Carter Lowe Creator, entrepreneur, and self-care advocate
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Flexibility of human character: adaptability in life and changing plans

The modern world is changing very quickly, when yesterday is no longer relevant, and today you should pay attention to something new and play by different rules. Constantly changing circumstances and plans complicate our lives, because we do not have time to rearrange or simply do not want to. We underestimate the importance of flexibility of character and the ability to adapt to circumstances, but this is what will allow you to have a more prosperous and happy life.

It is very difficult for many people to change and not have firm rules of the game, but the modern world forces them to do so. In today's world, nothing is permanent, and everything changes daily. How to live in the midst of uncertainty, chaos and disorder of modern life? The flexibility of a person's character is the only way to succeed, which is used by many politicians, businessmen, celebrities, bloggers and other powerful people of this world.

Get rid of principles, rules and rigidity of thinking

If such people who adhere to the same rules, act in only one way and do not want to change, even under the influence of circumstances. This is usually characteristic of people with a conservative character and retrograde outlook on life. What Conservatives Say:

  • It's always been done that way!
  • I don't need your innovations!
  • It always worked like that!
  • Will never change their principles!

The ancient thinker and philosopher of China Confucius argued that the system is controlled by the most flexible element, and categoricalness is a sign of limitedness, closeness and obsolescence of a person's point of view.

Live the old fashioned way, evaluate the world around you by outdated standards and do only the way you used to? Such conservatism does not make a person's life better, but only worse. You can deny the changes and try to act in the old ways, but this no longer works. The modern world requires plasticity from its inhabitants. If a person does not know how to change and adapt to the changing world, then he quickly becomes an atavism. He cannot fully compete with others who are not afraid to change along with the rules.

Retrograde views and a conservative approach to life allows a person to remain in his warm little world of lamps. That's just rose-colored glasses of naivete always beat the glass inside. Lack of flexibility in character will not allow you to succeed in the future and will only lead to the fact that you will lose on all fronts.

Get rid of all principles, rules and rigidity of thought. A principled or stubborn person is one who quickly becomes uncompetitive and remains only on the sidelines of history. Principledness is firmness and static, which do not allow to be flexible in decision-making. Why do we need all these rules, taboos and principles, if they only get in the way? A rhetorical question.

The flexibility of a person's character is an important quality for survival in a changing world. Man has survived for thousands of years only because he knew how to adapt and adapt. Evolution takes with it only those who are able and willing to adapt.

Do not resist change, but adapt to the circumstances

Has something changed dramatically in life? Have circumstances or situations changed? Did someone else fail or change their plans? You should not pretend that everything is the same, continuing to bend the old line. We often resist change and try to put everything back in place, although it is pointless.

For example, other programs and other approaches have been used at work. Previous schemes of work do not work or have low productivity. Some person now behaves differently and you can’t interact with him like that. Alcoholisms have changed, new technologies have been introduced, or unaccounted for difficulties have appeared. You should proceed from the current situation, and not make every effort to return everything to its original place.

How to be in modern life, when all plans cannot be long-term, and everything around is changing? You should relax and try to catch the rhythm with which the world is changing. You need to catch the changeable wind in the sail, and then use it to move forward. Or act like a surfer who catches a changeable wave, and then soars forward on the power of the sea element.

Don't resist change, but adapt to it and use its power. What is the best way to deal with situations where the rules have changed? Play new to use the power. Not everyone will be able to adapt like you, which means you can get around conservative competitors.

Life is very changeable, so constantly change your plans according to the situation. The flexibility of a person's character allows you to use changes for your own purposes, but you need to be the first to use these changes, and not hold on to the old. Catch your wave, because the world is changing very quickly.