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February 23. Defender of the Fatherland Day

Now February 23 is called Defender of the Fatherland Day. This is the most masculine holiday of all. What is February 23rd in the modern sense? The most masculine holiday of real men.

February 23 is celebrated in many countries of the former USSR: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Armenia. Somewhere the holiday is celebrated at the state level, and in other countries unofficially. Most men consider it the most important men's holiday.

Where did the date February 23 come from? On February 23, 1918, detachments of the Red Army entered the first battles near Pskov and Narva with the troops of Kaiser's Germany. The entry of people into the Red Army to fight the Germans was called the birthday of the Red Army. But at that time, the Civil War was still raging for a long time.

Defender of the Fatherland Day was not always called that. Since 1922 it has been the Day of the Red Army, since 1946 it has been called the Day of the Soviet Army, since 1949 it has been called the Day of the Soviet Army and Navy.

There are several men's holidays. International Men's Day is celebrated on November 19th. The holiday is celebrated in more than 60 countries around the world. This day addresses the problems of men, their health and their positive role in the world. There is also World Men's Day, which is celebrated on the first Saturday of November. Father's Day, celebrated in many countries, is celebrated on June 19th.

But all these dates are less familiar to us in comparison with February 23rd. Most men prefer to celebrate on February 23, regardless of age, attitude to the army and service in it.

How do modern men feel about February 23? Most men are waiting for congratulations and consider it their holiday. February 23 turned into a men's holiday, where every man from a baby to an old man is ranked among the defenders of the Fatherland.

What gifts are given to men on February 23? Often girls like to give socks, underpants, shaving supplies, gels, or other such nonsense that men don’t really like. Men prefer to receive gadgets, accessories for fishing or hunting, watches, radio-controlled toys, tools, consoles, vouchers.

February 23 or Defender of the Fatherland Day is the most masculine holiday. What can you say about real men? The best thing about the qualities, character and willpower of a man will tell the poem of the Slavic poet by origin Sandor Petofi. The poem is called “Man, be a man…”

Man, be a man, But never a doll, Which Fate throws back and forth!

The brave ones are not afraid of Fate's barking, - So, then, do not give up, Walk towards her!

Man, be a man! The hero does not like words. Deeds are more eloquent than all Demosthenes! Build,

Crush, break and boldly Drive your enemies, And having done your job, Disappear like a whirlwind!

Man, be a man! You're right - so be ready, Defending the truth, Shed blood for it!

And it's better to renounce life a hundred times Than from yourself! In dishonor Why are you and life!

Man, be a man! After all, it is not a man who gives Freedom for the riches of the world!

Contemptible - who sold themselves for the blessings of the world! "With a knapsack, but in the wild!" Let it be your motto.

Man, be a man! Be brave in the fight. And neither fate nor people will hurt you!

Be like an oak, which, Having fallen under a hurricane, Though uprooted, But did not bend its camp!

Happy February 23 to all real men! Happy Defender of the Fatherland!