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From homeless to majors

A bum with gray disheveled hair and a sparse dirty beard, with traces of 25 years of street life, has turned into a well-groomed city dweller. How a bum turned into a hipster in an elite barbershop.

For 25 years, Jose Antonio has been living the life of a homeless vagrant and working as a valet in a car park in a square in downtown Palma de Mallorca. More precisely, he does not work, but provides services to car owners, and they pay him money, according to the Daily Mail.

Dirty bum sheds a tear after being turned into a hipster at a high-end Spanish barbershop. The new style of José Antonio was proposed by the owner of the salon himself, who knew him from his work without a license in a car park, which allows you to barely earn money for food. The man entered the salon with gray tousled hair and a sparse dirty beard, with traces of 25 years of street life - and when he left an hour later, he looked like a well-groomed city dweller.

The change was so striking that it was not recognized by some of the locals who Jose spends his days next to in his parking lot.

The video was filmed in July 2015, but only went viral after the salon where José's makeover posted it on their Facebook page to celebrate their third birthday.

In the video, former electrician José Antonio, who became homeless after suffering depression, sits in front of a mirror before the stylists took care of his appearance, and asks the operator: “Leave the doors over the mirror open - this is the last time I see myself like this. Then close them so that when they open again, it will be like a symbol, as if something else will open in my life.

When the hero of the video saw the result, his emotions got the best of him, tears flowed down his cheeks, he exhaled: “Fff, my God, this is incredible, is it me? No one will recognize me if I tell them who I am." The camera follows him as he puts on designer clothes and walks out into the city, where everyone knows him by his nickname "Josete", in an immaculate white shirt and red piping trousers. Several girls stopped by to compliment his appearance, and other locals reacted violently as well. The waiter he ordered the beer from doesn't recognize him. One local could not resist and asked: "Where's your Ferrari, buddy?"

He looked completely different after the make-up, when he had his hair cut and his hair and beard dyed black.

José Antonio is now clean-shaven and healthy looking, although his gray hair has grown back. He is looking for a job. He no longer lives on the streets and admitted in an interview with a Spanish channel that when the owner of the barbershop, Salva Garcia, posted the video, José Antonio received financial assistance from a company that wished to remain anonymous. “It was not just a change in my appearance. My life has changed. All I want now is a normal job,” says José Antonio.

From homeless to majors