Fight for the best

The modern world has become relatively safe, that we have become herbivores in behavior rather than predators. We have forgotten how to resist everything that does not suit us, but we are accustomed to endure. Fight for the best, happiness and goals, and don't get used to it. Here are just a few who have something left in their blood from males and predators.

You are a small cog in the world who is afraid of everything and avoids danger. Every day you return tired home, and in the morning you run on business again. Your body is tired, your thoughts are cold, your dreams are rotten, your eyes are dimmed, and your life is moldy. You have already forgotten everything that you wanted to receive and refused a long time ago. You live the life you hate. You have a pebble in your shoe, but you are afraid to throw it away. Better get used to it and be patient.

Changes in character

We have all become too civilized, unlike our active and aggressive ancestors. We have learned to be tolerant, obedient, submissive, compliant. But more correctly it sounds weak, cowardly and frail.

We know for sure that the most active, loud and energetic people are at maximum risk, but we do not need this. We want peace, even if we are extremely uncomfortable and deeply unhappy. Have we become wiser? No. More cowardly.

At such a moment we become cowards? As children, we were not afraid of anything, but gradually changed. We call it prudence, wisdom and experience, but sometimes something else is hidden behind big words. This is banal cowardice and laziness to do something for change. Herbivores. Weak. Terpily. Victims.

How to fight for a better life?

But are all such people? Look at some individuals who are not afraid of anything or anyone. The sea is knee-deep to them, and problems are only a temporary obstacle for them. Strong and energetic people are convicted by the fact that the predator gene is more developed in them. They are ready to fight problems, and you are not. You'd better step aside and be patient.

Fight for the best! But it's scary and I don't know what to do. At one point, there comes a situation when it can no longer be tolerated. Announce changes right from today. Make a protest. Declare war. Melt your shoulders wide to indicate your dissatisfaction with what is happening. Fight against what you most want to change.

What do you not like? Problems in personal life or its absence? Protest your loneliness. Just loudly declare that you will fight with him every day. To do this, get acquainted, take the initiative, upgrade yourself, communicate more. Until you loudly declare a fight against a particular problem, it will not be resolved. Fight for the best, and do not resign yourself to it! Stop looking for reasons and excuses for your loneliness. There is none of them. The predator goes and you get what you want, and the herbivore hides in the bushes.

Career problems? Protest your failure, lack of experience, unprofessionalism. Engage in self-education, complete courses, get the necessary experience, read books. Until you yourself outline your problem and do not fight it, you will not be able to break out of this vicious circle. No one will give you money, resources, power, position and other values. Fight for the best! Show that you deserve more.

Does your appearance want the best? What is the problem? Is this the constitution? Just don't say that you can't argue against genetics. Declare war on your fat, unsportsmanlike appearance, unkemptness. Buy a subscription to the gym, but always with a trainer. It will help you not to make mistakes to go to the goal. 80% of appearance depends on regular sports, healthy eating, proper sleep and careful personal care. Fight for the best appearance, don't endure it.

You were more courageous in your youth. Remember the romance of the turtle Tortilla from the fairy tale "Pinocchio", which sang: "Young friend, always be young, You do not rush to grow up, Be cheerful, bold, noisy! You have to fight - so fight! Fight if you want something and be bold.

No one will bring you anything on a silver platter. For everything you need to fight and fight. Is there anything else you don't like in life? What do you endure and give in to? Take it and loudly protest everything that spoils your life.

Stop being a herbivore, a sufferer and a sufferer. Go and take what you rightfully deserve. What are you worth? Or take it. But if you're afraid, then you don't deserve a good girl, a good job, a good body, a good life.

Show courage. Fight for the best! Be bold and bold. Fight for your dream! [thirty].