female manipulation

Artful creditors pursuing you for debts, less sophisticated than a woman determined to get something from a man through manipulation. How to identify and deal with female manipulation.

“Do you think I enjoy being like little Mary, smiling from ear to ear, and being a real lady? No. I'm her sister-villain and sometimes I want to die. Such is psychoanalysis, Dr. Freud. Film "Cruel Intentions"

Now we will tell you how to determine that you are being manipulated and how to deal with it.

Manipulation of tears

Who taught them to cry in any incomprehensible situation? When, in some situation, something is not to the liking of a girl, but she cannot make claims due to circumstances, she begins to cry. She will hide in some room or will do it in plain sight, but the fact that you will notice it is for sure. In such situations, a man is ready to do anything, if only she would stop crying.

How to resist women's tears: The practice of giving gifts to crying women or making concessions is extremely erroneous. In this way, you develop her conditioned reflexes and give her the opportunity to manipulate yourself. Gifts should be given only to cheerful and smiling women! Develop useful female reflexes!

Flattery manipulation

She will tell you that you look good, you have a nice watch / phone / tie, you were super in bed today. There can be many compliments and they can all be different from each other. With these words, she will lull your attentiveness and make you feel good, but why? For you to please her too. For example, then a timid hint may follow that she needs a new phone, a little thing in her wardrobe, or she wants to have a wild party with her friends.

How to resist being manipulated by flattery: It's hard to say anything at all, but when she compliments and hints in an attempt at manipulation, do the same. Praise her and avoid answers by laughing it off.

Suspension manipulation

She suddenly stopped hearing you, thinks about something and avoids you. She may not answer the phone and disappears somewhere. The man begins to worry, suddenly she has someone? He starts showering her with gifts, giving her lots of attention, and running errands for her.

How to resist the manipulation of withdrawal: try to find her new "admirer", if he is not there and all the suspension is her whim, do not pay attention to her either. She herself will puzzle over where you are and why you enjoy life without her. She should “accidentally” find out that you are having a good time, but without her. She doesn't pick up the phone and is always busy. All her busyness and removal will be removed as if by hand and she will again hang out with you.

Give her a broom called flowers or a small gift after the return of the "prodigal parrot". By this you develop her reflex that she should be better with you than somewhere else.

Manipulation of friends and relatives

Her friends or relatives praise your girlfriend and say that you should live / marry / have children with her. The most interesting thing is that before they did not show such interest, and you notice with peripheral vision how they wink. This is conspiracy and manipulation!

How to resist being manipulated by friends: Don't pay attention to them and just nod your head. To direct questions, when you, for example, propose to her, answer that this is a personal matter for you and your girlfriend.

Guilt Manipulation

Your sins of last month, when you came home drunk, recently surfaced again. She reproaches with past grievances and immediately puts forward her demands or desires. This is a rude hint, manipulation and an attempt to make you atone for your "petty sins."

How to resist the manipulation of guilt: renounce your sins, declare that she has already forgiven you and you do not intend to apologize anymore. Be firm, begin to “take offense” at her yourself, and at the next reproach, laugh convincingly.


Manipulation of sex

Access to the body is closed, and she has a headache up to 10 times a day. You already want to start watching porn and relieve sexual tension without her help. This is the most commonly used method of manipulation. Once you agree to her terms, there will be sex and whatever you want.

How to deal with sex manipulation: Talk to her seriously and tell her that you're already freaking out about not having sex and starting looking at other girls. As an option for persuasiveness when walking with her, look at the pleasant roundness of another woman. In response to her reproaches, apologize and honestly say that there was no sex for a long time, and you do not control yourself. This is animal instinct and nothing more. She will be afraid to let you go hungry and deprive you of dessert in the form of sex. By doing this, you will reduce her ardor to manipulate sex with you. You should soon have a lot of sex, and she will again turn into a passionate female.

Manipulation with stupidity

“If you love me, then...”, “If you don’t, I’ll leave”, “I want...” - and other childish, but ultimatum conditions are hard to parry. This is the case when a philosopher argues with a fool.

How to resist the manipulation of stupidity: suggest going to a family psychologist together. Introducing an outsider independent person into the dialogue, who can calmly judge and not be accused of personal interests. You can ignore such manipulations or use the same crowbar, indirectly reproaching her for selfishness and showing the absurdity of her arguments.

Jealousy manipulation

She started flirting with other men at a party, found a friend - a man or an acquaintance on the Internet, with whom she chats all evenings. All your reproaches and opposition to such behavior lead to nothing. She reproaches you for excessive jealousy and restriction of her freedom. You are understandably worried, because all this is started either with the aim of making you vulnerable and manipulating you, or very similar to looking for another partner.

How to counter the manipulation of jealousy: her desire to annoy you and make you obedient is extremely annoying. Here, unfortunately, there are no other levers of influence besides a similar response. Find a girl friend and hang out with her or make her jealous by flirting with other girls. If she was not going to leave you, but only tried to manipulate, she will most likely make concessions. She will want to "mark" the territory and will sit on your knees at the party, not giving her rivals a chance. In case she was going to dump on another "ship", you already have a girl friend with whom you can stir up something more exciting than just friendship.

Be firm and do not react to attacks and manipulations. She will have to achieve what she wanted in a different way. Are you afraid that again manipulation? Not at all! She herself can begin to give up and make concessions, seeing your steadfastness.

Perhaps it will be a more caring attitude towards you, courting you as an “obedient wife”, a lighter attitude towards your computer games or beer evenings with friends, a more accommodating character in choosing a joint vacation, a sweet character and more unleashed, and most importantly affordable sex with your girlfriend. There will definitely be more regular sex, oral sex, maybe you can talk her into anal or even BDSM. Your any dreams in sex can soon become a reality!

After she gets better and turns into a dream woman, remember the female reflexes. Raise it for yourself! Why was she trying to manipulate you? Did you want a fur coat, an annual fitness subscription or a gold ring? The whole thing! Buy it for her and be happy.