting games is "Answer in 5 seconds" or "Guess in 5 seconds".

Being bored or being sad is not an option, especially when there is a big party, a group of friends or a date with a significant other. The best way to have fun will be the classic types of entertainment, namely games that are great for an adult or teenage company.

Rules of the game "Answer in 5 seconds"

The game "Answer in 5 seconds" is very popular in Europe or the USA, but is also gaining popularity in Russian-speaking countries. The rules of the game are pretty simple. The player chooses any card, and then must give three answers to the question in 5 seconds. Questions can be anything: “Name three types of animals”, “Name three favorite pleasures”, “Name three erogenous zones”.

If the player was able to answer in 5 seconds, then he gets a point. You can use coins, matches to record the points of each player or bend your fingers. Whoever reached 10-15 points first, won the game "Answer in 5 seconds". You can play the opposite way, when a player who does not answer in 5 seconds receives a penalty point, and after scoring 5 or 10, he performs any ridiculous task or answers an uncomfortable question, as in the game "Truth or Dare". In the alcoholic version, the losing player drinks a glass, and for lovers, an item of clothing can be removed.

The questions in the game can be anything from simple to quite complex. For fun parties, untied companies and alcohol, it is better to choose a list without censorship: impudent, provocative, vicious and indecent.

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There is a board version of Answer in 5 Seconds, but there is an option to play it online using this article or by telling the app. You can also come up with questions on your own, when each player writes 10 tasks on sheets of paper, and then folds them into a bowl or hat, as in the game for the Fanta company. After that, all players draw them in turn and answer.

To control the time, you can use a timer that beeps after 5 seconds of time. If 5 seconds is not enough, then you can use 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 if the tasks are very difficult or you need to give more than 3 answers, for example 5 or 10. Usually the joke is that when you pull out the task and the count goes on, then all thoughts seem to disappear, even if the task is easy.

Game "Answer in 5 seconds". Questions for an online board game

The game is great for large companies and for couples in love, because this is a great opportunity to have a good time, have fun, and also get close. In the game "Answer in 5 seconds", you should focus on making the game interesting, and therefore it is better to choose original, funny and funny answers. Here is a list of great, funny, funny, vulgar, indecent, adult, funny questions that players can answer in turn.

1. Name three ways to have a great time.

2. Name three situations when it is better to be drunk.

3. Name three words that you can use to describe yourself.

4. Name three of your favorite sins.

5. Name three causes of diarrhea.

6. Name three ways to get revenge on your ex.

7. Name three places where it is better not to get tattooed.

8. Name the three most beautiful players in descending order.

9. Name three parts of the body that you forget to wash.

10. Name three reasons to play sports.

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11. Name three stars or celebrities.

12. Name three reasons for separation or divorce.

13. Name three reasons to undress right now.

14. Name three things you use every day.

15. Name three ways to have fun with the opposite sex.

16. Name three of your hobbies.

17. Name three parts of the female body that men look at when they meet.

18. Name three negative characters from the film.

19. Name three ways to apologize to your significant other.

20. Name three holidays.

21. Name three things you do on vacation.

22. Name three things that you should always carry with you.


23. Name three positive cartoon characters.

24. Name three options for the development of a date.

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25. Name three positions in sex.

26. Name three bloggers.

27. Name three boring players from the players present.

28. Name three delicacies.

29. Name three dog names.

30. Name three adjectives that describe you.

31. Name three types of cosmetics.

32. Name three aphrodisiacs.

33. Name three types of alcohol.

34. Name three ways to forget something bad.

35. Name three beautiful animals.

36. Name three people from the audience whom you want to see in an orgy.

37. Name three vehicles without an engine.

38. Name three types of weapons.

39. Name three diseases.

40. Name three parts of the male body that women look at on dates.

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41. Name three reasons to drink today.

42. Name three things that turn you on.

43. Name three parts of your body that you consider beautiful.

44. Name three excuses to avoid sex.

45. Name three of your bad habits.

46. Name three things you can do under the covers.

47. Name three swear words.

48. Name three things you usually forget at home.

49. Name three stars that annoy you.

50. Name three of your complexes.

51. Name three things that newlyweds do most often.

52. Name three of your fetishes.

53. Name three things that make you laugh.

54. Name three types of underwear.

55. Name three compliments to yourself.

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56. Name three cool shows.

57. Name three board games similar to "Answer in 5 seconds."

58. Name three items that can be used in the bedroom.

59. What are your three favorite foods?

60. Name three ways to indulge in love pleasures.

61. Name three of your secrets.

62. Name three reasons to get drunk today.

63. Name three adjectives about sex.

64. Name three elements from Mendeleev's Periodic Table.

65. Name three advantages of good looks.

66. Name three vulgar words.

67. Name three of your failures in life.

68. Name three useless things in your house.

69. Name three reasons for sleeping without clothes.

70. Name three books you have read.

71. Name three phrases that can be used to seduce.

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72. Name three of the best adventures.

73. Name three reasons for motivation.

74. Name three words that are useful for seduction.

75. Name three of your best qualities.

76. Name three quotes.

77. Name the three most famous wars.

78. Name three places where you can have quick sex.

79. Name three ways to seduce a person.

80. Name three cool movies.

81. Name three things that make you happier.

82. Name three annoying habits in people.

83. Name three Greek gods.

84. Name the three hottest people on the planet.

85. Name three meanings of life.

86. Name three words for excitement.

87. Name three reasons to dance a striptease.

88. Name three red fruits.

89. Name three reasons to eat pizza.

90. Name three ways to get revenge.

91. Name three major regrets in life.

92. Name three reasons to cry.

93. Name three celebrities you want to sleep with.

94. Name three adjectives about the taste of your lips.

95. Name three historical events.

96. Name three reasons to be alone.

97. Name three reasons to live.

98. Name three reasons to start a fight.

99. Name three myths or delusions.

100. Name three things for a bad gift.

The game "Answer in 5 seconds" will help you to hang out, have fun and get to know each other better. Usually this game does not leave anyone indifferent, but everyone likes it. Fun and interesting game!