Focus on the plans

Why is it important to organize your life and make clear plans for it? Missed Opportunities! You can lose all chances for success, wealth, career, personal relationships and dreams.

“While you are young, it always seems to you that life has not yet begun, that “life” is planned for the next week, next month, next year, after the holidays - someday. But suddenly you realize that you are no longer young, and the planned life has not come.” Douglas Copeland.

We study, work and rest chaotically. We do not have a clear plan, and we are proud of it. We see ourselves as geniuses mastering chaos. But in reality, we do not set clear plans, we waste time in vain and miss good opportunities.

How to start focusing on goals and learn how to make plans?

1. Focusing on plans for the next day - 5 minutes

This can be done in the morning or evening of the previous day, before going to bed. Take 5 minutes to make a to-do list. What needs to be done and what should be taken care of? What matters most? Schedule an estimated lead time. Always take a plan of action with you, so it's best to write it down on your phone. The plan for the day should be such that you are one step closer to success. Need to do something important at work, learn a language, go in for sports, devote time to business plans or work with children?

2. Focus on the plans of each hour - 1 minute

Set the clock to beep once an hour. This will help to avoid aimless pastime: computer idleness, hanging on the Internet, procrastination and laziness. When you hear the beep, think about what you've been up to for the last hour. What was helpful and what was useless? Now look at the list of the day for today and get to work.

3. Focus on life plans in general - 5 minutes

“If plan A didn’t work, you have 32 more letters to try”

After turning off the computer and putting the phone down, think for a moment. How was the day? What did you take away from it? Were you efficient enough? To what extent have you brought your plans to life? What was distracting?

This method of focusing helps not only to waste time, but also life in vain. By maintaining this habit every day, you can achieve a lot. Plans are the road to dreams. Without them, the goal cannot be achieved.