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Fight. Tricks, tricks

Let's leave the nobility to the "nerds" from the Internet who have never fought. How to act in a real fight in order to emerge victorious, or at least as safe as possible?

As many of us know, a fight is not a duel of knights that we are used to seeing on TV screens. The fight looks much simpler, it is devoid of any touch of nobility. It can acquire only certain outlines, and then only if we drive them into our own heads. Let's say: they don't beat a lying person, don't beat them in the throat, in the balls and eyes, don't break their fingers.

All this, of course, is not empty words. Court life, with its fights from yard to yard, district to district, left its mark on these rules. Such events are becoming a thing of the past. If before the guy and the girl were not touched, now the guy can (if possible) be beaten, and the girl dragged into the basement and abused.

The fight will be considered by us from the side that is most convenient for us. Let's leave the nobility to the "nerds" from the Internet, who have never fought. We are “scum” and we are only concerned about our own lives and health, and not the health of any “Sing” and “Van” that appeared in front of us from the doorway...

In this article we will not consider combinations of blows, we will consider only possible situations and how to play them in our favor.

During the conversation, when will we hit?

Right, while the opponent is pushing his speech. He is determined to impress us with his emotional speech and completely forgot about what he himself can grab.

Where will we hit?

That's right, at the point with a high pain threshold. For me it is preferable to beat in the throat and groin. According to the situation, the part of the body that is closer and more open.

Situations - A fight in a bar, in a disco.

Take out to talk. What are we doing?

We skip the opponent forward and cut him from the back. An option is to grab the shoulder and hit the back of the head with an elbow, further down the situation.

Methods of mental influence on the enemy:

1) introduction into a trance;

2) mental attack.

Trance induction and psychic attack, what we will apply in a situation where a fight is inevitable.

Introduction to trance

No need to be scared =) There is nothing supernatural in this.

When do we apply?

That's right, when the enemy is set up aggressively, ready to put his fists into action. We neutralize his aggressive mood with some question. Let's say: "And Kolyan described you like that!" And while the opponent will scroll through his thoughts about the fictional Kolyan in his head, we approach and conduct an attack. Why can we do it. A person cannot perform two actions that require concentration at the same time at the proper level. Losing focus.

Then the enemy decided to finish you off, and you move about some Kolyan to him. Aggression disappears, at the same time puzzlement appears. He appears to be unprepared. You can't delay. The fight is short. You need to use your advantage and attack first.

When we use psychic attack

The fight hasn't started yet. You see that the mental activity of the enemy is not at the maximum level - he is not "twisted". At the same time, you wind yourself up and throw yourself at him with a roar, putting him into a stupor and stupor. When you lash out with obscenities and a roar at an enemy who is not ready to clash with you at the moment, he turns out to be unprepared for this. You immediately use it. The fight is over.