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Forgot the girl's name? How to know her name?

You have been or will be in this situation before. You met her at a bar, went on a date, or woke up in bed. But you don't remember her name. How to find out a girl's name?

Let's start with the fact that you, brother, are not to blame. There are 7 billion people on the planet, and she is one of them. Let her have beautiful eyes, legs and a bust that excites you. But you know her only recently. It could be a couple of minutes or a couple of days. You will not be able to call her constantly a bunny, a sun or a beauty. You have to find out her name by cunning. If you're not careful, she'll slap you, get offended, or leave forever.

"Everything is secret, sooner or later becomes clear" - said the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates! But your task is to find out the name of the girl secretly, without arousing suspicion and rejection.

The worst thing that can happen is forgetting the girl's name. A name is something that a person values. The girl will decide that she is not at all interesting for you, and this acquaintance was only for sex. You scoundrel and lustful animal! How to get out of such an unpleasant, but quite common situation?

There are no hopeless situations! Our men's magazine MENSBY. COM has prepared 15 ways to find out a girl's name without using torture.

Forgot the girl's name? How to know her name?

1. Affectionate names from the past. Ask what her parents or grandparents called her as a child. What are her close friends called? What lacquer names does she like? That way you can accurately ferret out her name without arousing suspicion.

2. Get help from a friend. Introduce her to your friend. Imagine him, but don't mention the girl's name. The girl introduces herself automatically. So the secret will be revealed.

3. Ask others for her name. Listen to her name in the company. Get into the company of her friends and listen to her name. Ask those who know her. Ask them for help or find out her name secretly.

4. Look up the name on her papers. The occasion can be anything. Joke that you doubt her age or say that you want to see her photo. She can show you your passport, student or driver's license. There you can read the girl's forgotten name.

5. Write it down on your phone. When writing down a girl's number, ask how best to write her down.

6. Find out your full name. Ask for the full name, patronymic or full name of the beauty. She can easily say her name again. But do not ask only the patronymic, the girl will say it without a name.

7. Remember English. Say your name in English is Alex. You like it when they call it that. What does she want you to call her?

8. Take her mobile. While she is turned away, sleeping or in the bathroom, rummaging through her phone. Analyze how it is called in sms, open the Facebook or Vkontakte applications. There you will see her name.

9. Force her to go online. Ask her to add you as a friend. Ask to see her photos from a vacation or other period of life. She will most likely look for them on the social network. While she's rummaging through her phone, look into both eyes.

10. Let him drop you a melody from the phone. Half of the girls call them by their proper names.

11. Look at her carefully. Often girls wear jewelry with their names. It can be a medallion or a bracelet. The girl's name can be written in English.

12. Look around her house. Look at the furnishings of her apartment. Her name may be written on photographs or be on the computer (computer name).

13. Remember her name. Tighten your brains and try to remember what she told you.

14. Get to know each other again. Say your name and give her your hand. The girl can play along with you.

15. Persuade the waiter. Let him know your names. This is necessary in order to call you by name or for an unknown competition. Give him a good tip.

Bonus 16 way. Ask her name directly. You were impressed by her deep, like a whirlpool, eyes and a charming smile. You forgot everything in the world, including her name. She will forgive you.

Did she reveal you while you tried all 15 ways in a row? Go straight to the 16th! A guilty smile and a slightly embarrassed look will save you. Tell me that you suffered and even came up with these 15 stupid ways to find out her name. If she has a sense of humor, she will laugh at the situation. If she does not forgive, then why do you need a vindictive, stupid and without a sense of humor girlfriend?