Find strength in yourself

If you are honest with yourself, you will easily find that you do not like your life. But in the aspects that are most important to you, your life can be beautiful, just the way you want it to be. How to realize yourself and achieve success?

You can learn how to behave confidently and how to play on your nerves. Hone these skills to perfection and demonstrate them right and left, telling yourself and everyone around you how cool you are. And yet something will not be right. Something will be missing.

If you are honest with yourself, you will easily find that you do not like your life. And you don't like yourself. And you are not at all strong, but simply cunningly avoid situations that you definitely cannot handle. Although at the same time everyone tells you that you are super! Power! Self-confident person.

All this is not true. People just want to please you. They most often say what you want to hear. Do you want to be praised? To get some admiration for you? That's it. Will! But there is nothing behind these phrases: you are admired, but nothing more. In the most important thing, no one considers you. You have little or no money. Etc.

So confident behavior alone is not enough. You also need to learn how to live like a truly strong person. Then confident behavior will become self-evident and will not require tension and titanic efforts.

How can you not only behave confidently, not only demonstrate strength, but actually be strong? The challenge... But it's actually possible.

Victory in worldly fights is just a stage of gaining self-confidence. The feeling of your own strength, which is always with you, suggests that in your life, in yourself, there is a certain basis, a core - a constant support in any battles, troubles and hardships. You should like your life, and you should like yourself too.

The way you look has the most direct effect on how you feel. Women, for example, are well aware that some kind of catch on stockings or a speck on a blouse, smeared lipstick or mascara can make the whole evening twitch and poison the whole mood.

Your behavior is also important. If it seems to you that you are somehow behaving in a wrong way, you will constantly evaluate and control yourself, instead of enjoying life.

Finally, if something important in your life is not the way you want it to be, that's the end. This is dissatisfaction and disappointment. And constantly and regardless of the occasion. Of course, a person is not a god and cannot realize his desires 100%. Then the incentives for growth and achievement will disappear. All this is true, and it is foolish to strive for perfection in absolutely everything. And yet, in the aspects that are most important to you, your life can be beautiful, just the way you want it to be. This is what we should strive for.

Now - in detail on each item.

Your body

The body is you. If the body is healthy, you can work for a long time, eat and drink anything, and fully enjoy sex. If the body is beautiful, people will like you, attract them and excite them. Your body is the key to positive self-esteem. And the point is not to accept it with all its shortcomings and “love” it for what it is. This is the path of least resistance, which means sitting on your butt and doing nothing.

The body must be put in order once and for all, as far as the modern level of medicine allows. This will require effort and some cost. But then you will only need to keep yourself in shape and enjoy your body.

First of all, eat right. Food should be balanced in terms of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and calories. Don't overeat. Do not eat junk like express soups and instant pasta - they have a lot of harmful chemicals. Do not eat incompatible foods at the same time - for example, meat and bread (proteins and carbohydrates).

And what is there? Hay! Food in bulk in the world! Just don't gobble up everything that's advertised on TV and stuffed into supermarket shelves. It's full of chemicals and preservatives. This is designed for a sick person, spoiled by civilization. Much better - fresh vegetables and fruits, rustic milk and sour cream instead of urban slurry from dried milk, real meat instead of sausages and sausages.

Of course, sausages with pasta are cooked quickly: poured ketchup, ate canned food, washed down with Pepsi-Cola - and am satisfied. But it has so much chemistry! You eat it all! Alcohol and nicotine are much less harmful poisons than what you ingest every day. The body gets used to small doses and does not seem to notice anything. But you are poisoning yourself…

So over the years, a lot of toxins have accumulated in your body, what, in theory, should be removed, but the body cannot cope: stones in the liver, intestines and kidneys. Invisible until you grab. And when you catch it and you roll and yell in pain, your gallbladder will be opened. They always do it. So…

Help your body in advance. The main thing is to cleanse the intestines and liver. You can starve according to Bragg or cleanse yourself according to Malakhov. Books are easy to find.

Move: run, swim, bike. Moreover, it is better to swim in the river, and not in the pool, to run through the forest, and not on the path in the stuffy gym, and to ride a bicycle in the park, and not on an exercise bike. How many? Feeling good, but regularly.

And there are different systems for dosing physical activity. Any coach will immediately call you five pieces.

As a result of work, walking, talking and physical activity, you expend energy. Your body is tired and you need to recuperate. This is the purpose of rest. However, many people do not know how to rest. Sitting in front of the TV with a glass of beer, reading tabloid novels, going to a restaurant are not the best types of recreation. You don’t seem to be doing anything, but you don’t relax completely either. Therefore, after such a "rest" you feel tired.

Good rest implies complete relaxation. After it, you should be cheerful, full of strength and desires. Experiment: try different types of recreation and choose the ones that suit you.

Correct figure imperfections. Your body should be beautiful, harmoniously built. Where muscles are provided by nature, they should be. And all sorts of excesses like fat must be eliminated ruthlessly. Take care of yourself closely and albeit with difficulty, with sweat and blood at first, but put yourself in order: few muscles - pump up, a lot of fat - drive away, something is missing - build up (in extreme cases - by means of plastic surgery). Once and for all life.

Heal your sores. Someone has bad teeth. Eight pieces. And he keeps putting off going to the dentist. Let it come to ten. Or because it's expensive. Another has stinky breath and sucks on tik-taki and chews gum for fresh breath. Someone's spine is tied in a knot. Don't carry your pain with you! Make a list of them and get cured. Just do not flirt in the hospital, otherwise you can be treated right up to the cemetery.

Another important note about the body: it (that is, you) should smell good. Smell is the most important channel of information about the world around us. It has been used by animals for orientation in the world since ancient times. The smell allows you to detect the enemy long before you see or hear him. People have forgotten how to smell like animals. But their sense of smell has by no means atrophied. And if you smell bad or, God forbid, you stink so much that you want to open the window and stick your nose out, this will repel anyone from you. Here, no image will help: it will simply be impossible to be with you - physically impossible. Wash more often and get used to using perfume. As for bad breath, go to the dentist.

Lastly, relax. In almost all people, something is constantly tense somewhere, jaws are clenched, shoulders are raised, arms and legs are twisted and twisted - all this takes strength, leads to fatigue and fatigue. After all, to maintain a muscle in a state of tension, you need a lot of energy. The very energy that can be used to fulfill desires and achieve goals. Sauna, massage and body-oriented therapy will help you here.

Ideally, the body should not remind of itself. And you don’t need to specifically deal with it, unless, of course, you are a professional athlete. Just put yourself in order, and then keep in shape. It will require minimal effort, and you will be pleased.


It's quite simple here. You will need three things: a desire to look beautiful, a good stylist and money. The desire is supposed to be there already. Stylists are like cockroaches, just find a real master. You may need a lot of money. But these are your problems.

Appearance is a means of non-verbal communication. With it, we can tell people information about ourselves that will help them form an opinion about us. By changing only small details of appearance, we can change the attitude of people towards us and, thus, achieve the desired results and fulfill our own dreams.

Psychologists have come to the conclusion that appearance - height, weight, skin color, clothing, hairstyle, accessories, and when it comes to women, makeup and jewelry - determines 55% of the first impression of a person. Therefore, the right attitude to our own appearance depends on what impression we make on others. The next 38% of the first impression is our demeanor - body language: facial expressions and gestures, gait and posture, intonation and eye contact. Only 7% is left for what you know or talk about. Surprisingly, this is how people perceive each other.

Changing the image is not easy. Some people seem to stick to their image. They get used to their hairstyles and glasses, suit and boots. Changing habits is always stressful. And the more we change, the higher the stress level.

Designing a style is no less difficult than painting a picture. Not everyone can paint a picture. But all people can easily judge which clothes suit whom. Uncritically following someone else's recommendations, you can dress completely tasteless and make a miserable impression.

Many people say that something suits you, just to say something nice to you. Sellers say this to sell you their product. Parents say this to their children in order to force them to wear existing things and not spend money on buying new ones.

Therefore, be careful, relying on someone else's taste, better develop your own. And if you do not have time for this, contact a professional. One consultation with a good makeup artist - and you will get answers to all questions about your appearance. In general, in such a matter as changing the image, the help of professionals can be very useful.

The stylist will work on your image from the frame for glasses to the style of the scarf, from makeup to the color of the mobile phone. You don't recognize yourself! And your friends won't recognize you! It will be great. If so, you have found the master. Just keep in mind two important points.

1. Do not rely on your own taste. He is less developed than the master. Do not cling to your habits, the way your mother dressed you. It's all rubbish. Once you have come to a professional, let them completely redo you. If you want to later, you can return to the old style. Easy. Just wear a new image for at least a week, feel how it sits on you, how your attitude towards you has changed. And only then decide whether it is worth returning to the old one.

2. You can do this: today - a scarf, on Friday - a blouse, in a year - boots... But it's better to upgrade right away, at a time. Come to the stylist with money that you are willing to spend on yourself. Straightaway! The effect will be completely different for you and for others.

Otherwise, no one will simply notice the change. And you yourself, too, will not notice or feel anything and will remain in a bad mood as before.

Do not mix different styles: do not wear sneakers with a business suit and evening shoes with shorts and a T-shirt. It's comical, but you're not a circus clown. There should be no holes in your image. For example, you are all dressed up and undressed, but at the same time you have (your choice): dirty shoes, smelly socks, knotted laces... These signs will stand out with bright flags against your super image.

Do not get carried away with fakes. A cheap purse with big letters Hugo Boss will add nothing to your image. An alley Mercedes keychain will look ridiculous if you drive a penny. It will be clear to everyone that you want to look cooler than you can afford, which means you are poor.

There are many beauty salons, stylists and image books. Take advantage of them. And you will succeed.

Non-verbal communication

Posture - slender and fit. Gait - smooth or swift. Pose - imposing or interested. But not twisted or twisted. The look is languid or piercing, calling or contemptuous. A smile - friendly, condescending or whatever it is. Gestures - calm or, conversely, impetuous. Speech is fluent or passionate. Intonation is your choice.

In general, we are talking about the fact that the body is an instrument with which we express our feelings, desires, attitude towards people, the world and ourselves. This tool can be controlled, of course, not as sophisticated as professional actors and actors, but still...

The body should tell people exactly what you want to say, and not mislead them and not reveal your secrets. In general, a person’s confidence and attitude towards himself is judged primarily by his non-verbal manifestations: posture, facial expression, look, intonation.

So work on your body language: facial expressions, gestures, gait. These traits determine 33% of the first impression you make on others. You can sign up for acting classes. Or, start with a book on body language to get the hang of things, and then observe yourself and consciously change your non-verbal behavior to impress you. It's good if your friends tell you what they think is not good for you in your nonverbal behavior.

Learn to speak beautifully. People communicate through speech. The way a person uses speech speaks volumes about his intellect and culture. In turn, intonation allows others to know about your feelings. Therefore, improve the culture of speech, work on its intonation characteristics. This can be done in rhetoric courses.

Good manners

a thick book on etiquette. Read it three times and memorize it (just kidding). Then there will be no need to doubt anything, you will simply know how it is accepted and how it is not. In general, etiquette is not so important. Would be a good person!

Your desires

What does this mean? Every person has unfulfilled desires. There are those who just want to fulfill, and then live as they lived. Stay in Paris. Wasting with a black. Cross the ocean in a boat. There are others that will come true if something changes in our daily lives. It may be, for example, the desire to make a fireplace at home and bask by the fire every evening. Or get a dog, but only mom is against it. Or go to a restaurant once a week. Almost every person also wants to learn something - to paint landscapes, to play the trumpet...

Ideally, as soon as a desire is formed, a person fulfills it: he goes to Paris, gets a dog, learns to draw. But this is not always the case. Too often people procrastinate. Because there is no money. Or time. Because it's somehow unrealistic. Or just laziness. They plan and dream, and desires remain desires. Then new ones appear, pushing aside the old ones, but they are also not fulfilled. Unfulfilled dreams accumulate in the soul in an unfulfilled lump, and a person eventually unlearns how to want something strongly and passionately. And without this, life is not life, and you will not find the strength to do anything in yourself.

So fulfill your dreams. Understand what is important to you and do it. Even if it costs a lot, even if no one else does it. By the way, then it will be easy for you to give in, to meet others halfway, because everything is in order with the most important thing in your life. So, in the little things you can not insist on your own.

Please note that all of the above is not specific instructions for changing the image and not a manual of procedures. A lot has been written about these things, but here's the problem: most people rush about with the idea of ​​self-change, whether it's a new image or recovery, but do not bring things to the end. They simply like to deceive themselves and others: how well they work on themselves and how they are going to become beautiful, healthy and attractive. But they never do, because then there will be no reason to rush about with beautiful ideas and fantasies. There is only one thing left - just to live, and many are afraid of this. Don't be afraid of life!

Author: Tukmakov A.