Formation of adequate self-esteem

Adequate self-esteem in those people who are happy, successful and able to realize themselves 100%. And how are you? A person is unlucky in life when he does not have a correct self-esteem. Low self-esteem prevents you from getting everything that you rightfully deserve. Inflated self-esteem prevents you from achieving your goal when you suffer a life defeat over and over again.

If you are reading this article, then you have some difficulties in life. You don't get everything you want. Dreams and goals remain unfulfilled, and all plans fall apart. Why can't you be happy and successful? A prosperous life is given to those people who know how to realize themselves. And this requires harmony inside and out.

“The world doesn't care about your self-worth. Life will require you to finish the job BEFORE you feel confident. American businessman and public figure Bill Gates

When you don't know where to start changing your life, then start building an adequate self-esteem. It is she who is responsible for evaluating her qualities and feelings. How you present your personality is how it will act.

There are three types of self-esteem: low, adequate and high. I bet you're either first or third. Otherwise, why are things going the hell with you?

How define self-worth? Test

In order to form an adequate self-esteem, one should better understand oneself. Sometimes it's hard to answer questions honestly, but it's also stupid to lie to yourself. Determine your level of self-esteem. How fit are you? Self-assessment test.

1. How do you react to other people's criticism?

  • You are hurt by the words of a person that you want to yell at him or hit him. You can't stand someone else's opinion that doesn't match yours. Most likely your self-esteem is low.
  • You do not listen to other people's criticism and you do not care about it from a high bell tower? Are you not interested in other people's opinions? You have an overestimated self-esteem, and you urgently need a correction for a more adequate self-esteem.
  • Do you listen to criticism and try to find constructive notes in it? It is useful to listen to someone else's opinion, but it is important to separate constructive words from someone else's subjective opinion. This is the behavior of a person with adequate self-esteem.

2. How do you react to other people's praise?

  • Is the opinion of others very important to you and how do you look in their eyes? Do you carefully expect the approval of others, are you waiting for praise and parting words? Are you afraid to do something so that people do not speak badly and try to be good for everyone? It's definitely low self-esteem.
  • Do you smugly bathe in praise, and when they do not praise, do you consider everyone around to be idiots? Do you demand praise from others when they are in no hurry to do it? This is high self-esteem.
  • You take praise calmly, accepting it as a fact, but no more. This is an adequate and correct self-assessment.

3. How do you perceive yourself?

Do you recognize yourself as a loser who is not capable of anything? You have no reason to be proud of yourself, but treat yourself badly? Are you useless and useless? Do you have any prospects and chances to change your life? Every cricket know your hearth? Nothing depends on you and life is over? This is low self-esteem. You urgently need to start building an adequate self-esteem.

Working half-heartedly, trying hard, fantasizing about millions and waiting for the jackpot of fate? You want too much, but you put in too little effort. Do you think that you are a genius who was not appreciated by descendants? Everyone owes you, even if you didn't do anything special? Should everyone run around you, constantly help and take care? Do you consider yourself the navel of the earth when others consider you an egoist and a narcissist? Worthy of more, but do nothing for it? You have high self-esteem.

You don't consider yourself a failure or a genius. You think that everything depends on you, not circumstances. No one will build your happiness for you. You understand what you have to do and try yourself. You are ready to make an effort and fight for your future. But don't give up like people with low self-esteem. You do not expect a gift of fate, as a person with high self-esteem. You work hard every day and go towards your goal. This is an adequate self-assessment.

Formation of adequate self-esteem from overestimated

Learn to critically look at yourself from the outside. What are your shortcomings and weaknesses? How realistic are your goals? What is the ratio of desires and real abilities? Do you demand what you have not yet earned and are not worthy of?

Be open to new ideas, experiences and opportunities. Don't throw everything away just because you don't know it well. The world is constantly changing and there is nothing unusual about change.

Accept criticism calmly if it has a basis. Know how to admit your mistakes when you are wrong. You don't have to take it all in stride. Listen calmly, analyze and take action if necessary.

Do you pass off your weaknesses as strengths? Taking impudence for decisiveness, stubbornness for perseverance, arrogance for leadership? Be more impartial to yourself.

Accept life and the world as it is. If the world is angry and unfair to you, then be more adequate. Nothing happens in the world just like that. If something doesn’t work out, then you are not ready enough to win. "There is nothing to blame on the mirror, if the face is crooked." Do not blame the world, circumstances and people for all the problems. Find in yourself what is preventing you from winning.


Formation of adequate self-esteem from low

“Know your worth and do not sell yourself cheaper than you are worth, otherwise you will turn into a discounted product. » Estonian writer and psychologist Luule Viilma

Do you show excessive caution, indecision and modesty? Maybe it's time to become more confident, bold and decisive? Shyness and insecurity creates even more problems than before.

Are you too demanding of yourself, suffering from perfectionism? Maybe you make increased demands on yourself, blaming yourself for a small oversight or failure? Stop this self-torture.

Suffering from low self-esteem, do you try to prove your toughness to the detriment of yourself? Do you make mistakes and strange things, trying to assert yourself? You show your coolness in social networks and in life by buying items for show-off.

How much control do you have over your life? Are you trying to shift all the responsibility for everything that happens to other people and circumstances? It is easy to blame the crisis, the people and the government. It's time to accept the fact that only you can change your life. Change is up to you.

Find a way to fulfill yourself in life. Set goals and dreams and then achieve them. Celebrate your every victory and achievement. You're not that bad anymore. You're good, you just don't trust yourself to the end. You are much better, smarter and stronger than you think.

The formation of adequate self-esteem is the most important factor in a successful life. Only adequate self-esteem helps to fully open up, achieve your goals and become happy.