Feminism and #MeToo have gone too far

More and more female voices are heard in defense of the dominance of feminism and the #MeToo wave, which has long turned into a circus. Women get bored when the stronger sex stops caring for girls, giving them attention and flirting, for fear of being accused of harassment.

Recently, American actress and fashion model Pamela Anderson spoke out against feminism in its modern guise and forms. In an interview with an Australian TV show, Pamela Anderson said: “Feminism has gone too far. I'm a feminist, but I think this third wave of feminism is boring. I think feminism paralyzes men and for me the #MeToo movement is too much. I'm sorry, I'll probably get killed for this."

Pamela Anderson criticized the #MeToo movement and suggested that women use common sense. It's hard to disagree with her. Now it has become fashionable to reproach men and remember Harvey Weinstein. Pamela Anderson said that her mother taught her not to go to a hotel with a stranger and not to stay there overnight. If at a business meeting a man is in a bathrobe, not a suit, then this should have alerted women. But the actresses willingly went to the director's hotel, had sex, got roles in films and remembered it only 20 years later.

Actress Lindsay Lohan has a similar opinion. In an interview, Lindsay Lohan said that many women use the fight against harassment only to attract attention and make money.

American actress Mayim Bialik, from The Big Bang Theory, also criticized #MeToo. She said that she never faced harassment in Hollywood due to the fact that she always behaved modestly.

Public questions about the #MeToo movement are growing as voice accusations ruin careers. Often the accusations turn out to be false, there was no violence, and the sex was consensual. #MeToo has become a bullying tool, a way to earn money and fame.

Feminism and #MeToo have not made women's lives better. Many girls themselves are not happy with all this. The fair sex can no longer enjoy the privileges of the weaker sex. Men avoid women, do not court them, do not flirt, do not make the first move and do not show activity. As a result, more and more complaints about the lack of real men.

Feminism and #MeToo have gone too far. They killed all manifestations of sexuality and gender difference. And the degradation and witch hunt by the Inquisition continues. Although these lessons have long passed.