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Free relationship between a man and a woman

The relationship between man and woman has undergone many changes in the last century. Now it's hard to surprise someone with pre-marital intimacy, love affairs, multiple partners, and quirks in bed. Monogamy is gradually becoming a thing of the past, leaving a place for polygamy and polyamory. In modern society, monogamy is no longer satisfying the needs of people, and open relationships are gaining popularity.

The world does not stand still, and the relationship between men and women is changing every day. Even yesterday's bans are becoming the norm and commonplace. Now it is difficult to surprise someone with sex before marriage, but it is easy to alert him with the absence, in a healthy relationship. Sex has become very accessible that casual intimacy is no longer perceived negatively, like a bed on a first date. A large number of types of sex, ranging from oral to anal, makes intimate life very intense.

Recently, even what used to seem familiar is being questioned. Instead of monogamy, free relationships appear between a man and a woman, where personal life is in full swing. Why are open relationships and open marriages becoming more popular? Almost all modern couples secretly cheat on each other, but in fact they have been in an open relationship for a long time. Everyone does it, they just don't talk. It's always like that with sex.

What is monogamy?

Monogamy is monogamy when a man and a woman have only one partner at any given time. The couple deliberately limit themselves in communicating with others in order to make their soul mate the exclusive and only partner.

When we talk about relationships, we mean exactly monogamy, as the most common form of interaction between a man and a woman. Being in a relationship with someone, a person avoids romantic and sexual relationships on the side. This behavior is called cheating or cheating.

Monogamy has been the dominant way of relationships between men and women for many centuries, as the most optimal form. This led to better survival and the creation of clusters of society, on which the state relied. Monogamy has stood the test of time, making it a more comfortable and familiar form of relationship.

Monogamy has worked great all this time, and we accept it as the default in every relationship. But how justified is monogamy when you have to love and have sex with one person for the rest of your life? Why is it so hard to be monogamous? Maybe it's against our nature when we strive to take everything from life?

What is polygamy?

What is polygamy? Polygamy is the complete opposite of monogamy, when there are more than two people in a relationship. Polygamy is a form of relationship where the presence of other partners and more love affairs are allowed. There is polygamy and polyandry, where there are several wives or husbands in the marriage union. There is also polyamory.

What is polyamory in simple terms? Polyamory is a free relationship (free love), which has been talked about so much and often in recent years. These relationships are the result of a tacit or tacit agreement between a man and a woman. They allow the possibility of loving and intimate relationships with several people at the same time. As a result, in addition to the main relationship, there are short-term love affairs on the side.

Monogamy and polygamy. Free relationship between a man and a woman

Why is polygamy becoming more popular, gradually pushing monogamy to less attractive positions? In modern society, monogamy is no longer satisfying the needs of people, and open relationships are gaining popularity. What does open relationship mean? This is an opportunity to remain in a relationship with a partner, but at the same time have easy love affairs on the side.

If you want to have sex with one person for the rest of your life, then that's okay. But if a person wants to find a new partner every weekend, then that's fine too. Those relationships are good where the rules of monogamy or polygamy suit both. How to move from monogamy to an open relationship?

1. Discuss an open relationship with a partner

The beginning of an open relationship begins with a discussion of the crisis of the monogamy genre. Even being in a long-term monogamous relationship, you can change the boring vector. No one talks about it, but the initiator of an open relationship is usually a woman. Talk to each other about your relationship, as well as future prospects. Ask yourself the following questions.

  • Why should you stick to the rules if it doesn't make you happy?
  • What are the disadvantages of a closed relationship and how boring is your sex life?
  • Why do you want to be more free, and what benefits do you expect?
  • What love and sexual problems can a more open relationship solve?
  • How will this infuse a new stream of tenderness and love into old relationships?
  • ​​
  • Do you want to be together, but dream of an affair on the side?
  • How will your sex life improve and what would you like to try?
  • Do we dream of trying a threesome?

Why should physical sex suffer from an outdated outlook on life? Why not try something that might be interesting?

2. Find the pros and cons of an open relationship

Among the shortcomings of an open relationship, jealousy can be singled out as a special item, despite the agreement on light hobbies. There is a risk of resentment, omissions, easy withdrawal, disapproval of others, loss of intimacy.

Usually, the cons outweigh the pros of an open relationship. One of the benefits of polyamory is the revitalization of relationships. Relationships will no longer be boring, predictable and degrading. Excessive control, dependence and feeling of suffocation disappear, and there is also a greater freedom. A new sexual experience that can be transferred to bed will make sex more intense. An open relationship gives you the opportunity to try someone new in bed, feel welcome and happy.

3. Develop the rules of an open relationship

When moving to an open relationship, it is important to make agreements that you will adhere to. Discuss everything in detail and carefully. Each couple comes up with their own set of rules for an open relationship.

  • Is it forbidden to have sex for more than one night with one partner?
  • Not having a long-term relationship for more than a month on the side?
  • You can do everything, but do you have to tell everything later?
  • Who can know about your free relationship type?
  • Is it possible to communicate with lovers after an affair?
  • Can I bring a third person to your house?
  • Are there vetoes on certain types of sex?
  • Who should not have an affair with? It can be girlfriends, relatives or acquaintances.
  • What about protection and safety?
  • What to do if there are claims from a third person?
  • Can there be a threesome?

Develop free relationship rules to play and have fun by arrangement.

4. Practicing open relationships

How to find lovers and mistresses for open relationships? In the age of Tinder and other communication apps, there shouldn't be a problem. The Internet simplifies the process of getting a new curvy body to a couple of clicks and a couple of messages. Random connections and adventures await you as soon as you get to dating apps and sites.

You can meet in clubs, bars or on the street. Spend holidays separately, having holiday romances there? An excellent holiday and unforgettable impressions are guaranteed. You will return from a separate vacation rested, happy, satisfied, tanned, liberated and more sexually experienced.

5. Enjoy an open relationship

After setting the rules, you begin to live very differently. In life there will be more variety, adventure, passion, love, sex, orgasms. An open relationship is not an attempt to hold on to a collapsing relationship, but a new kind of interaction. A man and a woman choose the type of their relationship. If it will be an open relationship, full of love adventures, then this will be their choice.

To become independent from the conventions and boring marriage, having entered into an open relationship after 10-30 years of married life? Free relationships in marriage are quite common, and usually they are called "open marriage". Marriage is open to new lovers and mistresses. You will not be able to get as much pleasure, excitement and sex in a monogamous relationship.

What's the point of pretending to be faithful to each other if most people cheat on each other? Why deceive and resist what is unnatural? Having an affair at 50 is just as wonderful as being in love at 20. Having sex with different people while being in multiple relationships at the same time? It is also great, unforgettable and great. Why not take advantage of the opportunities that life gives?

An open relationship between a man and a woman is an individual choice for each couple. Nobody has a rule to impose monogamy or polygamy. You decide how your life, relationships, entertainment, pleasure, love and sex will look like.