former models. Life after the catwalk

Life, for female and male models, after the podium, is just beginning and everyone can try to find themselves again.

In the modeling business, with its fierce competition and constant change of faces, few people manage to stay afloat.

“Today you are in demand, but no one knows what will happen tomorrow”, - this phrase is liked by all models, regardless of age and degree of stardom. Therefore, it is customary today to rely on youth and beauty with an eye to higher education and other talents and abilities. Multi-talent is a trend. And the designers themselves increasingly prefer intellectual models, seeing them as muses and even co-creators.


It's no secret that many models wear their own clothing, mixing it with designer pieces and haute couture. To pick up the trend, to fit into the world fashion with something of your own is a common thing. This is “something” for each model individually: for Marina Linchuk it is a Rag and Bone personalized jacket, for Daria Verbova it is jewelry, for Natalia Vodianova it is Etam women's underwear. Whether these ladies will become full-fledged designers, time will tell. But designers who are recognized for such an initiative are highly valued. So, Hedi Slimane, while working at Dior Homme, taught the design of his most talented models, and Karl Lagerfeld assigned the official status of "My heir" to his favorite fashion model Baptiste Giabiconi.


True, Baptiste himself dreams of becoming an actor and has already acted in two short films for Carl, demonstrating the most outstanding talents and abilities. And this is quite natural: almost all famous Hollywood actors are former models. Milla Jovovich, Monica Bellucci, Angelina Jolie, Ashton Kutcher, Letizia Casta - they all once chose the modeling business as a launching pad and, as you know, did not fail. Before them, this trick was successfully done by Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly. And now they dream of repeating Gisele Bundchen, Gemma Ward, Marina Linchuk.

But the most relevant example of the transformation of a former model into an actor today is Robert Pattinson. Despite Rob's sworn assurances that he was a useless model, all forums and websites are hung with photos of his modeling time. And there is something to see there: 2007, a Hackett clothing ad, the obscure Pattinson, with the calmness of a Buddha, enters the image of an English aristocrat from a Jane Austen book. If this shooting had happened at least six months later, angry fans would not have left his suit and thread, and the chic horse, with whom Robert was standing next to, would have been sold on eBay. In such a situation, skepticism towards oneself is more than justified. But Rob's modeling career didn't end there. In 2008, Pattinson was seen wearing a very avant-garde look at Sir Tom Baker's fashion show. The ubiquitous FashionTV hurried to report this, having run the camera a couple of times on recognizable features, albeit masked by thick make-up. The video was instantly uploaded to YouTube and watched to holes. Pattinson himself does not comment on the fact of Baker's involvement in the show. If he continues in the same vein, surreptitiously moonlighting as a model, then perhaps he will become a real generalist, for whom the professions of an actor and a model are one and the same. And that's not counting Rob's music lessons...

Model musician.

Individual attempts to sing happen quite often (Heidi Montag, Kate Moss). For some, these attempts are crowned with entire albums (Naomi Campbell, Carla Bruni) and decent fame. But only one person managed to combine fashion and the music scene on an industrial scale - Hedi Slimane. Throughout the 7 years of Dior Homme's reign, this designer has been turning his models into rock stars. The desire to look like a rock star, and the desire to become one, has benefited many of them. Slimane's most scandalous fashion model, Ash Stymest, having founded The Mannequins (all members are models), now brings down all his violent temperament not on his comrades, but on a drum set. “But he does not need to think about where to go after the end of his career,” says Hedi Slimane.


Almost all models are fond of amateur photography. Anna Selezneva literally does not let go of the camera from her hands, Kate Moss captured her naked boyfriend Mario Sorrenti - these pictures went around the entire Internet. That's just not everyone is given to make photography their profession. Henry Hargreaves, who was one of the five most sought-after models in the world and managed to work with the greatest photographers of our time (which is his black and white portrait by Patrick Demarchelier), after his career ended, he became a professional photographer.

According to Henry himself, he never took the modeling profession seriously and always considered it a kind of pleasant adventure. In his thirties, Henry shoots for the top magazines and brands he once modeled for. It seems that he never left the fashion business and, fortunately, will not leave anywhere. “I am absolutely happy in my new profession,” he says.


Painting is the most common activity for former models. Suffice it to recall the model of the 60s Veruschka (Vera von Lehndorff), who dreamed of being an artist and went to plein airs in Italy, where she was noticed by a fashion photographer who offered her to try herself as a model. After 11 Vogue covers and a resounding success, Verushka left the modeling business, completely surrendering herself to painting, day after day painting her lovely body with hand-mixed paints, creating a fundamentally new aesthetics of body art and staged photography.

Modern models, at the peak of popularity, do not wait until the end of their career in order to devote themselves to their favorite hobby. In their busy schedule, they find time for creative work. The famous Danish fashion model Matthias Loridsen, like Verushka, dreamed of entering an art school. But fate turned out so that he became the most popular male model, the absolute champion in the world ranking and, finally, an icon of style. Now Matthias is actively filming in advertising campaigns, goes to the podium, plays football. But his favorite pastime is still painting.

Another well-known artist in modeling circles is Sasha Pivovarova. This fragile girl loves to pose against the backdrop of her works - strange, sometimes phantasmagoric portraits. Sasha draws inspiration from the Russian theater, and designer Karl Lagerfeld draws inspiration from Sasha: he gladly decorated his Paris - Moscow collection with works. “I started modeling to pay for art school,” says Jamie Stratchan. Having achieved popularity in the fashion business, he still continued to draw, make sketches and sketches. Soon, together with his model friends Boyd Holbrook, Vincent Lacrocq and Jacques Naude, he opened an art gallery called BAG (“Be a giant”), which became a real platform for creative experiments. Each of the BAG members, having a modeling career behind them, has a whole range of talents. But the champion not only among them, but also among all models, is considered to be Boyd Holbrook.

Model poet.

That's what Boyd Holbrook is called in the fashion world. Outwardly, he looks like Yesenin, and in his portfolio there is a photograph in which Boyd freezes over a half-written sheet of paper, cigarette butts smolder nearby, and inspiration mixed with hopelessness glimmers in his eyes. But poetry is just a small part of his talent. Traveling around the world already as a model, he earned money to study at a film school, then took screenwriting lessons, studied the history of cinema, and produced several short films. In 2007, he sent his script to director Gus Van Sant and was cast in the film Harvey Milk. After fruitful work with Hedi Slimane and numerous antics of an erotic sense, Boyd seemed to be fed up with the modeling business and took a place on the other side of the lens already as a photographer. Then he suddenly became interested in sculpture...

“Working as a model, you work with people who are incredibly talented. You can learn a lot just by watching what's going on around you,” - these words of Boyd's friend Vincent Lecroc can be considered a formula for success for all models, present and future. Author: Yulia Lavarenko