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Female and male piercing

Modern beauty has no defined standards at all. Freedom of self-expression and love for one's own appearance are in fashion now. Whether or not to accept what nature has given us is a personal matter for everyone. But sometimes a small detail is missing to create some kind of completeness in the image. Now I mean piercing.

Making extra holes in oneself became fashionable in the last century, but right now they are at the peak of popularity. And I do not mean exclusively the young and the early generation. Adults often also do not shy away from such an amusing adornment of their loved one. However, piercing is a very difficult topic. It has a lot of varieties and nuances that it is desirable to familiarize yourself with before entrusting your body to the “master sadist”. So, a small guide to painful beauty.

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Why do people do “it”

Not all piercings have got a piercing to stand out from the crowd or demonstrate their courage and independence to the whole environment. I think that no one purposefully intended to shock the parents either, although the majority of representatives of the Soviet foundations are extremely categorical on this issue. Surely you, too, have heard the cherished phrase “pierce yourself on your own” more than once. By the way, looking ahead a little, I will inform you that especially resourceful comrades followed this advice.

Piercing is a rather specific adornment of the human body, usually associated with pain. But sometimes it is they who subsequently force to beat the thresholds of the beloved master over and over again. Surprisingly, the pain during the procedure, as well as the sensations during the healing period, affect the subconscious so vividly that the body literally demands to repeat everything. By the way, it works the same way with tattoos. Stopping is very difficult.

With the help of a correctly performed puncture, one can even correct the appearance and eliminate some defects. As an example, I will reveal a little maps of personal experience. Since childhood, I burred mercilessly and, despite all the efforts of my parents and speech therapists, carefully distorted the unfortunate letter “r”. At some certain period, I realized that I could not live without tongue piercing. I want it right here and now. Imagine my sincere surprise when, after complete healing, I began to burr much less.

Do not dismiss the craving for new sensations. Curiosity is one of the essential traits of every person. And don't say that you've never wondered how they live there with all the iron bells and whistles in all places. Moreover, both female and male piercings have one significant plus: it can always be pulled out, and in most cases the piercing grows almost without a trace. So to speak, I tried it, I didn’t like it (well, or my mother poured a belt), I returned everything as it was.

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Speaking of parents. One of my colleagues decided that at the age of forty he had finally matured and dared to fulfill his old dream - to pierce an eyebrow. Such a solid uncle with his wife, two children, a dog and a tie. Well, I wanted to and I did. The next day, he dejectedly told how his mother drove around the house with a wet doormat for half an evening. By the way, I caught up, the woman turned out to be a warrior. So age is not a problem at all.

Another reason why people allow themselves to be stabbed with needles is the sharpening of feelings and sensations. Here I mean intimate piercing, which even experienced piercing wearers are sometimes embarrassed to talk about. An experienced master will be able to put the jewelry in such a way that, with a certain stimulation, it will bring a person simply amazing sensations. Especially this type of piercing is popular among girls. Many of the ladies I spoke to claimed that nipple or clitoris upgrades just gave them back the joy of intimacy.

The same applies to the strong half of humanity. Not all guys decide on such beauty on their "pride, honor and dignity" solely on a dare. Sometimes a well-chosen jewelry can deliver unearthly pleasure and multiple orgasms to a partner. The main thing is to twist the ball more tightly before love joys, so that later you don’t catch it from the girl with a magnet.

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Female and male piercings: variations

body modification, here is a list of the most popular piercings that can be performed by almost any qualified master:

  • ears (industrial, tragus, lobe, helix forward and reverse, ruuk, orbital, day);
  • lips and mouth (classic and vertical labret, medusa, monroe, ashley, vertical and horizontal tongue piercing, frenulum, cheek piercing, smile and anti-smile);
  • nose (bridge, nostril piercing, septum, septril);
  • female intimate area (nipples, clitoris, frenulum, labia minora);
  • male genital piercing (Prince Albert, Ampallang, Lorum, Frenum, Dido, Hafada);
  • eyebrow (vertical and horizontal punctures);
  • navel (lower and upper crease piercing, combination of several options);
  • flat piercing (can be located on any part of the body);
  • play-piercing (decorative jewelry is installed for a while, as it is most often not intended for permanent wear);
  • microdermals (a later type of body modification, in which the skin is not just pierced, but a tiny piece is cut out with a special tool to install the “anchor” and wrap the jewelry).

If you are not sick of all the incomprehensible terminology, let's understand in detail what is pierced where and how. To be honest, sometimes I admire human imagination and courage.

Clem Onojeghuo, Unsplash

The most popular place to get a piercing is, of course, the ear. The name of the puncture directly depends on the location of the jewelry. In fact, the easiest way to pierce the lobe. This is the only option when you can use a special tool - a cosmetic "gun". As soon as it comes to cartilage puncture, such a “torture tool” should be abandoned. Otherwise, the instrument can seriously damage the cartilage by crushing its inner part. In the future, this will cause suppuration, swelling and a keloid scar that deforms the ear.

If you signed up for a cartilage piercing, and the master claims that it is safe to do such a piercing with a “gun”, run away from this “pro” until you say goodbye to your ear. A good specialist will never suggest such a thing, as he is well aware of the consequences. Even if one of your friends has already done this procedure, and everything has healed normally, it’s better not to risk it. This is more of an isolated incident than a pattern. You don't want to walk around with an ear like a boxer who won a whole series of brutal fights, do you?


These piercings heal in different ways. The lobe will not cause much inconvenience. With proper care, the channel is formed in a month. At this time, you can painlessly change the decoration. But with cartilage, the situation is much more complicated. The puncture can heal from six months to one and a half years. Moreover, from time to time, such an ornament may well become inflamed out of the blue and disturb during sleep. Try not to disturb the jewelry, do not scroll it, keep your ear warm. Any frostbite threatens with the appearance of an abscess and the appearance of pus.

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Be sure to follow all the recommendations of the master. Work with exactly the means that he advised. Do not use alcohol and perfume to heal the puncture, otherwise the result will be disastrous. Before an acupuncture session, you should not take alcohol, even if you are terribly afraid. Otherwise, bleeding may occur. Alcohol also enhances sensitivity. If you do not want to squeal during the procedure like a hamster, which was crushed by a chair, first get a good sleep, rest and arrange yourself a couple of days of sobriety.

When placing jewelry in the oral cavity, think about the health of your teeth. Improper puncture or too long jewelry will damage the enamel. Rinse your mouth more often with Miramistin or Chlorhexidine. These funds reduce the risk of pathogenic bacteria entering the wound, which are abundant on any mucous membrane.

By the way, no matter how I used to heal the labret (installed under the lower lip), the puncture was a little wet from time to time and seemed fresh. This problem is relevant specifically for mouth piercings. And even the flat part of the jewelry, located on the inside of the lip, still rubbed against the front teeth. You understand that such an impact cannot be called positive.

Tongue piercing is considered one of the easiest to heal. Within a week, all discomfort will disappear, and the channel will be completely formed. If you pull out a “barbell” from a fresh puncture, you may not find a hole in an hour. When piercing the tongue, refuse injection anesthesia. This procedure is much more painful than the piercing itself. For healing, use a long jewelry so that swelling does not occur when a small swelling appears (this is absolutely normal). In the future, the “barbell” can be changed to a shorter one so that it does not rub against the teeth.

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Horizontal tongue piercing is unusual and not very common. It is worth deciding on it only if you are already an experienced connoisseur of such beauty. This is a very painful and complicated procedure, which only a professional master will undertake. But the healed result looks fantastic. By the way, if you decide to pierce your tongue in order to please your girlfriend in bed, choose a vertical piercing. It is he, according to most girls, who is an assistant in oral sex (well, not all men get high, right).

If a single puncture no longer causes ecstasy, put several “barbells” into the tongue at once. They can be installed along or across. The second option is preferable, since it is extremely undesirable to touch the tip zone. There is a risk of losing the sensitivity of the receptors. With a transverse multiple piercing of the tongue, the master must “aim” very carefully. If the hyoid vein is affected, both you and the unfortunate piercer will feel bad.

Cheek piercing looks cute and adds adorable dimples to the look. But such beauty heals very problematic. Many, having suffered for a year, take off their jewelry, in place of which small round scars remain. The dimples, by the way, are not going anywhere anymore.

Nose piercing also gained extraordinary popularity among both girls and men. Most often, the nostril is pierced from the side and a carnation decoration is inserted there. For a more daring option, a ring is more suitable, but it can only be used after complete healing. Immediately inserting such an ornament is highly not recommended.

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A bridge is a flat bridge of the nose. It heals a little worse, as there is a risk of placing anatomically inappropriate jewelry. But it looks very original and attracts a lot of attention.

A septum piercing is often called a “bull” piercing, as it is somewhat reminiscent of a ring in a bull’s nose (hello, grannies on a bench near the entrance, discussing all the people passing by). But now there are a lot of charming jewelry options that turn this type of piercing into a real masterpiece. Most often, they do not use a ring, but a clicker, which has a base like that of a “rod”. It sits comfortably in the nose and does not interfere with everyday wear.

All of the above are included in the unisex style. This is both female and male piercing, since anyone can pierce ears, lips, eyebrows. But the next point is more interesting.

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Well, I'm ready to move on to the most exciting moment. Intimate piercing is a kind of cherry on the cake. No one sees it, except for a select few, so the puncture is a real hidden surprise. To fulfill such a wish of the client, the master must be well versed in anatomy. Not all types of punctures are relevant for every person.

For example, a female piercing with the charming name "christina". The lower part of the jewelry passes through the hood of the clitoris, while the upper part remains in the pubis. Looks very original and gentle. But due to the peculiarities of the individual structure of the external genital organs, it is not suitable for every girl. More versatile is the vertical puncture of the hood of the clitoris.

The healing of an intimate piercing should be given special attention, since it is this area that is the accumulation of a huge number of bacteria. It is necessary to perform hygiene procedures as often as possible, wash the punctures with special means and exclude careless handling during sexual contact. While the wound is fresh, it is better to limit yourself to platonic love in general (for the sake of such beauty, you can endure a couple of weeks).

Men most often get Prince Albert piercings. This is a vertical puncture of the head of the penis. Don't wince or faint, it won't hurt enough to die on the spot. Such a puncture, together with a well-chosen decoration, creates additional stimulation during sex. And it also makes the head less sensitive, which significantly affects the duration of sexual intercourse. Tempting, isn't it?

In general, your "buddy" has a lot of places to install a variety of decorations. For example, a bridle or base. Many happy owners of such a piercing say that girls like to play with it with their tongue, which is especially thrilling for both. Moreover, in everyday life, such punctures do not interfere in any way and do not cause discomfort. Of course, if you entrusted yourself to a professional, and not to a novice piercer who first took the man's household into his hands. Such comrades should be avoided if your personal life is still dear to you.

Planar piercing can be installed on any surface. Its name speaks for itself. For such a puncture, a special decoration is required, curved on the sides. A simple “barbell” will not work in this case, as it will create tension on the skin around the puncture. As a result, the piercing will simply be rejected, and an ugly scar will remain in its place. Be sure to clarify the skill of the master in such a matter before signing up for a procedure with him.

Play-piercing is generally a separate type of piercing. Such beauty does for a while, because in everyday life it has no functionality and constantly fester. Usually, play piercing is used for thematic photo shoots, festivals, as well as role-playing games by hot lovers.

The most popular variety is the corset. Several parallel punctures are made at the waist, hips or calves, through which a ribbon or a thin chain is passed. In the end, it all looks like corset lacing. It's very easy to damage or tear out a meat ring, so be careful with such informal beauty. And this is both female and male piercing. Play, as they say, is not forbidden to anyone.

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Piercing tips and tricks

Of course, there are some very important nuances that should be observed, so that the decoration will serve you faithfully until you want to get rid of it yourself. I share my own practical experience:

  • The first jewelry in the puncture should be made of surgical steel or implantation titanium. These metals do not react with the flesh and will allow the channel to form quickly. Gold and silver can only be placed in a completely healed puncture. Moreover, it is necessary to ensure that there is no allergic reaction. Otherwise, the decoration will have to be pulled out immediately.
  • Stud earrings (studs) should not be placed in a fresh puncture of the lobe or ear cartilage. Their lock does not allow air to circulate normally, which will contribute to suppuration and delay the process of tissue regeneration.
  • Only a special “nostril” jewelry is suitable for nose wing piercing. It has a twisted, smooth base that fits snugly against the inside of the nostril. In no case do not put an ordinary stud earring there, otherwise you will scratch the entire mucous membrane.
  • If there is a need to change the jewelry in a fresh piercing (remove the old one and insert a new one), be sure to ask your master for help. He will do it quickly, competently and painlessly.
  • Don't skimp on experienced piercers. Signing up for a procedure with a master whose practice is limited to work in a beauty salon, you are at great risk to your appearance and health. As a rule, such specialists can qualitatively perform only the simplest puncture of the earlobe.
  • Microdermals should be cleaned regularly to prevent secretions from accumulating under the skin and suppuration. Entrust this procedure to your master and do not pick the jewelry yourself.
  • Any female and male piercing is a trauma for the body. After the procedure, do not visit the sauna or bath for some time, limit physical activity and avoid hypothermia of the area with a puncture. Also, do not get pierced immediately before going to the sea.
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What else to say? Don't be afraid to be original and follow your desires. Piercing is not just a tribute to fashion or beauty, but a whole culture that has its own personal history and traditions. Follow your feelings, choose individual puncture options. Sometimes such jewelry allows you to find harmony and balance your inner world with the outer shell. Good luck to everyone who loves himself and is not afraid to seem strange, I'm with you!